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is good and the people are good, 673.
is grown so bad, 96.

is mine oyster, 45.

is not thy friend, 108.

is too much with us, 476.

is wide enough for both, 378.

its veterans rewards, 321.

jest and riddle of the, 317.
knows me in my book, 778.

knows nothing of its greatest men,

knows only two, 178.

light of the, ye are the, 838.
lights of the, 414.

little foolery governs the, 195.

little of this great, can I speak, 150.
look round the habitable, 274.
man is one, and hath another, 205.
man of letters amongst men of the,

man of the, amongst men of letters,

man's ingress into the, 439.
must be peopled, 51.

my country is the, 605.

naked through the, 155.

natural and political, 409.

ne'er saw, monster the, 279.
no copy, leave the, 74.

nourish all the, 56.

now a bubble burst and now a, 315.

of death, back to a, 500.

of folke, 6.

of happy days, to buy a, 96.

of one religion, the, 604.

of pleurisy and people, curest the, 199.

of sighs, for my pains a, 150.

of vile ill-favoured faults, 46.

of waters, the rising, 230.
of woe, aged in this, 542.

one custom corrupt the, 629.

our country is the, 605.

out of fashion out of the, 296.
peace to be found in the, 518.
pendant hanging in a golden chain,

pomp and glory of this, 99.

prevailed and its dread laugh, 356.
proclaim, to all the sensual, 493.
puritans gave action to the, 641.
queen of the, 674.


World, round about the pendent, 48.
rub, let the, 786.

secrets of the nether, 749.
secure amidst a falling, 300.
service of the antique, 67,
shall mourn her, all the, 101.

she followed him through all the, 627
shot heard round the, 599.
sink, let the, 205.

slide, let the, 9, 72, 198.
slumbering, o'er a, 306.

smooth its way through the, 353.
snug farm of the, 507.

so fair, God hath made this, 497.
so runs the, away, 138.

solitary monk who shook the, 610.
soul of this, 742.

spin forever, let the great, 626.
stand up


start of the majestic, 110.
say to all the, 115.

statue that encnants the, 356.
steal from the, 334.
stood against the, 113.
syllables govern the, 196.
ten hours to the, 438.
that few is all the, 39.
that nourish all the, 56.
the fever of the, 467.

the flesh and the devil, 850.
the lie, give the, 25.

the whole, kin, 102.

there is not in the wide, 520.
this great roundabout, 424.
this little, 81.

this pendent, 230.

this unintelligible, 467.

three corners of the, 80.

tired of wandering o'er the, 594.
to curtain her sleeping, 568.
to darkness, leaves the, 384.
to give the, assurance, 140.

to hide virtues in, 74.

to live in, very good, 279.
to peep at such a, 420.
to see, a, 33.

too glad and free, 589.

too much respect upon the, 59.
too noble for the, 103.

too open for the, 655.

too wide for his shrunk shank, 69.
truth throughout the, 483.
two nations bear, the, 263.

uncertain comes and goes, 602.
unheard by the, 524.

unknown, into a, 616.

upon the rack of this tough, 149.
up stairs into the, I came, 294.
uses of this, all the, 128.
vanity of this wicked, 850.

virtue passes current over the, 699
visitations daze the, 594.
wag, let the, 11.

wags, how the, 68.

was all before them, 240.

was guilty of a ballad, 54.

was heard the, around, 251.

was not to seek me, 374.

quiet limit of the, 625.

rack of this tough, 149.

reckless what I do to spite the, 121.

rewards its votaries, 802.

was not worthy, of whom the, 848.


World was sad till woman smiled, 513.

was worthy such men, 620.
were young, if all the, 25.

what I may appear to the, 278.

when all the, dissolves, 41.
where is any author in the, 55.
who lost Mark Antony the, 280.

who would inhabit alone this bleak,

wide enough for thee and me, 378.
will come round to him, 601.

will disagree in faith and hope, 318.
witch the, with noble horsemanship,

with all its motley rout, 424.
without a sun, 513.
working-day, full of briers, 66.
worship of the, but no repose,
worst, that ever was known, 279.
worth the winning, 272.


