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cxviii. 22.

who is called (Hebrews 1, 3,) the brightness of his Father's glory and the express image of his perfon. This is the scriptare account of Jesus Christ, God manifeft in the fles-according as he said to Philip (John xiv.

:9:) 4 he that hath seen me, hath seen the Fa. ther:!! So the disciples beheld his glory when he was made felh, and dwelt among them, though the world knew him not, John i. 19, 14: And so his being said to cease in the view of Psalm xii. 1. confiftent with his being a Son to continue his Father's name for ever, Pralm lxxi. 17.

lx, inmay be further illustrated from Pfalm

o the ftone which the builders refused, is bécoine the head of the corner, compared with in of Peter ii. 4:

"disallowed indeed of men, but chofen of God."!.-The reason of this opposition, is, because

the world ļiețh in the wicked one,” ift of John v. 19. And” the god of this world hath blindedi thię minds of them who believe nat, left the light of the glorious gospeļof Christ, who is the image of God, should shine ynto them," 2d of Corinthians iv. 4. “ The prince of the power of the air is the spirit that now worketh in the chiļdren of disobedience," Ephes, ü. 2

And thus we are brought to the consideration of the fufferings of Christ, and the glory that should follow, as the subject of the Pfalms,

His enemies are Satan and his adherents; who at the first mention seem to strike the mind with something shocking in the openly profane way, which the natural conscience of every one condemns. But the opposition we are speaking of, is not that which shews itself openly against the moral law; but an opposition to Chrift. " He abode pot in the truth,'. John yili. 44. and carries on his opposition to Christ in a way of transforming himself into an angel of light, according to Psalm ly, 12 to 14.." for it was not an enemy that reproached me, then I could have born it ; neither was it he that hated me, that did magnify himself against une, then I would bave hid


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inyfelf from him. But it was thou, a man, mine botal, my guide; and mine acquaintance. We took sweet counsel together, and walked to the houfe of God in company." However this Psalm may have a respect to Abithophel, David's counsellor, yet it chiefly and ultimately points to the case of Judas, as is evident from verses 20, 21, he hath put forth his hand against such as be at peace with him ; i he hath bro. ken his covenant.”-It is supposed that it might be rendered" he hath broken his peace :"-And so the place may receive, illustration from Hebrews x..26, 27." if we sin wilfully after we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sin but a certain fearful looking for of judgment, &c.” which seems to have been the case of Judas in putting forth his hand against him whom the apostle calls, our paace, and breaking his covenant.

The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, yet war was in his heart: His words were fofter than oil, yet were they drawn fwords."His words are, whomsoever I shall kiss, that same is he, hold him falt. And forthwith he came to Jefus, and said, bail, master, and kissed him," Matt. xxvi. 48, 49.This was under the influence of Satan (Luke xxii..3.) as appears from verse :3, of the forecited lv. Pfalm, " because of the voice of the enemy, because of the oppression of the wicked one,” which is his character in the Plalms, in opposition to the character of Chrift; as in verse 22. the Lord shall never suffer the rightoóds ONE to be moved (as they are said to be literally rendered ;)

I have already faid, that wherever the blessed man, the upright nian, the righteous one, the just one, the poor one, the meek oneni ko. is 'spoken of in the Psalms in the fagular number, Jefus Chrift is intendedi , It may not be, amiss to point to several pallages for illustration." Sort tid

Pfalms lxit. 3, 4 Ixiv. 4. cix. 31.

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cxl. 4.

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Pfalms.iv. 13011 Psalms xxxiv. 16, Pfalm lviii. 10, 11 N. 12

a1 19,205" vii. 16,

xxxvii. 16, xii. 1.

23,25, xvi. 10

30, 37. cxii. 1,5,6) And when we find the contrary character, as the unjust man, the cruel man, the violent man, the wickcd one, &ciit is to be understood of Satan ; as in the following passages : Psalms y..6. Psalms -xvii. 13. Pfalnis li. 1.7 ix. 6, 16. xviii. 48.

Ixxi. 4. X.: 3; to

Xxxvij. 12: se cxii. io. 11&15. »:21,321355. xl.

. which I shall close with Pfalm cix. 6,"Set thou a wicked man over him, and let Satan stand at his riglit hand," as proving and illustrating this view of these passages.

I may also add, when those characters applied to Christ in the singular number, are applied any where in the plural number; they intend his followers in connexion with him. And those applied to Satan in the fingular. number; when found else where in the plural number, are to be understood of his followers in connexion with him in their opposition to Jesus Christ and his followers.

