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Address of the Committee of Manage

ment, 1.

All Fulness in Christ, 217.
Amphitheatre at Nismes, the, 25.
Antiquities in France, 312.
Architecture, 170, 320.
Chatelain of Crozan, the, 388.
Conversion, a Chapter on, 161.
Convulsions at Dowlands, near Lyme
Regis, Dorset, 28.

Early Traditions of the East and
North, the, with their effect as op-
posed to Christianity, 113.
English Churches before the Refor-
mation, on the Furniture of, 231.
Fairy Mythology, the, 369.
Ford Abbey, 318, 383.

German Authors, Extracts from dif.
ferent, translated, 395.
Ghosts, a Chapter on, 303.

Heroic or Romantic Ages, the, 13, 80,
154, 225.

Labouring Classes, Frauds on the, 34.
Living among the Dead, the, 289.
No Man Tempted of God, 145.
Perahara, the, 376.

Poets, Chapters on, 39, 90, 235.
Political Science, on the present State
of, 104.

Prayers for the Dead, 4.

Public Worship at the time of the
Reformation, State of, 44.
Religious Opinions and Practices of
the Hindus, the, 99, 165.

Reproof of Judgment by the Spirit of
Truth, 361.

Rubrics, the, 179.


American Clergy in England, the, 186.
Clerical Costume, 52.

History of this Country, different pe-
riods of the, in which Parishes were
divided, 119.

Idolatry of the Anglo-Indian Government, 254.

Monastic Institutions, 52.

Popery in New Zealand, 252.
Prayers for the Dead, 119, 182.
Provincial Letters-

Dr. Todd's Donnellan Lectures
and the Eighty-third Tract for
the Times, 328.

Introduction, 120.

The British Critic and the Author of the Eighty-third Tract for the Times, 187.

The Joint Argument of Mr. Mait-
land and Dr. Todd against
Mede's Treatise on the Apos-
tasy of the Latter Times. Other
objections started by Dr. Todd
in the course of his Donnellan
Lectures. Mr. Maitland's mo-
dest profession of inability to
answer Lacunza, 396.

The Tendency of Mr. Maitland's
Opinions, and the adoption of
them by the Tract School, 259.
Tractarians, the, 53.


Comfort the Afflicted, 274.
Demas, 86.

Sacred Chronology, 21, 87, 245, 298, Departed, the, 160.


St. Michael the Archangel, 73.
Trades' Unions and Strikes, 242.

Verbetering Huisen, or Houses of
Domestic Reformation in Holland,
Account of the, 48,

Earthly Glory, the Vanity of, 296.
Easter Anthem, 317.

Holy Strain, a, 375.

Horace, Translation from, 38.
Hymn for Christmas-day, 20.
Hymns, 230, 241, 251.

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Alda, the British Captive, 124.
Anecdotes, the Book of, 129.
Anglican Fathers, Tracts of the, 54,
127, 278, 346.
Anti-Popery, or Popery Unreasonable,
Unscriptural, and Novel, 126.
Book of Amusement for Spare Mi-
nutes, the, 208.

Clerical Education considered, with
an especial reference to the Univer-
sities, 274.

Englishman's Library, the-

Charles Lever, or the Man of the
Nineteenth Century, 204.
Scripture History, in Familiar
Lectures, 204.

Geoffrey Chaucer, the Poems of, mo-
dernized, 198.

Guy Fawkes, or the Gunpowder Trea-
son, 56.

Hints, Moral and Medical, on Tee-
totalism, Temperance Societies,
Gin-drinking, and Opium-eating,


Indians on the Frontiers of Chili, a

Visit to the, 201.

John Huss: a Memoir, illustrating
some of the workings of Popery in
the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Cen-
turies, 268.

Laymen, the Rights of: their privi-

lege and duty to receive blessings
equally in every Orthodox Church,

Picture of the Four Religions pro-
fessed in our Days, a, 131.
"The Holy One of Israel," a Brotherly
Enquiry for, 271.