Worlds, allured to brighter, 396.
best of all possible, 801.
exhausted, imagined new, 366.
in the yet unformed occident, 39
not realized, in, 478.

should conquer twenty, 181.
so many, so much to do, 633.
wandering between two, 665.
whose course is equable, 482.
wrecks of matter and crush of, 299.
World's altar-stairs, 632.

creation, most ancient since the, 169.
dread laugh, 356.

great age begins anew, 566.
great men, the, 638.

law, nor the, 108.

new fashion planted, 54.

Shakespeare is not our poet but the,

tired denizen, the, 541.
Worldlings do, testament as, 67.
world and, 90.

Worldly ends, thus neglecting, 42.
goods, with all my, 851.
life, the weariest, 49.
wise, be not, 203.
World-wide fluctuation, 634.
Worm, bit with an envious, 104.
darkness and the, 308.

dieth not, where their, 841.

in the bud, concealment like a, 75.
is in the bud of youth, 423.
man cannot make a, 776.
needlessly sets foot upon a, 422.
no god dare wrong a, 600.
that hath eat of a king, 141.
the canker and the grief, 555.
the smallest, will turn, 95.

Worms and epitaphs, let's talk of, 81.
devils at, 770.

have eaten men, 71.

of Nile, outvenoms all the, 160.

Worn out with eating time, 276.
Worn-out word Alone, 606.

plan, man made on a, 660.

Worse, make the, appear the better rea-

son, 226, 759.

deed, better day the, 282.

Worse, for better for, 850.
for the excuse, 80.
for the wearing, 16.

for wear, not much the, 417.
further and fared, 17.
greater feeling to the, 81.
one word changed for a, 343.
pray God they change for, 25.
remains behind, 141.

than a crime, it is, 805.
than a man, little, 61.

that which makes man no, 751.
truth put to the, 255.

Worship God he says, 447.

of the great of old, silent, 554.
of the world, they have the, 565.
stated calls to, 369.

still to the star of its, 524.
the gods of the place, 193.

to the garish sun, pay no, 107.
too divine to love too fair to, 564.
Worshipped stocks and stones, 252.
sun, hour before the, 104.

the rising than the setting sun, 726,
Worshipper, nature mourns her, 488.
Worst, bottom of the, 102.

comes to the worst, 172, 785.
inn's worst room, 322.

of slaves, corrupted freemen, 387.
of thoughts the worst of words, 153
speak something good, the, 205.
that man can feel, 341.
things present seem, 89.
this is the, 148.

to-morrow do thy, 273.
treason has done his, 121.
what began best can't end, 650.
world that ever was known, 279.
Worst-humored muse, 400.
Worst-natured muse,
Worth a thousand men, 492.
a whole eternity, 298.
by poverty depressed, 366.
conscience of her, 237.
doing well, 352.

in anything, what is, 213.
makes the man, 319.

man is, as he esteems himself, 771.
of everything, 713.

promise of celestial, 311.

sad relic of departed, 541.
slow rises, 366.

stones of, like, 162.

takes away half his, 346.

the candle, not, 206.

the search, not, 60.

the winning, 272.

this coil that 's made for me,


two of that, I know a trick, 84.

what we have we prize not to the, 53
Worthier, would it were, 548.

Worthily, life spent, 443.

Worthless pomp of homage, 571.

Worthy of all acceptation, 284.
of their steel, 491.

of your love, 471.

world was not, of whom the, 848.
Wot, as by lot God, 404.

Wot not what they are, 54.
Would and we would not, 49.

he shall have nay when he, 9.
I, fain, but I dare not, 25.

I had met my dearest foe, 128.
I were a boy again, 679.
I were dead now, 584.

it were bedtime, 87.

letting I dare not wait upon I, 118.
not if I could be gay, 456.
not live alway, 1, 678.
not when he might, 405.
should do when we, 142.

that I were low laid in my grave, 78.

to be as be we, 38.

