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The Lord's my ftrength, like hinds he makes my feet,
Yon mount 's my refuge, I as fafely fleet;

Or (if the fong 's apply'd) he makes me still
Expect returning to Moriah's hill.

In all this hymn what daring grandeur fhines,
What darting glory rays among the lines:

What mountains, earthquakes, clouds, and smokes are feen,

What ambient fires conceal the Lord within;
What working wonders give the promis'd place,
And load the conduct of a stubborn race!

In all the work a lively fancy flows,
O'er all the work fincere affection glows:

While truth's firm rein the courfe of fancy guides,
And o'er affection zeal divine prefides.

Borne on the prophet's wings, methinks I fly
Amongst eternal Attributes on high:
And here I touch at Love fupremely fair,
And now at Power, anon at Mercy there;

So, like a warbling bird, my tunes I raise,
On those green boughs the Tree of Life difplays;
Whofe twelve fair fruits, each month by turns receives,
And, for the nations' healing, ope their leaves.
Then be the nations heal'd, for this I fing,
Defcending foftly from the prophet's wing.
Thou, world, attend the cafe of Ifrael; fee
'Twill thus at large refer to God and thee.
If Love be fhewn, thee, turn thine eyes above,
And the duties relative to Love;


If Power be fhewn, and wonderfully fo,
Wonder and thank, adore, and bow below.


If Power that led thee now, no longer lead,
But brow-bent Juftice draws the flaming blade.
When Love is fcorn'd, when fin the fword provokes,
Let tears and prayers avert, or heal the strokes ;
If Juftice leaves to wound, and thou to groan,
Beneath new lords, in countries not thine own,
Know this for Mercy's act, and let your lays,
Grateful in all, recount the cause of praise :
Then Love returns, and while no fins divide
The firm alliance, power will shield thy fide.

See the grand round of Providence's care,
See realms affifted here, and punish'd there;
O'er the just circle caft thy wondering eyes,
Thank while you gaze, and study to be wife.


EE the ftar that leads the day,


Rifing, fhoots a golden, ray,

To make the fhades of darknefs go
From heaven above and earth below;
And warn us early with the fight,
To leave the beds of filent night;
From an heart fincere and found,
From its very deepest ground;
Send devotion up on high,
Wing'd with heat to reach the sky.
See the time for fleep has run,
Rife before, or with the fun:

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Lift thy hands, and humbly pray,
The fountain of eternal day;
That, as the light ferenely fair,
Illuftrates all the tracts of air;
The Sacred Spirit fo may reft,

With quickening beams, upon thy breaft;
And kindly clean it all within,
From darker blemishes of fin;

And fhine with grace until we view
The realm it gilds with glory too.
See the day that dawns in air,
Brings along its toil and care:
From the lap of night it springs,
With heaps of business on its wings;

Prepare to meet them in a mind,

That bows fubmiffively refign'd;

That would to works appointed fall,
That knows that God has order'd all.
And whether, with a famll repast,
We break the fober morning fast;
Or in our thoughts and houfes lay
The future methods of the day;
Or early walk abroad to meet
Our bufinefs, with induftrious feet:
Whate'er we think, whate'er we do,
His glory ftill be kept in view.
O, giver of eternal blifs,

Heavenly Father, grant me this;
Grant it all, as well as me,

All whofe hearts are fix'd on thee;


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HE fun is fwiftly mounted high,
It glitters in the southern sky;

Its beams with force and glory beat,
And fruitful earth is fill'd with heat.
Father, alfo with thy fire

Warm the cold, the dead defire,

And make the facred love of thee,
Within my foul, a fun to me.
Let it fhine fo fairly bright,

That nothing else be took for light;
That worldly charms be seen to fade,
And in its luftre find a shade.
Let it ftrongly shine within,

To scatter all the clouds of fin,
That drive when, gufts of paffion rife,
And intercept it from our eyes.
Let its glory more than vie

With the fun that lights the sky:
Let it fwiftly mount in air,

Mount with that, and leave it there;
And foar, with more aspiring flight,
To realms of everlasting Light.
Thus, while here I'm forc'd to be,
I daily wish to live with thee;

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And feel that union which thy love
Will, after death, complete above.
From my foul I fend my prayer,
Great Creator, bow thine ear;
Thou, for whofe propitious fway
The world was taught to fee the day;
Who fpake the word, and earth begun,.
And fhew'd its beauties in the fun;
With pleasure I thy creatures view,
And would, with good affection too;
Good affection fweetly free,

Loose from them, and move to thee;
O, teach me, due returns to give,
And to thy glory let me live;

And then my days shall shine the more,,
Or pass more blessed than before.


THE beam-repelling mifts arife,

And evening fpreads obfcurer skies:

The twilight will the night forerun,
And night itself be soon begun.
Upon thy knees devoutly bow,
And pray the Lord of glory now,
To fill thy breaft, or deadly fin
May cause a blinder night within.
And whether pleafing vapours rife,
Which gently dim the clofing eyes;

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