Verses by a Poor Man, 273.
Washington : an Essay, 133.


Abraham, the Father of the Faithful,

Ancient Models, or Hints on Church
Building, 411.

Biblical Cabinet, 277.

Canadian Scenery, 135.

Centurions, the characters of Roman
Officers mentioned in the New Tes-
ment, 203.

Church of England, a Supplement to
Dr. Sall on the, 348.

Church of England, the Festivals and
Fasts of the, for the use of the
young, 203.

Contentment, the Art of, 411.
Essays towards a Right Interpretation
of the Last Prophecy of our Lord,


Fairy Bower, the, or the History of a
Month, 209.

Feniton Tracts, 348.

Fox's Book of Martyrs, 270.
Helen Fleetwood, 276.

Historical Facts, a continuation of the
Abridgment or Summary of, 347.
Holy Communion, a Plain Guide to
the, 346.

Josephus, Works of, 134.
Leicester Gaol, 347.

Letters to an Aged Mother, 210.
Live while you Live, 203.
Messenger of Christ, the, 412.
Ministry, the Work of the, represented
to the Clergy of the Diocese of Ely,

Mosheim's Ecclesiastical History, 277.
My Life, by an Ex-Dissenter, 280.
National Education, the National

Church the best medium of, 348.
National Schools, Hints to Teachers
in, 411.

Old Testament, the Books of the,
translated from the Hebrew and
Chaldee, being the Authorized Ver-
sion; revised and compared with
other translations, ancient and mo-
dern, 413.

Oxford Theology, 410.

Palmer's Series of Gospel Tracts, 348.
Persecution of the Christians in Ma-
dagascar, Narrative of the, 134.
Persone of a Toun, the, 348.
Popery authentic Correspondence of
the Rev. Dr. John Baptist di Menna
with two Roman Catholic Priests
resident in Malta, in the year 1838,

Public Education, a Series of Letters
on, 347.

Reading of the Bible, Help to the, 135.
Restoration of the Jews to their own
Land, in connection with their fu-
ture Conversion, and the Final
Blessedness of our Earth, 276.
Roma verso la metà del Secolo decimo
nono, 412.

Sacred Mountains and Waters Versi-
fied, 412.

Self-examination, Help to, 412.
Selwood Wreath, the, 210.
Sermons on the First Principles of
the Oracles of God, 347.

Short Prayers for every Day in the
Week, 346.

Sketches and Legends amid the Moun-
tains of North Wales, 280.
St. Antholin's, or Old Churches and
New, 346.

Tamworth Reading-room, the, 347.
Thomas à Becket, Life and Times of,

Topographical History of Surrey, 279.
Verses by a Poor Man, 412.
What are the Blessings to be expected
in Infant Baptism? 348.
Wine Question settled, the, 209.
World in the year 1840, the, 410.
Your Life, 409.

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Fillingley, near Coventry, 138.
Hereford, 350.

Holywell, Flintshire, 138.
Incorporated Society for Promoting
the Enlargement, Building, and Re-
pairing of Churches and Chapels,
63, 135.

Ireland, the Jesuits in, 213.
Kilndown, Kent, 349.
Kingston-upon-Hull, 138.
Leicester, 60.
Leominster, 138.

Lynn, Church-rate Triumph at, 351.
Maynooth College, 352.
Monmouth, Church-rate Triumph at,

National Society, 351.

New Marriage Act, the, 62.
Norfolk, 138.

Royal Highland School Society, 352.
Seminary of Saint Sulpice, Canada,
Tractarians, the, 281.

Turnham Green, Chiswick, Middle-
sex, 212.

University of Cambridge, statement

of the number of resident members
in the several Colleges of the, 63.
Wesleyan Methodists, the, 141.


January, 66.

February, 141.
March, 213.
April, 234.

May, 353.
| June, 429.

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