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But if my name and character they tear,
And cruel malice, too, too plain appear ;
And wben I sorrow and affliction know
They love to add unto my cup of woe;
Say, echo, say, in each peculiar case,
Must I continue still to love and bless?

Echo, Still to love and bless.

Why, echo, how is this, thou’rt sure a dove,
Tby voice will leave me nothing else but lore?

Echo, Nothing else but love.

Amen, with all my heart, then be it so,
And now to practice l’ll directly go.

Echo, Directly go.

This path be mine, and let who will reject,
My gracious God will surely me protect.

Echo, Surely will protect.
Henceforth on Him I'll cast my ev'ry care,
And friends or foes embrace them all in prayer.
Echo, Embrace them all in prayer.



What are the worldling's highest gains;

The payment of his weary race ?
A lift of toil at length obtains,

Possession of a burial-place.

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Evangelical Miscellany.


INDIAN PEASANTS. This is a fair sample of the appearance and condition of some forty millions of peasantry, subject to British rule—very poor, as their appearance sufficiently indicates, at least in those points where an Englishman places his ideas of comfort and pros. perity-yet not so poor, and not by any means so rude and wild, as their scanty dress and simple babitations would at first lead an Englishman to imagine. The silver ornaments wbich the young woman wears round her ancles, arms, forehead, and in her nose, joined to the similar decorations on her children's arms, would more than buy all the clothes and finery of the smartest servant girl in England; and the men are, in all probability, well taught in reading and writing, after their own manner, while the little boy, perhaps, is one of my scholars, and could cast an account, and repeat the Lord's Prayer, with any child of the same age in England. The plant which overshadows the cow and goat is a bamboo-the tall palm in the distanee is a coco—that which hangs over the old mother of the family is a plantain-and the creeper on the thatched cottage, a beautiful fastgrowing gourd, of the very kind, I could fancy, which obtained so fast hold on Jonah's affections. VOL. II. 34 SERIES.


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