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of his grace.

The Book op Joshua, ch. 1–13. LECTURE 366-386. 1. 1. The Lord exhorteth Joshua ; 366. Of our title, help, and way, to

and he exhorteth the people. the attainment of heaven. 2. i. The two spies sent to Jericho 367. That no mere human example are preserved by Rahab.

is perfect. 3. 1. The people pass over Jordan 368. Of glorifying God for the help

on dry land. 4. 1. Twelve stones are pitched in 369. In what case a memorial is Jordan, and at Gilgal.

proof of a miracle. 5. 1. The Israelites are all circum- 370. That we ought to put all our cised at Gilgal.

confidence in God. 6. 1. The siege of Jericho.

371. The confidence of the wicked. 6. 14. Jericho is utterly destroyed. 372. Compassion for sinners. 7. 1. The Israelites are smitten at 373. That God often deals with us Ai, for Achan's sin.

as members of a body. 7. 16. Achan is convicted, and 374. That God will bring to light stoned, and burnt.

our most secret actions. 8. 1. The Lord giveth orders for 375. Against presumption and being the taking of Ai.

off our guard. 8. 18. Ai is taken and destroyed. 376. The end of God's enemies. 8. 30. The Law is written and re- 377. The warrant of the Israelites hearsed at mount Ebal.

for invading Canaan. 9. 1. The Gibeonites by craft obtain 378. Of diligence in working out a league.

our salvation. 9. 16. The Gibeonites are sentenced 379. The solemn obligation of an to perpetual bondage.

oath. 10. 1. The victory which God gave 380. How easy the greatest mito Joshua over five kings.

racles must be to God. 10. 15. The five kings are taken and 581. True compassion for the heaslain.

then. 10. 28. Seven more kings are con- 382. Our danger of perishing everquered.

lastingly. 11. 1. Joshua taketh the whole land. 383. Against questioning the deal

ings of God. 12. 1. The kings whom Moses and 384. That our whole life may be a Joshua smote.

course of victory. 13. 1. The boundaries of the land 385. How we might best extend not yet conquered.

the bounds of Christendom. 13. 15. The allotment of land to the 386. Of contentment in our spiritwo tribes and a half.

tual attainments. PART. III. 0. T.


Joshua, ch. 14-24.

LECTURE 387_404.

14. 1. In the division of the land 387. Of pleading God's promises, in

Caleb obtaineth Hebron.

order to obtain his blessings.

15. 1. The borders of Judah. The 388. The effect of the intercession

portion of Caleb's daughter. of the righteous.

15. 20. The cities of Judah. The 389. The provision which God has

Jebusites not conquered.

made for his people.

16. 1. The border of the sons of Jo- 390. That God will certainly ac-

seph, and especially of Ephraim. complish his gracious promises.

17. 1. The lot for the tribe of Ma- 391. Of discontent, and of content-



18. 1. The tabernacle set up at 392. Of cultivating arts and sci-

Shiloh. The land surveyed.

18. 10. The borders and the cities 393. Of increasing the amount of

of the tribe of Benjamin.

happiness on earth.

19. 1. The lots of Simeon, Zebulon, 394. Of sharing our abundance

and Issachar.

with the needy.

19. 24. The inheritances of Asher, 395. We may depend upon God's

Naphthali, Dan; and of Joshua. giving us the recompence of re-


20. 1. The six cities of refuge. 396. The peril of the ignorant.

21. 1. Cities are allotted to the Le- 397. The excellency of all that


God doeth.

21. 20. Cities are allotted to the rest 398. That God abundantly fulfils

of the tribe of Levi.

his promises.

22. 1. The two tribes and a half, as 399. That we must neither raise

they return, build an altar. nor harbour suspicions.

22. 15. The two tribes and a half 400. Of preventing misunderstand-

explain their intentions.

ing by calm discussion.

23. 1. Joshua exhorteth the assem- 401. God moves us by present bless-

bled rulers of Israel.

ings, and by promises and threats.

24. 1. God setteth forth by Joshua 402. Of the example to be set by

his dealings with his people. ministers and their families.

24. 16. The people renew their co- 403. The guilt incurred by pledges

venant with the Lord.


24. 29. Joshua dieth and is buried; 404. That we must take Christ for

likewise Eleazar.

our Ruler and our Guide.

The Book OF JUDGES, ch. 1—21. LECTURE 405–409.

1. 1. The children of Israel ask 405. The happiness of them who

counsel of the Lord.

obey God stedfastly.

