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Burchall, Mrs. Yarlington

Bristed, Rev. Nathaniel, Bishop's Caundle
Brooks, Esq. Twickenham, 2 copies

Barnard, Rev. Rob. Lighthorne, Warwickshire, 2 copies
Buller, James, Esq. Downes, Devonshire

Buller, Mrs. ditto

Baxter, Rev. Mr. Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire
Bowdler, Mrs.

Clarges, Sir Thomas, Bart. 50 copies

Clarges, Lady, 10 copies

Cork, Hon. and Right Rev. Lord Bishop of, 2 copies
Cope, Rev. Dr. Prebendary of Hereford

Cooke, Rev. Dr. President of C. C. C. Oxford

Cornwallis, Miss, Hill Street, Berkeley Square, 2 copies Coleman, Esq.



Crouch, Rev. Mr. St. Edmund Hall, Oxford

Colston, Mrs. Lydford

Cesar, Mons. l'Abbé, Cheltenham

Carlile, Mrs.

[blocks in formation]

Chamberlayne, Edward John, Esq. Maugersbury, Gloucestershire

Connor, Rev. Dr. Castle Knocks, Ireland

Dublin, His Grace the Archbishop of, 5 copies

Dunstanville, Lord, 2 copies

Dunstanville, Lady, 2 copies

Digby, Lord, Sherborne

Durham, Major General, 2 copies

Durham, Mrs. 2 copies

Dutton, Hon. Miss

Dixon, Rev. John, Broughton, Northamptonshire,

5 copies

Delabere, Rev. Mr. Rector of Barrington, 5 copies
Dawe, Mrs. Ditcheat
Donisthorpe, Mrs.

Davis, Mrs. Croft Castle

Dunn, J. N. Esq.

Douglas, P. H. Esq.

Douglass, Rev. Dr.

Douglass, Miss

Denman, Mr.

Durell, Rev. E. Northleech
Daubeny, Rev. E.

Davis, Mrs. Gloucester

Dalton,- Esq. Shark House

Eveleigh, Rev. Dr. Provost of Oriel Coll. Oxford

Edwards, Mrs.

Essen, Rev. Joseph

Ferrers, Earl of, 20 copies

Fisher, Right Rev. Dr. John, Lord Bishop of Salisbury,

[blocks in formation]

Fryer, Mrs. Grove, Wrexham, 3 copies
Foulkes, Rev. H.

Foote, Mrs. R.

Grey, Hon. Lady, Swerford

Grey, Lady, Swerford Park

Gordon, Sir Adam

Gloucester, Rev. the Dean of

Green, Rev. Mr. Magd. Hall, Oxford

Gillart, Mr. Northleech

Goddard, Ambrose, Esq. Swindon, 10 copies

Goddard, Mrs. 5 copies

Goddard, Mrs. Anne, 2 copies

Goddard, Mrs. A.

Goddard, Thomas, Esq. M. P. 5 copies
Goddard, Captain, 10th Light Dragoons
Goddard, Richard, Esq.


Goddard, Miss

Gibson, Mrs.

Grisdale, Rev. Mr. Withington
Goodenough, Rev. R. P. Preb. of York

Gisborne, Rev. Mr. Yoxley Lodge, Staffordshire
Gisborne, Mrs. ditto

Graves, Esq. Castle Cary

Gairdner, Rev. A. Higneller

Harrington, Earl of, Commander of the Forces, 5 copies
Huntingford, Right Rev. Dr. G. I. Lord Bishop of

Hippisley, Rev. John, Stow, Gloucestershire, 20 copies
Hippisley, Rev. Henry, Lamborne, Berks, 10 copies
Hay, Rev. Dr. Canon of Ch. Ch.
How, Rev. Mr. Huntspill, Somerset
Hall, Rev. Mr. Pemb. Coll. Oxford
Halhead, Robert William, Esq.

Hare, Miss, Shrivenham, Berks, 5 copies

Hughes, Rev. H. Cheltenham

Heming, Rev. Dr. Cheltenham

Hughes, Colonel

Hunt, Esq. Compton

Hunt, Edward, Esq.

Haris, Mrs.