Wouldst highly, what thou, 117.
not play false, 117.

thou holily, that, 117.

wrongly win, 117.

Wound, earth felt the, 239.

felt a stain like a, 410.

grief of a, take away the, 87.
her very shoe has power to, 378.
of Cæsar, tongue in every, 114.
purple with love's, 58.
that never felt a, 105.
tongue in every, 114.
us, no tongue to, 522.
willing to, 327.

with a touch, 350.
Wounds, bind up my, 97.

of a friend, faithful are the, 829.
wept o'er his, 396.

Wounded hearts, here bring your, 524.
in the house of my friends, 836.
snake, like a, 324.

spirit who can bear, 827.

the spirit that loved thee, 682.
Wrack, blow wind come, 126.
Wranglers, imprisoned, 420.
Wrangling lawyers, our, 186.
Wraps the present hour, 380.

their clay, turf that, 390.
Wrath, Achilles', 336.

allay, no twilight dews his, 493.
be slow to, 849.

infinite, and infinite despair, 231.
measure of my, not within the, 44.
nursing her, 451.

of heaven, 464.

soft answer turneth away, 826.
sun go down upon your, 847.
Wreath of roses, she wore a, 581.
Wreaths, bound with victorious, 95.

that endure affliction's heaviest show-
er, 482.

Wreathed horn, Triton with his, 477.

smiles, becks and, 248.

Wreck of power, lay down the, 571.

way out of his, 100.

Wrecks, I saw a thousand fearful, 96.

of matter, 299.

Wrecked, greatest men oftest, 240.

Wrens make prey, 96.

Wrestling, more like, than dancing, 754.
Wretch concentred all in self, 488.
condemned with life to part, 398.
excellent, 153.

hollow-eyed sharp-looking, 50.
in order, to haud the, 448.
leaves the, to weep, 402.
on hope relies, the, 398.
thou slave thou coward, 79.
to live like a, 188.
tremble thou, 147.

Wretches feel, feel what, 147.
hang that jurymen may dine, 326.
poor naked, 147.

such as I, weary road to, 448.
Wretched are the wise, the only, 287.
soul bruised with adversity, 50.
souls of those that lived, 769.
to relieve the, was his pride, 396.
unidea'd girls, 369.

Wring his bosom, 403.

under the load of sorrow, 53.

your heart, let me, 140.
Wrinkle, time writes no, 547.
Wrinkles won't flatter, 559.
Wrinkled care derides, 248.
front of war, 95.

Writ by God's own hand, 310.
in choice Italian, 138.

in remembrance, 81.

in sour misfortune's book, 108.

in water, deeds, 197.

in water, whose name was, 577.
in water, words, 37.
proofs of holy, 154.

stolen out of holy, 96.

what is, is writ, 548.

within the leaf of pity, 109.
your annals true, 103.

Write a verse or two, 204.
about it goddess, 332.
and cipher too, 397.

and read comes by nature, to, 51.
as funny as I can, 636.

at any time, a man may, 371.
fair, hold it baseness to, 145.
finely upon a broomstick, 294.
force them to, 211.

in rhyme, those that, 213.
in water, their virtues we, 100.
it before them in a table, 834.
look in thy heart and, 34.
me down an ass, 53.
nothing to, about, 748.
pen devise wit, 55.

the characters in dust, 494.

the vision and make it plain, 836.
though an angel should, 520.
well hereafter, hope to, 253.
with a goose pen, 76.

with ease, you, 443.

Writes, the moving finger, 768.

Writer, one, excels at a plan, 403.
pen of a ready, 820.

Wrestle with, virtue has difficulties to, Writers against religion, 407.


Wrestles with us, he that, 411.

Wrestled with him, 208.

Writing, easy, is curst hard reading, 443
maketh an exact man, 168.

scarcely any style of, 367.

