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1 SAMUEL, ch. 3—17.

LECTURE 455-479.

3. 1. The word of the Lord con- 455. How many men are averse to

cerning Eli is revealed to Samuel. consult the Scriptures.

4. 1. The Israelites are routed, and 456. How we ought to value the

the ark is taken.

evidence of God being with us.

5. 1. The ark amongst the Philis- 457. Of valuing God's ordinances



6. 1. The Philistines send away the 458. Of the acceptance of the



6. 13. The ark at Beth-shemesh. 459. Against presumptuous sin.

7. 1. The Israelites repent, serve 460. Faith in Christ as our Inter-

God, and subdue the Philistines. cessor,Priest, Sacrifice, and King.

8. 1. The Israelites desire to have a 461. The danger of asking amiss


in our prayers.

9. 1. Saul seeketh his father's asses; 462. That we ought to consult the

meeteth Samuel.

Scriptures with a view to eternity.

9. 15. Samuel seasteth Saul ; and 463. Of preferring one another in

communeth with him.


10. 1. Saul is anointed king; and 464. A warning against falling from


grace given.

10. 17. Saul is chosen by lot for king. 465. Of Christ, the king of his


11. 1. Saul defeateth Nabash. 466. Moderation in prosperity.

12. 1. Samuel testifieth his inte- 467. Our need of oft repeated ad-

grity ; exhorteth the people. monitions.

12. 16. The Lord sendeth a storm at 468. How to secure the benefit of

the time of wheat harvest.

brotherly admonition.

13. 1, Saul maketh war on the Phi- 469. The evils of faithless impa-

listines; offereth sacrifice.


13. 11. Saul reproved by Samuel. 470. The use of witnessing afflic-


14. 1. Jonathan with his armour- 471. God saves by such means as

bearer assaileth the Philistines. He thinks fit.

14, 16, The Philistines discomfited. 472. That we need first reprove

Saul's adjuration.

ourselves in sin.

14. 36. Jonathan, taken by lot, is 473. Weought to thank God chiefly

rescued by the people.

for our spiritual blessings.

1.5. 1. Saul slayeth the Amalekites, 474. Against a disposition to jus-
but spareth the spoil.

tify ourselves.

15. 16. Saul is finally rejected from 475. That God does not repent, as

being king.

man does.

16. 1. Samuel anointeth David. 476. Of using the Psalms of David

David standeth before Saul. for our comfort.

17. 1, Goliath challengeth Israel. 477. We ought to cherish a good

David visiteth the camp:

hope of spiritual success.

17. 23. David undertaketh'to fight 478. Motives and helps towards

with Goliath.

serving God signally.

17. 42. David slayeth Goliath. The 479. The connexion between hu-

Philistines are routed and spoiled. mility and concern for God'sglory,

1 Samuel, ch. 18—30.

LECTURE 480-502.

18. 1. Jonathan is David's friend. 480. The growth of envy and jea-

Saul his enemy.

lousy in the heart,

18. 17. Saul giveth David his daugh- 481. The connexion of humility

ter Michal to wife.

and a meek temper.

19. 1. Saul is reconciled ; but soon 482. Of overcoming falsehood by

again seeketh to kill David. truth.

19. 18. Saul having pursued David 483. That we ought to glorify God

to Naioth, prophesieth there. purposely with all our might.

20. 1. David consulteth with Jona- 484. That we ought to love with-

than for his safety.

out selfishness or suspicion.

20. 24. Jonathan soundeth Saul's 485. That Christ is the bond of

mind ; parteth with David. union among


21. 1. David fleeth to Nob; and 486. Against all manner of deceit-

thence to Gath.


22. 1. David at Adullam, and at 487. Encouragements and consola-

Hareth. Saul at Gibeah.

tions under suffering.

22. 11. Doeg, by Saul's orders, slay- 488. What it is to have a tender

eth the priests and their families. conscience.

23. 1. David rescueth Keilah ; de- 489. The information which God

parteth to the wilderness.

gives us in his word.

23. 16. Saul compasseth David, but 490. The blessedness of being pre-

turneth away to meet the Philis- vented from committing sin.


