Voices of the Night

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Redding, 1845 - 32 pages

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Page 17 - 0, LET the soul her slumbers break, Let thought be quickened, and awake ; Awake to see How soon this life is past and gone, And death comes softly stealing on, How silently! Swiftly our pleasures glide away, Our hearts recall the distant day With many sighs ; The moments that are speeding fast We heed not,
Page 30 - She gives thee a garland woven fair, Take care! It is a fool's-cap for thee to wear, Beware! Beware ! Trust her not, She is fooling thee ! SONG OF THE BELL. FROM THE GERMAN. BELL ! thou soundest merrily, When the bridal party To the church doth hie! Bell! thou soundest solemnly, When, on Sabbath morning, Fields deserted lie
Page 23 - how often to that voice of sorrow, " To-morrow we will open," I replied, And when the morrow came I answered still, " To-morrow." THE NATIVE LAND. FROM THE SPANISH OF FRANCISCO DE AI.DANA. CLEAR fount of light! my native land on high, Bright with a glory that shall never fade!
Page 17 - a youth of estimable qualities, who in this war gave brilliant proofs of his valor. He died young; and was thus cut off from long exercising his great virtues, and exhibiting to the world the light of his genius, which was already known to fame." He was mortally wounded in a skirmish near Caiiavete, in
Page 26 - out of my mouth, To understand it one had need of sight. Even as a cross-bow breaks, when 't is discharged, Too tensely drawn the bow-string and the bow, And with less force the arrow hits the mark ; So I gave way under this heavy burden, Gushing forth into bitter tears and sighs, And the voice, fainting, flagged upon its
Page 23 - This poem of Manrique is a great favorite in Spain. No less than four poetic Glosses, or running commentaries, upon it have been published, no one of which, however, possesses great poetic merit. That of the Carthusian monk, Rodrigo de Valdepenas, is the best. It is known as the
Page 28 - s a heaven upon this earth, In Bohemia it lies. " There the tailor blows the flute, And the cobbler blows the horn, And the miner blows the bugle, Over mountain gorge and bourn." And then the landlord's daughter Up to heaven raised her hand, And said, " Ye may no more contend, There lies the happiest land!
Page 9 - no ! from that blue tent above, A hero's armor gleams. And earnest thoughts within me rise, When I behold afar, Suspended in the evening skies, The shield of that red star. 0
Page 10 - FLOWERS. SPAKE full well, in language quaint and olden, One who dwelleth by the castled Rhine, When he called the flowers, so blue and golden, Stars, that
Page 30 - I Didst thou hear, from those lofty chambers, The harp and the minstrel's rhyme ? " " The winds and the waves of ocean, They rested quietly, But I heard on the gale a sound of wail, And tears came to mine eye." " And sawest thou on the turrets The king and his royal bride ? And the wave of their crimson mantles ? And the golden crown of pride

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