Power of Prayer: Prayer Is the Master Key to a Victorious Life

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AuthorHouse, 2006 M02 1 - 96 pages
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After 20 years of playing professionally in all the musical genres, Robert Kaye presents a compilation of his notes in his new book, The Classical Method: Structure and the art of Piano Classical Improvisation Compositional Theory and Poetic Harmony, revealing the secrets of the great composers throughout history.

Kaye's instrument of choice is the piano. The Classical Method is attuned to myriad styles and instruments which determine his method, but his basis and the foundation of his method rests in the piano. His method focuses on target and sight, revolutionizing the way that musicians play and composers create music. Developed from years of experience as a career pianist, Kaye takes the reader behind the closed doors of the creative process and unveils the methodology behind great, profound music:

" How coincidental the peak of the Classical era was 1776. It became clear that my deprivation, frustration and lack of education not only was overwhelmed with too much information. But it was only going to become real and rewarding by sheer experience of playing the piano and with quick results. Using your mind in conjunction with geometry and the very Freedom that the founding fathers intended for us to have. I think I found the many secrets to it, especially by targeting. And it has given me an enormous relief. I am now enriched with more music than one lifetime can accomplish. I live in contentedness by the proof of the freedom of the mind. Can understand and accept it spiritually as well as scientifically and have an array of pages accumulating everyday in composition. Never frustrated what to play, improvise, compose, display or demonstrate "The Classical Method."

The Classical Method: is user-friendly and helps to unlock the mysteries behind musical genius, giving advanced musicians the keys to a promising methodology for improvisation and original composition. Current issue is - 12th. Edition Completed - 9/12/12

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