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OXFORD, May 25.

Mr. Edw. Trevenen of Pem'HIS day, the Rev. Thomas broke College, has been ad

Hockin Kingdon of Exeter' mitted Bachelor of Arts. College, and Rev. D. Hughes of Messrs. Glynn, Bull, Law, Jesus College, M. A. were ad- and Richards, of Westminster mitted Bachelors in Divinity. School, are elected Students of

Rev. Geo. Frome of Merton Christ Church. College; Rev. Arthur Gibson June 4. The names of those of Queen's College; Rev. Tho. Candidates, who, at the close Harris of Trinity College; and of the public Examination this Rev. Charles Dume of Baliol Term, were admitted by the College, B. A. were admitted Public Examiners into the first Masters of Arts.

and second classes of the Literæ Messrs. Reginald Wynniatt Humaniores and Disciplinæ Maof Queen's College; John Bower thematicæ et Physicæ, are as of Exeter College; Wm. John follow : Law of Christ Church; Edward İn the first class of the Literæ Hughes and George Harries of Humaniores. Allen, J. P. UniJesus College ; John Miller of versity College; Allen, T. D. Worcester College ; John Free- University College; Joy, H. man and Edward Jodrell of Tri- Christ Church; Knatchbull, nity College; Joseph Charles Wyndham, Christ Church Helm of Wadham College ; Law, William, Christ Church James Harris, R. Fetherston Miller, John, Worcester ; Mon. Jessop, and John Roberson of ro, Charles, Christ Church.St. John's College ; Tho. Lewin In the second class; Austin, of Corpus Christi College, and Anthony, Oriel; Blackburne, Samuel Holworthy of University John, Brasenose; Bower, John, College; were admitted Bache- Exeter; Bree, Wm. T. Oriel; lors of Arts.

Brent, W. B. Christ Church; 27. The Rev. Charles Ball, Bushnell, John, Pembroke ; M. A. of St. John's College, and Choppin, Frederic, St. John's; Chaplain on the Madras Esla- Davies, James, Oriel; Dyson, blishment, has been admitted Charles, Corpus Christi; Farrer, Bachelor and Doctor in Divinity. William, Brasenose; Farrer,

The Rev. Geo. Henry Tem- Thomas, ditto; Ford, John, pler, B. A. of Merton College, ditto; Griffin, Edward, Linhas been admitted Master of coln; Hinde, Thomas, Christ Arts, Grand Compounder. Church; Leeves, Hen. Corpus

Step. Lushington, esq. B.C.L. Christi ; Lewin, Thomas, ditto; of All Souls' College, is admitted Long, Walter, Oriel; Matthews, Doctor in Civil Law, Grand Arthur, Brasenose ; M'Caul, Compounder.

John, Balliol; Price, Hugh, JeVOL. XIV. Chm. Mag. June 1808. 3P

sus; Russell, Wm. Magdalen; Mr. Charles Joseph Belin is Scott, Thomas, Queen's; Shuld- admitted a Scholar of New Col. ham, Wm. University ; Stewart, lege. Wm. Brasenose; Thornton, 6. The two prizes given by John, Wadham.

bis Grace the Duke of Portland, In the second class of the Chancellor of this University, Disciplinæ Mathematicæ et Phy. have been adjudged to the folsicæ: -Farrer, Wm. Brasenose; lowing gentlemen : the BacheFarrer, Thomas, ditto; Fielding, lors, on Hereditary Rank, an Wm. Corpus Christi; Leeves, English Essay, to Mr. Charles Henry, ditto; Russell, William, Edward Grey, B. A. of UniverMagdalen.

sity College, and now Fellow of The Rev. James Matthews, Oriel College: the Under-graFellow of St. John's College, and duates' to Mr. William Cleaver, Chaplain in his Majesty's service Student of Christ Church, and in foreign parts, has been ad- son of the Bishop of Ferns, for mitted Bachelor in Divinity, by Latin verse, Delphi. decree of Convocation.

The Under-graduates' Prize The Rev. Joseph Hamilton, given by an unknown BeneM. A. of St. Edmund Hall, has factor for English verse, and the been admitted Bachelor and subject Mahomet, was adjudged Doctor in Divinity.

to Mr. Matt. Rolleston, Scholar The Hon. William Herbert, of University College. B. C. L. of Merton College, is The Rev. James Stewart admitted Doctor in Civil Law, Freeman, D.D. of St. John's Grand Compounder.

College, is presented by the The Rev. John Graham, M.A. President and Fellows of that of All Souls' College, is admitted Society to the Prebend of LeckBachelor in Divinity.

ford, Hants. The Rev. Henry Townsend On the first day of Act Term, of Merton College, and the Rev. the Rev. Joshua Dix, M. A. of John Surtees of University Col- New College, was admitted lege, B. A. have been admitted B. D. ; the Rev. Edward Miller Masters of Arts, Grand Com- of Queen's College ; Rev. John pounders.

