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It was a sweet, sweet evening, and we strolled down by the path leading to the beach. Little Emma and her sister Elizabeth ran before us. The sea was as calm, placid, and motionless, as the sky overhead; and reflected on its bosom, first the splendid brightness, and then the twilight softness of one of the finest evenings in August Boats from a distance all pointed towards the haven of their rest; we gazed on them as they arrived at their destination. The sound of the “ tabor and the pipe" was heard at intervals from the floating gallery of the ship of war, or swept over the waters as the evanescent steamer passed by, like an eagle to its prey. The gay and gradeful yacht also came slowly to its moorings; and a day which had been one of pleasure, perhaps falsely so called, was now drawn to a close-gone with all its opportunities of improvement, its labours of love-its young hopes, ardent expectations, disappointments, sorrows, and griefs to render up its account to Him who metes out time to man, in moments, days, and years, himself the Eternal and Everlasting One.

We continued our saunter ; and the dear children continued to run on before us or behind, as suited their fancy, or as they were prompted to the pursuit of shells or pebbles, on the right hand or the left.

We presently arrived at a part of the beach where the trees skirting the forest come down to the shore, and where the fragrant turf, with its wild flowers, afforded a dry and verdant 'couch, adapted either for rest or contemplation. Here a book supplied the place of conversation ; and my friend read aloud a very fine passage in a liğing author, descriptive of the feelings of the first man in paradise after the circumstances of the fall. It called forth mutual expressions of admiration, sympathy, and praise; together with such reflections as a subject so solemn and sacred, so poignant, so identified with every 'one's own individual feelings, might be supposed to give rise to. We there contemplated Adam no longer, as I lately heard him most beautifully designated, as “ fair, finished, untrans-gressing man,” but fallen, ruined man, and the prime agent of a world's ruin. 'Ah, he had indeed need of strong consolation !

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