Hallam, Rev. Dr. 10 copies

Hallam, Mrs. 5 copies

Hallam, Henry, Esq. 5 copies

Hallam, Miss

Hill, Rev. A. Archdeacon of Limerick

Herbert, Rev. Archdeacon

Hunt, Mrs. Ditcheat

Hastings, Warren, Esq. Daylesford House, Worcestershire

Hastings, Mrs. ditto

Ingram, Mrs. Park Street, Grosvenor Square, 5 copies Ireland, J. Esq. Oxford

Jefferies, Miss, Windsor, 2 copies

Jenkyns, Rev. Mr. Ball. Coll. Oxford

Jasper, Mr. South Cerney

Jelf, Mrs. Gloucester


Kildare, Lord Bishop of, 10 copies

Knightly, Lady, Manchester Square
Keasberry, Mr. Bradley House

Knight, Miss, Little Stanhope Street, Bath
Kenyon, Edward, Esq.

Kenyon, John, Esq.

Keogh, George, Esq.

Limerick, Lord Bishop of, 2 copies

Luxmore, Right Rev. Dr. John, Lord Bishop of Hereford, 5 copies

Luxmore, Mrs. Hereford

Littlehales, Sir E. B. 2 copies

Landon, Rev. Dr. Provost of Worcester Coll. Oxford Leigh, Rev. Tho. Addlestrop, Gloucestershire, 20 copies Leigh, Mrs. Elizabeth, ditto, 5 copies

Leigh, Mrs. Cheshire

Little, Rev. George Berkeley, 2 copies
Llewellyn, Mrs.

Lindsey, Miss A.

Lowes, W. C. Esq. Univ. Coll. Oxford, 2 copies
Landsdown, Miss Horde, Crescent, Bath, 2 copies
Lewis, Mrs.

Lloyd, Rev. Mr.

Lara, A. Esq.

Leadthwaites, Rev. G.

Lethbridge, T. B. Esq. M. P.

Lethbridge, Mrs.

Lysons, Mrs. Hempstead, Gloucestershire

Lefevre, C. Shaw

Lefevre, Mrs. Shaw

Lefevre, Mrs.

Lees, Edward, Esq.

Little, Rev. Dr.

Leycesters, Messrs. 2 copies

Manners, Lord Baron, Lord Chancellor of Ireland

2 copies

Manners, Lady, 2 copies

Monson, Hon. Miss

Mordaunt, Lady, Walton

Marlow, Rev. Dr. President of St. John's Coll. Oxford Morse, John, Esq. Mount Ida, Norfolk

Morse, Mrs.

M'Kay, William, Esq. Dublin

M'Kay, D. Esq. ditto

Meyler and Son, Messrs. Bath, 2 copies
Mousley, Rev. Mr. Ball. Coll. Oxford
Morgan, Mr.

Milligan, R. Esq. 2 copies
Millington, Mr.

Millington, Mr. J. Howes

Master, J. Esq.

Moss, Mr. South Cerney

Martin, Rev. Jos. Bourton on the Hill, Gloucestershire

Mee, Thomas, Esq. Gloucester

Norbury, Right Hon. Lord Baron, 3 copies

Napier, Lady, Park Place, Bath

Napleton, Rev. Dr. Chancellor of Hereford

Newbury, Mr. William, St. Paul's

Nelson, Rev. Mr.

Onslow, Rev. Dr. Dean of Worcester

Onslow, Rev. R. F. Newent

Oglander, Mrs. Oxford, 3 copies

Oglander, Rev. H. Isle of Wight

Porteus, Right Rev. Dr. Beilby, Lord Bishop of London Pepys, Lady

Parsons, Rev. Dr. Vice-Chancellor of the University of


Prosser, Rev. Dr. Archdeacon, Durham

Price, Rev. Mr. Pemb. Coll. Oxford

Price, William, Esq.

Price, Barrington, Esq.

Patrickson, John, Esq. 10 copies

Patrickson, Mrs. 10 copies

Patrickson, Miss, 2 copies

[blocks in formation]

Richmond, His Grace the Duke of, Lord Lieutenant of

Ireland, 5 copies

Richmond, Her Grace the Duchess of, 5 copies

Rossmore, Lord

Reade, Sir John, Bart. Oddington, Gloucestershire

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