Writing, true ease in, 324.

well, nature's masterpiece is, 279.
Written a book, that mine adversary, 817.
out of reputation by himself, 284.
that my words were now, 817.
to after times, 253.
troubles of the brain, 125.
wise above that which is, 845.
with a pen of iron, 835.
Wrong, always in the, 268.
cradled into poetry by, 566.
day of, I have seen the, 56.
dread of all who, 619.
forever on the throne, 657.
great right of an excessive, 650.
him who treasures up a, 555.
his argument, 399.

his can't be, whose life is right, 318.
in some nice tenets might be, 200.
multitude is always in the, 278.

one, but one idea and that a, 371, 609.
oppressor's, 135.

our country right or, 675.

pursue yet condemn the, 295.

side of thirty, 292.

sow by the ear, 19, 785.

that does no harm, 500.

they may gang a kennin', 448.

they ne'er pardon who have done the,

to dally with, 500.

vengeance waits on, 344.

we are both in the, 348.

Wrongs in marble, some write their, 314.
of base mankind, 345.

of night, 203.
unredressed, 480.

Wrongdoer has left something undone,


Wronged orphans' tears, 194.
Wrongly win, wouldst, 117.

Wrote with ease, gentlemen who, 329.
like an angel, 388.

reading what they never, 419.
them in the dust, 314.

Wroth with one we love, 500.
Wrought and afterwards he taught, 2.
brain too finely, 413.

by want of thought, 584.
in a sad sincerity, 598.

Wry-necked fife, squeaking of the, 62.
Wut 's words to them, 660.

Xanadu, Kubla Khan in, 500.
Xarifa, rise up, 677.

Xerxes did die and so must I, 687.

Yaller pines, under the, 660.
Yarn, is of a mingled, 74.
Yawn confess, everlasting, 332.
when churchyards, 139.
Ye distant spires, 381.

gentlemen of England, 176.
gods it doth amaze me, 110.
mariners of England, 514.
Yea-forscoth knave, 88.
Year, almanacs of the last, 258.

by year we lose friends, 569.

Year, Christmas comes but once a, 20.
days saddest of the, 573.
happiest of the glad new, 624.
heaven's eternal, is thine, 270.
if I preach a whole, 439.
mellowing, 246.

memory outlive life half a, 138.
moments make the, 311.
no winter in thy, 438.

rich with forty pounds a, 396.
rolling, is full of Thee, 357.
seasons return with the, 230.
starry girdle of the, 513.
three hundred pounds a, 46.
vernal seasons of the, 254.
were playing holidays, 83.

where are the snows of last, 769.
winter comes to rule the varied, 356.
winter ruler of the inverted, 420.
wisdom with each studious, 544.

Years, ah happy, 541.

days of our, 822.

declined into the vale of, 153.

dim with the mist of, 541.

eternal, of God are hers, 573.

fate seemed to wind him up for four-

score, 276.

flag has braved a thousand, 514.
flight of, unmeasured by the, 497.
following years, 330.

fourteen hundred, ago, 82.

full of honor and, 655.

if by reason of strength they be four-
score, 822.

knelled the woe of, 646.

laden with unhonoured, 449.

life seemed formed of sunny, 679.
love of life increased with, 432.

man of wisdom is the man of, 309.
measured by deeds not, 443.
nature sink in, 299.

none would live past, again, 276.
O tide of the, 668.

of Europe, better fifty, 626.
of man, the first, 368.
of peace, thousand, 633.
outweighs, whole, 319.
return, the golden, 566.

sad presage of his future, 427.
steal fire from the mind, 542.
tears of boyhood's, 523.

that bring the philosophic mind, 478.
thought of our past, 478.

thousand, in thy sight, 822.

thousand, to form a state, 541.
three thousand, ago, 517.
threescore, and ten, 822.
through endless, 526.
through many changing, 611.
time who steals our, 518.
to be let for life or, 204.
vanity in, 85.

we do not count a man's, 603.
we live in deeds not, 654.
we spend our, as a tale, 822.
weight of seventy, 479.
where sleep the joys of other, 497
wisdom not acquired by, 700.

fears, with all the hopes of future, 615.
young, seventy, 638.
Years' pith, seven, 149.

