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If not content with the scripture account of the faith, we should go about to produce one that we think more clear and full, and easy to be understood, we might judly be deterred by being put in mind of what is said of the devil-he abode not in the truth-left, by taking our own way, we should be in danger of being lifted up with pride, and so fall into the condemnation of the dead vil; as well as by imitating him in fuppofing that divine truth will not fulfil his threatnings, that disobedience will go unpunished, according to the first temptation, us fisall not surely die. So then in the belief of the truth there is no danger, tlıat is, in being fatisfied in the finished work of Jesus Christ, rejoicing therein in bope folely on that account, so long as it leads to bave heartily to do with him in attendance on his whole will, without hesitation or reserve. Says Jesus Christ, - if ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed." ispod :

But if all we know about Jesus Christ, leaves us diffatisfied with him, wanting something more than what is reported concerning his finished work, to satisfy our consciences, and encourage us to draw nigh to God, and leaves us objecting against any of his precepts, even the most felf-denying, faying, what have we to do with this or that? It is the very fnirit and language of the devils, to whom the knowledge of Christ was terror, and they defired to be let alone, to have nothing to do with him...!! ...As the fcriptures warn us to expect the great prevaJence of the doctrine of devils towards the second comjug of Christ ; as we may fee by comparing Rev. xvi. 13, 14, 15. with Matth. xxiv. 11; 24. insomuch that if it were poflible they should deceive the very elect; which shows that those are to be suspected who are Lighly esteemed, and appear to come. very near the

ruth, and do- many things gladly, at leaft, fo far suspected as to be thoroughly examined by the rules ored in the scriptures of truth, which is the word that


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