And thus we are brought to the view of those enemies that carry on that opposition to Jesus Christ and his followers, in which the sufferings of Christ are included, over which he and they will have dominion in the morning; Pfalm xlix. 14. agreeable to Psalm xlvi. 5 "God is in the midst of her, God shall help her, and that right · early." —Heb. when the morning appeareth (as in the margin) in which the glory that shall follow on the sufferings of Christ, shall be made manifest; in which his followers shall share with him, as they are to share with him in his sufferings; according to 2d of Timothy iii 12.-" if we suffer with him, we shall also reign with him." Psalm lxviii. " 13, 14. " though ye have lien among the pots, yet


shall yo be as the wings of a doye covered with silver, -and her feathers with yellow gold. When the Almighty scatters kings for her, the shall be like the snow in Salmon" (as tis said the Hebrew signifies.) & Of the sufferings of Christ we have an early account in the Pfalmba's So foon as the character of this blessed one is brought to view in his perfect conformity to the law of God, insuring his prosperity, and in opposition to the, ungodly, ąs in Pfalm.i. we have the heathen raging, and the people imagining a yain thing, the kings of the earth setting themselves, and their rulers against the Lord, and against his anointed , Let us break their. bands, as under , and cast their cords from us, Psalm ii. So we have in the history of his life in the: New-Testamento; For fofoonas Herod the king heard of his birth, die was troubled, and all Jerusalem, with: him; And that opposition to him then took place, which followed him through his whole life, from all forts of men, his natural relations, not excepted, Pralm Ixix. 8.4 I am become a ftranger unto my brethren, and an aljen, upto iny mother's children.". According to this we find in Joļin-vii, 3, 4, 5, they were, displeased with him. His brethren therefore faid unto him, depart hence, and go into Judea, that thy, disciples also may see the works that shou dost, For no man deth any nhing in, fecret, and he himself seeketh to be known openly; -1fithoų įdo these things, shew thyfelf to the worlay: Far neither did his bre* thren.believe in him. And their concem for him excited them ay length to go and lay hold on him," for they faid, he is befide himself;" Markmi, 21, His suf ferings were from all ranks of men, from the highest to the lowest, Plalm, lxix. 17.9They that fit in the gate, (by. whiclı fuppose is to beaunderhood jhofe,in powy. ergans ording to Proverbs-xxxi-38) pake against me, and I was the song ofthe drunkards." Was not this fulfilled in the combination, from the chief priests, and, scribes, and elders to the devefti afw the 'IC


Mob, connected with Satan, against himn ! Says Jefus Christ, “ this is your hour, and the power of darkor tiefs.". These prevailed till he could say, " reproach hath broken my heart, and I am full of Heaviniefs : and I looked for fome to take pity and there was none ji and for comfort, but I found norite for he was betrayed by one disciple, dehted by anów ther, and forsaken by all. But to finish the hortor of his füferings, the Father hid liis face from him, which wallowed up all his other complaints . I only mena tion these as a hint of what may more fully he feent by looking över either the prophecies in the Pfalms and other parts of the Old Testament, or the histo riet exhibited in the New Testament.

::21 His disciples and firft follower's foon met with that? treatment which caused them to bear if their bodies the marks of the Lord Jesus, that confirméd theit? faith in the Old Testament fériptures concerning Chrift: See Ads tv.-24-28. And of them it is said, Pfalm xliv. 22, ** yea, for' tłty fake are we killed all the day! long; we are acèounted as theep for the slaughter zi See Romans viii. 36.

And there are many of the Prairis which feeti ex prełkive of the prayers of Chrift under his fufferingsa which always end in assured confidence in God for den liverance, in virtue of his perfe& righteousness: See Pralñis vi vi vli. *ui:lxvii. xxii: Xxxv. Ixix. 1****. &e. Some verfe's out of these' Psalms expreffing this confidence, I here produce. Pfälm w 72: Fot thou, Lord, witt blets the righteous with favour wilt thou compass him as with a fhield. Pfalmi virios cosThe Lord hath heard my fupplieation; the Lord will receive my prajetor Praim vii. 10. My defence of God, who saveth the upright in heart-Dratin stil But I have trusted in thy mérey My heart fa rex? joice in thy 'salvation. Plalm xvii. 18. Asfór ftiles I shall behold thy face in righteousnefs : I'fhall be fatifu fied when't awake with thy likenets, "Pfàlná **** 24.1.


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