24. 1. David at En-gedi spareth 491. Glory to God for his mercy

Saul's life.

in sparing us.

25. 1. Samuel dieth. David is rudely 492. Of giving gladly, and answer-

refused by Nabal.

ing kindly, to them that ask.

25. 18. Abigail pleadeth with David. 493. How we ought to plead with

each other.

25. 32. Nabal dieth. David taketh 494. How much we ought to be

Abigail to wife.

moved by the hope of heaven.

26. 1. David and Abishai take 495. The insensibility of sinners

Saul's spear and cruse.

to their danger.

26. 13. David pleadeth his inno- 496. That we ought to thank God

cency with Saul.

for all the blessings we enjoy.

27. 1. David passeth over to Achish, 497. The straits to which men are

and is settled in Ziklag.

driven by worldly wisdom.

28. 1. Saul at Endor seeketh to con- 498. Of listening to the admoni-

sult Samuel that was dead.

tions of departed friends.

28. 15. Samuel prophesieth to Saul, 499. The resurrection of the body

who fainteth, but is refreshed. with the soul.

29. 1. David marching with the 500. Of our natural fondness for

Philistines is dismissed.


30. 1. The Amalekites having spoil- 501. Our way to succeed is to pur-

ed Ziklag are pursued by David. sue as God would have us.

30. 16. David recovereth and dis- 502. That God divides his rewards

tributeth the spoil.

equitably to all.


1 Samuel, ch. 31.

31. 1. Saul and his sons are slain at 503. That we must persevere in

holiness unto the end.

temple, is otherwise directed. best possessions to sacred uses.

7. 18. The meditation, and thanks- 515. It is well to commence our

giving, and prayer of David. devotions with meditation.

8. 1. David subdueth many nations; 516. Our gain by being subject

executeth justice.

unto Christ our King.

9. 1. David seeketh for Mephibo- 517. The loving kindness of Christ

sheth, and kindly intreateth him. in redeeming the helpless.

10. 1, David chastiseth Hanum for 518. Of God's goodness, and of his

cruel usage of his messengers. severity.

11. 1. David committeth adultery ; 519. The falls of the faithful re-

deviseth to conceal it.

corded for our warning.

11. 14. David exposeth Uriah to 520. The misery of doing that

death; marrieth Bathsheba. which displeases God.

12. 1. David reproved by Nathan 521. The forgiveness assured to

confesseth his sin.

truly penitent believers.

12. 15. David's child dieth. Solomon 522. The Christian's comfort under

is born. Rabbah is taken.

the penalty of death.

13. 1. Amnon forceth Tamar; and 523. That God overruleth all

then hateth her.

things ; whether good, or evil.

13. 19. Absalom slayeth Amnon. 524. The benefit of chastisement.

2 Samuel, ch. 14–24.

LECTURE 525-547.

14. 1. The artifice of Joab and the 525. The affecting simplicity of

wise woman of Tekoah.

God's language in the Scriptures.

14. 18. Joab bringeth back Absalom; 526. That it is for our good to be

David forgiveth him.

required to repent.

15. 1. The rebellion of Absalom. 527. The prophets an example of

David fleeth.


15. 19. David's words to Ittai, to 528. Of following the perfect ex-

Zadok, and to Hushai.

ample of our Lord.

16. 1. David's words to Ziba. He 529. Hope makes us not ashamed

submitteth to the curses of Shimei. in suffering wrongfully.

16. 14. Absalom followeth Ahitho- 530. Against trusting in man's

phel's wicked counsel.

wisdom instead of that of God.

17. 1. The counsel of Ahithophel is 531. That the wicked are given up

overthrown by that of Hushai. to their own foolish choice.

17.15. David is informed of Hushai's 532. The comfort of being likened

counsel ; his wants are supplied. unto Christ in suffering.

18. 1, Absalom is defeated and slain 533. Supplication for deliverance

in the wood of Ephraim.

from the place of sinners.

18. 19. David heareth and lament- 534. The love which our heavenly

eth Absalom's death.

Father has manifested to us.

19. 1. David is reproved by Joab; 535. How to heal differences by

moveth for his return to Jerusalem. reposing confidence.

