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the Principal things handled in this WORK: According to the several Sections of each BOOK.

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The Contents of the

govern the whole world. First Book.

It Sect. X. Tea, sublunary HE Preface Mew things.

IS ing the occasion of Sect. XI. This is further this work.

proved by the preservaSect. I. Proving there is

tion of Empires. a God.

p. I Sect. XII. And by Mra. Sect. II. That there is but cles.

17 one God.

4 Sect. XIII. Specially Sect. II. That all Per

mong the Jews, wherefection is in God. 6 unto credit may be giSect. IV. God is infinite. ven by reason of the

7 long continuance of Sect. V. That God is eter

their Religion. nal omnipotent, omni- Sect. XIV. Also by the scient, and absolutely truth and antiquity of good.

ibid. Moses his Story: 19 Sect. VI. That God is the Sect. XV. And by the

Author and Cause of Testimony of many all things,

8 Gentiles, Sect. VII. Answer to that Sect. XVI. The same is Objection concerning

proved by the Oracle the cause of evil.

and Predictions, 27 Sect. VIII. Against the Sect. XVII. The Objem

Opinion of two Princi tion is answered, Why ples or causes of things.

Miracles are not noir 13 to be seen.

30 Sect. IX. That God doch

R Sect.





Sect. XVIII. And that Sect. III. And was put to

now there is such liber an ignorinious death.
ty in offending 31

Scat. XIX. Infomuch that Se&. IV. Tet afterward
good Men are oppref was worfhipped by prue

32 dent and godly Men.
Sect. XX. The fame Ar-

gument is retorted to Sect. V.The cenfe whereof
prove that the Soulfur was, for that in his life
vives the Body 33

time there were Mira-
Sect. XXI. Which is pro-

cles done by him, 42
ved by Tradition. ib. Sect. VI. Which Mira-
Se&.XXII. Againft which cles were not wrought

no contrary reason can either by the help of
be brought.

34 Nature, or assistance
Seat. XXIII. Many Rea of the Devil, but meer-

fors may be alledged ly by the Divine Power
for it.

36 of God,

Sect. XXIV. Whence it Sect. VII. Christ's Refur-

follows that the end of rection proved by ter-

all fall be Man's Hap-

dible Reasons.

piness after this Life. Sect. VIII. Answer to the

37 Objection, that the Re-

Sect. XXV. Which to obe surrection feeris impor-

tain, men manft ger the sible.


true Religion. ib. Sect. IX.The Refurreétion

of Jesus being granted,

the Truth of bis Do-

The Contents of the Etrine is confirmed. 51

Second Book. Sect. X. Cloristian Reli-

gion preferred before

Sect. I.

all others.
Trutb Sect
Christian Religion. 39

of reward. ibid.
Sect. II. Here is faewon Sect. XII. Answer to an

that Jesus lived. 40 Objection, that Bodies,


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Sea. XVII. Of Siwear. Sect. I. Talebority of

orce dead,cannet bare firft tauglat this Reli-
55 gion.

Sect. XIII. The excellen- Sect. XXII. What great

cy of Holy Preceptsgi impediment sthere were
ver for the Waxflip of that might terrifie men

57 from the embracing or
Sect. XIV. Concerning the profeffing hereof.
the Offices of Humani-

ty, mbich me eme unto Sect. XXIV. Answer to
our Neighbour. бо

them that require more
Sect. XV. Of the Con forcible Reafons. 77

junction of Man and

Seet. XVI. Touching the The Contents of the
ufe of Temporal goods, Third Book


Sect. XVIII. Of other the Books of the New
Matters, ibid. Covenant.

Sect. XIX. Answer to an Sect. II. Here is sheron

Objection, touching the that such Books were
Controversies abound written by the Au-
ing among Christians. thors, whose Names

66 they have perfixed. 80
Sect. XX. The excellen. Sect. III. Some Books
cy of Christian Reli-

were anciently daubte
gion is further proved ed of.

from the Dignity of Sect. IV. Tae Authority
the Author.

68 of such Books as have
Sect. XXI. Also from the no Titles, is proved

wonderful spreading of from the quality of the
this Religion.


Sect. XXII. Considering Sect. V. These Pen-men

the meekness and fim writ the Truth, bem
plicity of them that cause they had certain


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R 2

wat proved to be dis Se&t. I. A Confutati-

knowledge of what they

outward Testimonies,


83 which make more for

Sect. VI. As also because these Books. 96

they would not lye. 85 Sect. XV. Answer to the

Sect. VII. A Confirmati-

Objection, that the
on of the fidelity of Scriptures were chan.
these Authors from the ged.

Miracles which they Sect. XVI.For the Autho-


rity of the Books of the

Sect. VIII. The Truth of Old Testament. 101

the Writings confirm-

ed from hence, that The Contents of the

many things are found Fourth Book.

there which the event

vinely revealed. 88

Sect. IX. As also from on of the Religions oppo-

God's care' in preser- site to Christianity.105

ving his people from Sect. II. And first of Pas
false Writings.

ganism, that there is
Sect. X. Answer to the but one God. Created
objection, That divers

Spirits are good or.
Books were not recei. bad: the good not 10

ved by all. ib. be honoured, but as the
Sect. XÍ. Answer to an

i most high God directs.
· Obječtion, That these .

Books seem to contain Sect. III. Evil Spirits a-

things impossible. 92 dored by Pagans, and

Sect. XII. Or things con how impious a thing it

trary to Reason




Sect. XIII. Answer to an Sect. IV. Against the

Objection, That some Worship, which in Pa-

.. of these Books are re-

ganism is exhibited to

pugnant to the other.95 men after their Death,


XIV. Answer to an

Objection, taken from



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Sect. V. Against mor-
Shipping of Stars and The Contents of the


Fifth Book.

Sect. VI. Against wor-




Sect. VII. Against mor beginning witha speech

Shipping of things that

unto them, or prayer

are no Substances. 113 for them. 125

Sect. VIII Answer to the Sect. Il. The Jews onght

Argument of the Gen to account the Mira:
tiles, taken from Mi cles of Christ sufficio
racles done among them ently proved. 129

114 Sect. Ill. And not believe
Sect. IX. And from Ora that they were done by

117 the help of Devils.

Sect. X. Paganism decay-


ed of its own accord, so Sect. IV. Or by the Pow-

soon as humane Aid er of Words and Sylla-


118 bles,

Sect. XI. Answer to the Sect. V. The Miracles of

Opinion of some that Jesus were Divine, bea
think the beginning cause he taught the
and decay of Religions worship of one God, the
depend upon the efficacy Maker of the World.
of the Stars.


Sect. XII. The chief Sect. VI. Answer to the

Points of Christianity Objection, taken from

are approved of by the the difference between

Heathen: and if there the Law of Moses and

be any thing that is

of Christ, where is

hard to be believed she won that a more per-

tberein, the like, or feet Law than that of

worse, is found anong

Mofes might be given.




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