Yellow leaf, my days are in the, 555.
leaf, sere the, 124.

melancholy, green and, 76.
primrose was to him, 468.
sands, come unto these, 42.
to the jaundiced eye, 325.
Yemen sword, with his, 811.
Yeoman's service, it did me, 145.
Yesterday and to-day, 848.

great families of, 286.
in embryo, man, 753.

O call back, bid time return, 81.
sweet sleep which thou owedst, 154.
the word of Cæsar, 113.
when it is past, but as, 822.
Yesterdays, cheerful, 481.
have lighted fools, 125.

look backwards with a smile, 307.
Yesterday's sneer and frown, 664.
Yestreen, I saw the moon late, 404.
Yew, hails me to yonder, 180.

never a spray of, 665.

Yielded, by her, by him received, 232.
with coy submission, 232.

Yielding marble of her snowy breast,

Yoke, Flanders hath received our, 220.
of bullocks at Stamford fair, 89.
Yore, we have been glad of, 471.
Yorick, alas poor, I knew him, 144.
York, this sun of, 95.

't is on the Tweed, 318.
Young and fair, ladies, 68.
and so fair, 586.

as beautiful and soft as young, 308.
body with so old a head, 64.

both were, and one was beautiful,

desire, nurse of, 427.

disease, the, 317.

ever fair and ever, 271.

fellows will be young, 428.

I have been, and now am old, 819.
idea how to shoot, teach the, 355.

idle wild and, 676.

if all the world and love were,


if he be caught, 371.

if ladies be but, and fair, 68.

ladies making nets, 291.

man's fancy lightly turns, 625.

men are fools, old men know, 36.
men think old men fools, 36.
men's vision, the, 268.
Obadias David Josias, 686.
seventy years, 638.

so wise so, never live long, 97.
spurned by the, 585.

though I am, I scorn to flit, 200.
till forty, look, 275.

Timothy learnt sin to fly, 686.
to be, was very heaven, 476.

war seeks its victims in the, 697.
when my bosom was, 515.
who always find us, 599.
whom the gods love die, 558.

Young-eyed cherubins, 65.


Younger than thyself, let thy love be,


Younker or a prodigal, how like a, 62.
Yours, what's mine is, 50, 700.

Youth, a happy, 471.

against time and age, 24.
age 'twixt boy and, 489.
and health, joy of, 444.

and home, the music tells of, 523.

and I lived in 't together, 503.

and love, kiss of, 557.

and pleasure meet, 542.
and vigour dies, 341.

begin in gladness in our, 470.
bounds of freakish, 419.
crabbed age and, 163.
delight, gives his, 318.
delusion of, CO8.
dew of thy, 823.

did dress themselves, 89.

distressful stroke of my, 150.

eagle mewing her mighty, 255.

examples for the instruction of, 411.
fiery vehemence of, 491.
flourish in immortal, 299.

flower of, 703.

follies may cease with their, 376.
friends of my, where are they, 550.
glass wherein the noble, 89.
home-keeping, 44.

in my hot, 556.

in the bloom of, 702.
in the lexicon of, 606.
is a blunder, 608.

is more than a, 50.

is vain and life is thorny, 500.
learning in the freshness of its, 695
morn and liquid dew of, 129.
morning like the spirit of, 158.
now green in, 338.

of frolics an old age of cards, 321.
of labour with an age of ease, 396.
of pleasure wasteful, was your, 651
of primy nature, violet in the, 129.
of the realm, corrupted the, 94.
on the prow, 383.

our joys our, 26.

our, we can have but to-day, 312.
plaything gives his, delight, 318.
promises of, 368.

rebellious liquors in my, 67.

rejoice in thy, 831.

remember thy Creator in, 831.

replies I can, 600.

riband in the cap of, 142.
sheltered me in, 595.

so sinks the, 338.

some salt of our, 45.

spirit of, in everything, 163.

that fired the Ephesian dome, 296.
that means to be of note, 158.
they had been friends in, 500.
time that takes in trust our, 26.

't is now the summer of your, 378.

to fame unknown, 386.

to many a, and many a maid, 248.
to whom was given, 472.

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