19. 16. David's sentence on Shimei, 536. The judgments of the last

and on Mephibosheth and Ziba. day decisive and infallible.

19. 31. Barzillai declineth David's 537. The perfect union of bliss

offer. Strife among the tribes. which awaits us in heaven.

20. 1. Sheba revolteth. Joab trea- 538. Consciousness of past sin a

cherously slayeth Amasa.

hindrance to present zeal.

20. 14. The success of Joab. The 539. The happiness of a sinner

death of Sheba. The officers of who has been forgiven.


21. 1. David giveth up to the Gi- 540. That atonement must precede

beonites seven men of Saul's fa- the acceptance of prayer.


21. 15. Four battles with the Philis- 541. The object, use, and inspira-

tines, and the slaughter of four tion, of the historical books.


22. 1. A psalm of thanksgiving for 542. The inspired writings shew

great deliverances.

the character of the writers.

22. 29. The psalm of thanksgiving 543. The glory of being a type, or

is concluded.

resemblance, of Christ.

23. 1. The last words of David. 544. The greatness of that glory

The list of his mighty men. which is ours through Christ.

23. 13. The list of David's mighty 545. Zeal encouraged by the

men concluded.

bountifulness of Christ.

24. 1. David numbereth the people. 546. The sinfulness of vanity.

24. 15. David sacrificeth at the 547. The duty of offering to God

threshing floor of Araunah. that which we most value.

The First Book of the Kings, COMMONLY CALLED, the Third Book

OF THE Kings.

LECTURE 548–573.

1. 1. David in his old age is che- 548. The vanity of pleasures of

rished by Abishag.


1. 5. Adonijah seeketh to suc- 549. The duty of making a just

ceed David as king:

will in good time.

1. 28. Solomon is anointed king. 550. Of activity in securing the

Adonijah submitteth himself. crown of glory in heaven.

2. 1. David giveth a charge to So- 551. The blessedness of having our

lomon ; dieth ; and is buried. sins forgiven through Christ.

2. 12. Adonijah proving treacher- 552. God's sentence against sin is

ous is put to death.

sure to be fulfilled.

2. 28. Joab and Shimei are put to 553. The sure fulfilment of God's



3. 1. Solomon marrieth Pharaoh's 554. The gain of seeking first the

daughter. His choice.

kingdom of God.

3. 15. Solomon's wise judgment.

555. Of entire devotion to God.

4. 1. The state and wisdom of 556. The surpassing glory of


God's work.

5. 1. Solomon is supplied with 557. Our differences in religion

timber by Hiram king of Tyre.

hinder our working together.

6. 1. The temple is built. 558. God's promises conditional.

6. 14. The parts of the temple. 559. The temple a figure of the


7. 1. Solomon's several buildings. 560. Of zeal for building and

Hiram's workmanship.

adorning churches.

7. 27. The vessels of the temple 561. How all we have to do is

are completed.

made honourable.

8. 1. The dedication of the tem- 562. The glory of each Christian



8. 22. Solomon prayeth in the 563. The consecration of our



8. 57. Solomon concludeth his 564. Of praying for spiritual bless-



8. 54. Solomon blesseth the con- 565. God's great goodness in the

gregation, sacrificeth largely. atonement made by Christ.

9. 1. The Lord appeareth to So- 566. The dealings of God with

lomon the second time.

Christian nations.

9. 10. The buildings and wealth 567. The surpassing glories of

of Solomon.

10. 1. The queen of Sheba ad- 568. Against neglecting our oppor-

mireth Solomon's wisdom.

tunities of saving knowledge.

10. 14. Solomon gathereth together 569. The supreme advantage of

riches, chariots and horses.

being wise unto salvation.

11. 1. Solomon's many wives draw 570. The wilful and impenitent are

him to idolatry.

sure to suffer for their sins.

11. 23. Of Rezon, and of Jero- 571. The vanity of worldly ambi-

boam. Solomon dieth,


12. 1. Rehoboam answereth the 572. The due effect of God's pur-

people roughly.

poses on our actions.

12. 16. Jeroboam is made king of 573. Against being tempted by

Israel. Setteth up golden calves. expediency to do wrong.



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