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of it along with them.-This may be no recommendation ;-I mean it however as fuch; for as the Sermons turn chiefly upon philanthropy, and those kindred virtues to it, upon which hang all the law and the prophets, I truft they will be no lefs felt, or worfe received, for the evidence they bear, of proceeding more from the heart than the head. I have nothing to add, but that the reader, upon old and beaten subjects, must not look for many new thoughts -'tis well if he has new language in three or four paffages, where he has neither the one nor the other, I have quoted the author I made free with. -There are some other paffages, where I suspect I may have taken the fame liberty, but 'tis only fufpicion, for I do not remember it is fo, otherwife I fhould have restored them to

their proper owners; fo that I put it in here more as a general faving than from a consciousness of having much to answer for upon that score in this however and every thing elfe, which I offer or fhall offer to the world, I reft, with a heart much at cafe, upon the protection of the humane and candid, from whom I have received many favours, for which I beg leave to return them thanksthanks.

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