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Printed at St. John's Gate, for D. Henry; and sold by F. NEWBERY,

the Corner of St. Paul's Church rard, Ludgate Street.

To Mr. URBAN, on his compleating the

XXXVIIIth Volume of his Magazine.

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NCE more, my Friend URBAN, as Time runs along,

And calls for your Volume, I'll give him my Song;
He'll dispose of them where he may find them again,
And, join'd to your Book, he'll take care of my


But why, with a frown of Reproach, cries the Muse,
Degrade Father TIME to a Hawker of News ?
In Verse you should rank him with Heroes and Kings,
For Time is the Regent of temporal Things ;
From Vulgar Conceptions your Measures shou'd free us ;
Let Time be old Hoiules, URBAN Antæus.
Though URBAN with Time has long ventur’d to strive,
He still is unconquer'd, alert, and alive :

At the End of each Month on his Back tho' he lies,
He yields but to Triumph, and falls but to Rise.

May you long, my Friend URBAN, continue the Fight,
The WORLD shall applaud, and look on with delight:
Some Advantage from Time we shall learn to secure,
His Threats to dopise, and his Blows to endure;
We shall learn, if the Path that you point us we tread,
To live when this hardy old Bruiser is dead

P R E F A C C E.


new our Thanks for the Favours of the Year that is past, and our Promiles to continue our Endeavours to merit them for the Year that is to come; as an earnett of what we shall do, we must, as usual, refer to what we have done; the following Epitome of the contents of the Volume now cloling will shew, that we have neitber lost our Friends, nor remitted our Diligence.

JANUARY. An Account of the Contest at Edinburgh, concerning a new Theatre; a Journal of the Weather for four Years; an Account of the Com. bination and Troubles in America; a Cure for the Bite of a Rattlesnake; a Description of a curious Machine for loading Gravel or Dirt; and Reasons for rejecting the Provision Bill.

FEBRUARY. Curious Anecdotes of Rome, Naples, Florence, and Genoa, and of Voltaire; an authentic Account of the Illand of Anticolti, from an actual Survey; an Account of the Arrears of the Civil Lift ; Anecdote of the Prince of Monaco; original Papers relative to the Acquisitions in India, the Opinion of his Majesty's Physicians on Inoculation, and a geographical History of England and Wales in two Pages.

March. An Account of the Proceedings of the House of Commons against the Warden of the Fleet, for detaining a Burgess elect, an Outlaw for Debt, in Contempt of an Order of the House; the Life of the Prince of Conde; an Account of Curious Antiquities in Dorsetthire ; Kennicott's Scheme of Colla. ting ancient MSS. and the Danger of reviving dormant Powers.

APRIL. An Improvement of the Fire engine; Dr Percival's Arguments againft inoculating Infants ; the Case of the Poor confidered in a new Light; wonderful Discovery in an Elephant's Tooth; and an Account of a curious Russian Animal.

MAY. An Account of the Astronomical Missions in Ruslia; Solution of a singular Deception of Sight; an Account of the Expulsion of lix Students at Oxford, and Affidavits relative to the Alterations of a Record.

JUNE. An Account of the Manner of raising Turkies in Sweden ; a curious Appraisement of Goods, Plate, Corn, and Cattle, in the Time of Henry VII. by which the precise Value of those Articles is ascertained; a Hint for discovering the old Language of Europe; an Account of Mr. Stewart's Voyage to Athens, a new List of Parliament; and virtual Representation set in a new Light.

JULY. A Discussion of the D. of Portland's Claim to the Caitle of Carline aod the Forest of Inglewood, froin authentic Records. Now Thoughts on the History of Jonah; a Confirmation of the Accounts of Giants at Patagonia; a cheap and easy Method to destroy Fleas; a Narrative of the Trial of Mr Gillam, on Account of the People killed in St George's Fields; and a Receipt to cure Hemorrhages of every Kind.

AUGUST. An Account of the Clustered Animal Flower; new Hints to Dr. Kennicott; Letters relative to the Dismission of General Amherst; a curi. ous Account of the Translators of the Bible; Discovery of a Transposition in Virgil ; and a Description of Sharp's new Rolling Cart.

SEPTEMBER. An authentic Account of the War in Corfica, of the murder of the Abbe Winckleman; a Description of a curious Indian Boat, pre. sented by Governor Vanfittart to their Majesties; and authentic Papers rela. tive to the American Contest.

OCTOBER. An Account of the King of Denmark's Masked Ball; of the Life of the late Archbishop of Canterbury; of a converted Jew; curious Ob. fervations in Natural History ; a Recipe for curing the Phrenzy ; and the true Reason for the Mildness of the Small.Pox by Inoculation.

NOVEMBER. Remarks on the Philosophical Transactions ; Thoughts on the Preservation of the Game; the Turkish Manner of staining Leather; a Plan for reducing the National Debt; and critical Considerations on Swist's Tale of a Tub.


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