Risley and Mr. Richard Odell, The Rev. Woolley Leigh Ben- of New College; Rev. Peter nett, and Rev. H. Meres, of Williams and Charles Holbech, Merton College; Rev. Enoch of Christ Church; Rev. John Hodgkinson Warriner, of Lin- Richard Ingram and Mr. James coln College; and Rev. Robert Young, of Pembroke College; Sparke Hutchings, of St. Ed. Messrs. Tho. Heber and Charles mund Hall, B. A. were admitted Golding, of Brasenose, B. A. Masters of Arts.

were admitted Masters of Arts, Messrs. John Lowndes and Messrs. Charles Parr Burney, Charles Philip Lyne, of Queen's of Merton College; George College ; Edm. Witt, of Wad- Sherwood Evans and Wm. Pit. ham College ; Robert Willis, of man Jones, of Pembroke ColLincoln College, and J. Younge, lege; Charles Sawyer and Bache of St. Edmund Hall, have been Thornbill, of Christ Church; admitted Bachelors of Arts,

George Clough Marshall and

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John Thornton, of Wadham; of St. Allan Hall; Rev. William and John Taylor, of University Fookes and William Comins, of College, were admitted Baché- Baliol College, B. A. were adlors of Arts.

mitted Masters of Arts. 16. Sir Mountague Cholmely Messrs. John Harman, of Bart. M. A. of Magdalen Col. Merton College; James Davies, lege, was admitted Master of of Oriel; Bryant Burgess, of Arts, Grand Compounder. Exeter; Wyndham Knatchbull;

Rev. James White and War- Messrs. Albert Joseph Wratiswick Young Churchill Hunt, of law, and Edw. Elms, of Christ Exeter College; Rev. Thomas Church ; Thomas Johnes; and Hugh Clough, of Jesus College; John Rice Price, of Wadham Messrs. Robert Taylor and John College, and George Dansey Denne, of Trinity College; Pardoe, of Baliol College, were Rev. Eardley Norton, of Uni- admitted Bachelors of Arts. versity College; Rev. Thomas 25. The Rev. Edm. StringWilliam Tanner, of Hertford fellow Radcliffe, of Brasenose College ; and Bennet Hoskyns, College, is admitied Bachelor in Esq. of Baliol College, B. A. Civil Law, Grand Compounder. were admitted M. A.

The Rev. Jeremiah ScholMessrs. Arthur Matthews, of field, B. D. Fellow of Trinity Brasenose College; Wm. Rus- College, has been presented by sell and Richard Yalden White, the President and Fellows of of Magdalen College; James that Society to the Rectory of Wood, Hugh Price, Robert Bacton on the Heath, WarwickMorris, Evan Vaughan Evans, shire. and John Williams, of Jesus CAMBRIDGE, May 30. College; Wm. Fielding, Chas. On Wednesday last, the folDyson, Edward Whitehead, and lowing gentlemen were admitted Róbert Gooden Andrews, of to the degrees undermentioned : Corpus Christi; Edward Griffin, Masters of Arts.

The Rev. of Lincoln ; William Shuldham, Henry Finch, of Christ's Cola William Burden, James Ellice, lege, and Mr. Frederick White, and John Stapylton, of Univer- of Trinity College. sity College; and Charles Hen. Bachelors of Law.-Rev. WilTaylor, of Baliol College, were. liam Prockter Thomas, and Rev. admitted B. A.

John Pitman, of Trinity Hall. The Rev. S. Mence has been Bachelors of Arts.--Mr. Tho. elected Fellow of Trinity Col. Mathews, of Emmanuel College; and Messrs. Clay and lege; Messrs. H. Cholmeley, Short, Scholars of that house. James Bernard Camplin, Wm.

23. The Rev. John David Johnson Yonge, George Pierce Perkins, M. A. of St. Mary Richards, and Robert Ekins, all Hall, has been adinitted Bache- of King's College. lor and Doctor in Divinity. June 6. The Rev. William

The Rev. Thomas Darke, of Young, B. A. of Emmanuel Exeter College; Rev. John Bid- College, is elected a Foundation lake and H. Comyn, of Christ Fellow of that Society. Church, Rev. William Nourse, 14. Sir William Browne's gold

medal for the Greek Ode, is wall, Bishop of Hereford, is this year adjudged to Mr. Ken- translated to Worcester, on the nell'of King's College; and a death of Bishop Hurd; and the second Prize was adjudged to Right Rev. Dr. Luxmore, Bp. Mr. E. Bloinfield of Cajus Col. of Bristol, is removed to the See lege. For the Latin Ode, to the of Hereford. Hon. Mr. Law (son of Lord El- The Rev. Christoph. Wordslenborough) of St. John's Col-' worth, M. A. has been collated lege; and for the Epigrams, to' by the Archbishop of CanterMr. Bloomfield of Caius Col- bury to the Deanry of Bocking, lege, late of Bury School. void by the death of the Right

