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JOSHUA, ch. 14—24.

LECTURE 387-404.


1. 1. The children of Israel ask

counsel of the Lord.

1. 4. The success of Judah; the
Lord being with them.
1. 21. The imperfect success of se-
veral of the tribes.

2. 1. The angel of the Lord at Bo-

chim. Israel under the judges.
3. 1. The sin and suffering of Israel.
Othniel is raised up.

LECTURE 405-409.

405. The happiness of them who

obey God stedfastly.

406. The help of God can give us
victory in every thing.
407. Against consenting to take
tribute of the world.
408. What use we might make of

the vicissitudes of the church.
409. The uses of affliction, viewed
as God's dispensation.

JUDGES, ch. 3—16.

LECTURE 410-433.

JUDGES, ch. 16—21.

16. 18. Samson is in prison at Gaza;

dieth with the Philistines.

17. 1. Micah setteth up image wor-

18. 1. The Danites visit the house
of Micah in their way to Laish.
18. 16. The Danites take Laish; and
set up Micah's image at Dan.
19. 1. The Levite, visiting his con-
cubine, tarrieth with her father.
19. 16. The Gibeonites abuse the
Levite's concubine to death.
20. 1. The Israelites demand justice

of the tribe of Benjamin.
20. 18. Three battles between the Is-
raelites and the tribe of Benjamin.
20. 36. The Israelites slay all the
Benjamites but six hundred men.
21. 1. The desolation of Benjamin.
The destruction of Jabesh-gilead.
21. 16. The rest of the Benjamites
are supplied with wives.

LECTURE 434-444.
434. Of having a good hope, at
our latter end.

435. Against the inventions of men
in worshipping God.

436. The danger of deciding with-
out due consideration.
437. Against following our own
devices instead of God's way.
438. Of our liberty at once strait-

ened and enlarged by the Gospel.
439. The close connexion of licen-
tiousness and cruelty.

440. Against an eager craving for
the punishment of criminals.
441. Of the righteous suffering by
the prosperity of the wicked.
442. The bitterness of strife be-

tween them that are near of kin.
443. Against acting merely upon
the impulse of our feelings.
444. The happiness of obeying our
King which is in heaven.

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LECTURE 455-479.


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