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Saviour, you will experience the same happiness. Only set out in earnest in the ways of religion, and you shall find them ways of pleasantness, and paths of peace. With what feelings of joy and thanksgiving do the children of God return to their homes, when he has brought them to his holy moun. tain, and made them joyful in his house of prayer. They are satisfied with the pleasures of his house, even of his holy temple; they exclaim “it has been good for us to draw near unto the Lord,” for the blessings of pardon, through the blood of Christ, and acceptance in his righteousness, of adoption into his family, and future admission into his kingdom, have been sealed upon their hearts. Their souls are like a watered garden, in which the pleasant fruits of repentance, faith, love, zeal, hope, peace, joy, and holiness, have been refreshed and strengthened. Thus Christ dwells in them the fountain of peace, and the hope of glory: and they, by their lips and in their lives, show forth the praises of Him, who loved them and gave himself for them. And now, my dear children, all this present happiness and future blessedness is offered to you: nothing but your wilful rejection of the Saviour can prevent you from enjoying it. Let it not be said then, that

you will not come unto him, that you may have life, but intreat the Holy Spirit to give you that new heart, which shall make

you desire above all things, an interest in his salvation. Seek the Lord now, while he may be found; call upon him now, while he is near. Remember lastly--if we seek Jesus as the Shepherds did, we shall be happy as the Shepherds were. What was the first thing you were to learn from this interesting portion of Scripture ?

Every thing prophesied of the Saviour was fulfilled in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The second ?
Though Christ was rich, yet for our sakes he became poor.
The third ?

In the cheerful discharge of our daily duties, we may expect God's blessing.

The fourth ?
Salvation by Christ, brings glory to God, and peace to man.
The fifth ?

If we seek Jesus as the Shepherds did, we shall be happy as the Shepherds were.

Very well; you have taken pains to remember the instruction you have received : pray

that it may be written on your hearts, and made useful to you.

No apology is offered for the simple nature of these remarks and divisions : for to use any thing contrary to plainness of speech, in the instruction of such humble seholars, would have been useless and absurd. It was in fact the result not of negligence, but of thought and preparation, for Jane never allowed herself to explain a lesson or chapter, which she had not previ. ously studied with attention and prayer. And by thus examining scripture, meditating upon it, and defining and arranging such instructions as her mind drew from it, for the benefit of others, she often found her own - knowledge increased, and her heart more powerfully affected with its heavenly truths. When the children had closed their books, their young friend read them the beautiful hymn of Toplady's, beginning

Glory be to God on bigh," &c. It was now time to dismiss the class; and Jane, having charged them to behave properly in the house of God, repaired to her own endeared place, with a truly penitent heart, and lively faith, to wait for the loving kindness of the Lord, in the midst of his temple.


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The delightful festival is over, the month of May is past; our ears have been engaged, and our hearts delighted by hearing the encouraging reports of those various religious and charitable institutions which are the glory of our land and the honour of our age. We have rejoiced to find that a spirit of zeal and activity continues to actuate all classes of sincere christians, and that increasing efforts are now made to extend the glorious light of divine truth to every heathen country, and to every heathen part of our own. Many of my readers have been informed of the nature of these institutions, and the effects that have followed their exertions ; they have rejoiced too in their success and heartily wished them prosperity: but wishes alone are of little use. The Apostle Paul in writing to the believing Hebrews exhorts them “to do good.” You have heard my dear young friends of these institutions, now begin to work for them. Retire, and seriously ask yourselves, What can I do for them ? With the converted soul, enquire “ Lord what wilt thou have me to do."

Let me exhort you in the first place to pray for them, and as what is left to be done at any time is generally left undone, set apart a particular part of your time for this special object, to implore that the divine blessing may descend upon


managers and agents of these institutions. You may be so situated as not be able to give much money or to spend much time in the furtherance of their objects; but you can pray, and you may by offering up frequent and fervent supplications to God on their behalf, render them efficient assistance.

Second. Subscribe what you can afford to their funds. Missionaries cannot be supported, books cannot be printed, school-rooms cannot be erected, without money. How much it is incumbent upon you to give, the writer cannot (ignorant as he is of your circumstances in life) be expected to state; all he can say is, in the language of an inspired Apostle “Give freely."

Third.- Render your personal exertions in aid of these objects. Are there no siek and ignorant persons in your neighbourhood to whom you might read the word of God, or distribute religious tracts ? are there no poor children living in sin, and hastening to rain whom you might instruct in those scriptures which are able to make wise to salvation? Have you no brother, sister, or cousin, living “ without God in the world” to whom you might speak a word in season, or, if


have not courage enough to speak, write on the concerns of religion. “He that winneth souls is wise."

Let not the love of ease, nor the fear of man, nor the craft of satan deter you from doing good. Remember that you are responsible to God for your opportunities of usefulness and for your talents; he will at the last great day either reward you for diligence, or condemn you for negligence.

Many, very many of the able supporters of these institutions have been called to their reward; and many others are obliged to retire on account of age and infirmity. It is to the youth of

the day, the church of Christ looks for individuals to fill up their vacant places. O let her not be disappointed, but be ye followers of them, who through faith and patience inherit the promises.

H. H.

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The peasants here (Baher) all walk with sticks as tall as themselves, and wear black, rough-looking blankets, thrown over their heads and shoulders. They are, I think, a more manly-looking race than the Bengalees, or at least the length and thickness of their beards, and their dark circassian mantles, give them that

appearance. The plant in the corner of the subjoined sketch is Indian corn; the hill in the distance is over the village of Colgony, near our last halting place. There are, I think, more buffaloes in proportion seen in Baher than Bengal; but the number of cattle of all kinds is certainly greater.



1 Christ is the Rose of Sharon : all may come and receive

benefit by Him, and comfort in Him. 2 The spirit of Christianity is a spirit of love. 3 A wise man wants but little, because he desires not much.

4 None of God's children are born dumb. 5 Drop after drop will excavate a stone. 6 There are as many miseries beyond riches, as well as on this

side of them. *9 Would we have the Spirit poured out upon us, we must be

of one accord; and notwithstanding variety of sentiments,

we must agree to love one another. 8 Where brethren dwell together in unity, there the Lord

commands his blessing. 9. Hypocrisy desires to seem good, rather than to be so. 10 Be mindful of God; be grateful to friends. 11 Renown is attained with great difficulty. 12 Spiritual life is the result of the soul's union to Christ. 13 Justice must be our friend as well as Mercy. *14. Let us who call Christ our Lord, honour Him on His own

day; the day which the Lord hath made, and in which

we ought to rejoice. 15 Honesty desires to be good, rather than to seem so. 16 Nothing here is certain. 17 Let those who have comfort be afraid of sinning it away. 18 The whole covenant of grace is summed up in Christ, who

is called “ the covenant." 19 Consideration is the first step to reformation. 20 True desires of grace are knowing, restless, extensive, and

laborious. *21. The longest day of life will soon be past. 22 The Spirit, like fire, melts the heart, separates and burns up

the dross, and kindles pious and devout affections in the

soul. 23 Take heed of receiving comfort, where you have not received

Christ. 24 If conscience be not regarded now as a monitor, it will

hereafter become a tormentor. 25 True repentance is a turning from sin to God in Christ. 26 Christ is to the Christian what the is to the world. 27 Piety in youth increases the comforts of old age, and alle

viates its pains. *28 Those that would enjoy communion with God on the Lord's

day must abstract their thoughts as much as possible from the world, and occupy themselves with spiritual things.

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