1. 4. The success of Judah ; the 406. The help of God can give us
Lord being with them.

victory in every thing.
1. 21. The imperfect success of se- 407. Against consenting to take
veral of the tribes.

tribute of the world.
2. 1. The angel of the Lord at Bo- 408. What use we might make of

chim. Israel under the judges. the vicissitudes of the church.
3. 1. The sin and suffering of Israel. 409. The uses of affliction, viewed
Othniel is raised up.

as God's dispensation.

JUDGES, ch. 3—16.

LECTURE 410-433.

3. 12. The acts of Ehud, and of 410. God's ways a guide for ours.


4. 1. Deborah and Barak defeat the 411. The great happiness of being

army of Jabin.

always at peace with God.

4. 18. Jael inviteth Sisera into her 412. Our faith in God must work

tent, and killeth him.

by love to man.

5. 1. The song of Deborah and 413. The happiness of being on


God's side.

6 1. The Midianites oppress Israel. 414. How weak faith is most likely

The call of Gideon.

to be strengthened.

6. 21, Gideon destroyeth Baal's 415. Of pleading for assurance of

altar; twice asketh a sign.


7.1. Gideon's army is reduced in 416. Of God's goodness in encou-

number. He is encouraged. raging the fainthearted.

7. 15. Gideon's victory.

417. That our salvation is of God.

8. 1. Gideon pacifieth Ephraim; 418. That the Judge of all the

chastiseth Succoth, and Penuel. earth will come suddenly.

8. 18. Gideon's last acts, and death. 419. The love of God, and of man,


9. 1. Abimelech is made king. The 420. A warning against selfishness

parable of Jotham.

and wilfulness.

9. 22. God sendeth an evil spirit be- 421. The terrors of an evil con-

tween Abimelech and Shechem. science.

9. 41. Abimelech burneth the men of 422. Of God's uni rsal providence

Shechem ; is slain at Thebez. and retribution.

10. 1. Tola, and also Jair, judge Is- 423. Of God's love being consis.

rael. The compassion of the Lord. tent with his chastisements.

11. 1. Jephthah is chosen by the 424. Of avoiding strife by reason-

men of Gilead to be their head. able discussion.

11. 14. Jephthah reasoneth with the 425. That God vouchsafes to be

Ammonites; and subdueth them. glorified by sinful men.

11. 34. Jephthah doeth unto his 426. Of the interpretation of con-

daughter according to his vow. troverted passages.

12. 1. The Gileadites slay the E- 427. Against exclusive tests of

phraimites. Ibzan, Elon, and Christian communion.


13. 1. An angel appeareth to Ma. 428. That we are surrounded by a

noah's wife, and to Manoah. world of spirits.

13. 15. Manoah's sacrifice is accept- 429. That we might be glad to

ed. Samson is born.

stand in the presence of God.

14. 1. Samson in his way to Tim- 430. Our confidence in the strength

nath slayeth a lion.

given us by God.

14. 12. Samson's riddle. He slayeth 431. Against laying wagers, and

and spoileth thirty Philistines. gambling in general.

15. 1. Samson defeateth the Philis- 432. That we ought to put our

tines, after burning their corn. trust in the help of God.

16. 1. Samson goeth to Gaza, and 433. The deceitfulness of sin ; and

afterwards to the valley of Sorek. the danger of repeating it.

Judges, ch, 16-21.

LECTURE 434.-444.
16. 18. Samson is in prison at Gaza; 434. Of having a good hope, at
dieth with the Philistines.

our latter end.
17. 1. Micah setteth up image wor- 435. Against the inventions of men

in worshipping God.
18. 1. The Danites visit the house 436. The danger of deciding with-

of Micah in their way to Laish. out due consideration.
18. 16. The Danites take Laish; and 437. Against following our own

set up Micah's image at Dan. devices instead of God's way.
19. 1. The Levite, visiting his con- 438. Of our liberty at once strait-

cubine, tarrieth with her father. ened and enlarged by the Gospel.
19. 16. The Gibeonites abuse the 439. The close connexion of licen-

Levite's concubine to death. tiousness and cruelty.
20. 1. The Israelites demand justice 440. Against an eager craving for
of the tribe of Benjamin.

the punishment of criminals.
20. 18. Three battles between the Is- 441. Of the righteous suffering by

raelites and the tribe of Benjamin. the prosperity of the wicked.
20. 36. The Israelites slay all the 442. The bitterness of strife be-

Benjamites but six hundred men. tween them that are near of kin.
21. 1. The desolation of Benjamin. 443. Against acting merely upon

The destruction of Jabesh-gilead. the impulse of our feelings.
21. 16. The rest of the Benjamites 444. The happiness of obeying our
are supplied with wives.

King which is in heaven.

at the same time prayer.

2. 22. Woe denounced against the 454. They who despise God shall

family of Eli.

be lightly esteemed.

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