On Saturday last the following Hon. and Rev, Charles Ayndegrees were conferred in the sley. Senate House :

The Rev. John Lukin, son of Doctor of Law.-Aug. Gost- the Dean of Wells, has been ling, Trinity Hall.

collated to a Prebend of that Bachelors of Divinity.—Sher. Cathedral, void by the death of Becher, of St. John's; Jn. Dob- the Rev. Mr. Fownes. son, of ditto ; Tho. Armistead, The Rev. John Owen, M.A. of Trinity College; R. Watkin. Curate of Fulham, has been son, of Emmanuel; J. Hodges, presented by the Bishop of Londitto; Geo. Barnes, of Queen's; don to the valuable Rectory of Thomas Hoskins, of Sidney; Pagglesham, Essex. Samúel Plumptre, of Clare Hall; Tlie Rev. George Sherer, and Edward Atkinson, of Ben- A. M. Fellory of New College, net College.

Oxford, has been instituted to Masters of Arts.—R. Allott, the Vicarage of Crondall, Hants, of Trinity College; Andrew in the presentation of the MasHuddleston, of ditto; and Rd. ter of St. Cross. Patrick, of Magdalen College. The Rev. Jelinger Symonds,

Bachelors of dris.-G. Kent, M. A. has been instituted by the of Trinity College; Edward B. Bishop of Hereford to the Vi. Blackburn, of St. John's, and carage of Markland, in that Joseph Beldon, of Peterhouse.

county, on the presentation of

the Dean and Chapter of WindThe Right Rev. Dr. Corn- sor.

Monthly Obituary. AT

T Watley, near Frome, panions to leave the field. About

Somerset, Farmer Wil. three years since, his memory liam Truman, who had nearly became impaired as to many of completed his 104th year. He the succeeding cvents of his used to relate, particularly, the life; at the same time his

eyes circumstance of his weeding began to fail him; but he recorn at the time of the total tained the use of all his limbs eclipse in 1715, when the dark. till within a few weeks of his ness obliged him and his com death, and continued to milk some of his cows till within the grandmother, and the above last two years. Through his mentioned great great grandlong life he possessed and main- father; all of whom resided withtained the character of an indus- in thirty yards of each other. trious and honest man.

What is very remarkable, his Rev. J. Douglas, D. D. 20 immediate predecessor in the ofyears vicar of Beenham, Berks. 'fice of parish clerk (one Richard

At his son's house, in James Bebb) held that office forty street, Buckingham gate, Edm. years, who was grandfather to Ayrton, Mus. D. gentleman of one of the present Directors of his Majesty's Chapels 44 years, the East India Company. A huand vicar-choral of St. Paul's

mourous incident, well known Cathedral and Westminster Ab- in that town, between the recbey.

tor and the clerk's son, was the At Pontgarreg, in the parish cause of his quitting the country, of Llandyssyl, Cardiganshire, and settling in London, which John Davies Jenkin, shoemaker. laid the foundation of the preHe was a remarkable instance sent advancement in life of that of the improvement natural ge- family. nius is capable of, by applica- At Newcastle upon Tyne, tion, without the assistance of aged 60, Mr. William Temple, education. He became a master weaver, and of late years goverof the English language, so far nor of All Saints poor house. as to understand the divines, By uncommon industry and perhistorians, and politicians of the severance, and by a close and age, though he could neither regular application of the few ask nor answer the shortest ques- hours of leisure afforded from tions in that language.

a laborious occupation, he had At Presteign, Radnorshire, in acquired a familiar knowledge his 88th year, Mr. William of the Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Stanton, who served the office and Greek languages, and with of parish clerk fity-four years. the various Eastern dialects, as He was blind latterly, but lived well as with the Latin, and some to know his great great grand of the modern languages. The daughter, who had living pre- study of the original scriptures vious to his decease, her father, was his ardent and unwearied grandfather, and grandmother, pursuit, and few possessed equal great grandfather, and great talents for biblical criticism.


The Letters of Philalethes will be acceptable; but the more so if they are in English. In answer to the query of a Subscriber, we can only say that the sketch of the late Archbishop Moore, was furnished by an intelligent friend, on whose accuracy we relied. If our correspondent, however, has any other particulars of that excellent prelate, we Thall be glad to receive them. The letter of OBSCURUS never came to hand.

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