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Never were our promenades more brilliant than at present: there is so much variety both in the forms and materials of dresses, that to an admirer of the modes, a walk in the Tuileriesgardens is really a treat. Let us see what we can find among these elegant promenaders most^ novel and worthy of the attention of our fair readers. First then, the mantelets (charpes, composed of bine or rose-coloured pou de soie glace de blanc, are very much and very deservedly in vogue; they are of a large size, and disposed in folds on the front of the bust in such a manner as to form the shape very advantageously. They are always trimmed with Mechlin, Brussels, or English point lace. Much more showy, but not so elegant, at least in our opinion, are the Scots plaid, silk scarfs, some of them, indeed, actually copied from those of the most distinguished clans of Scotland. Others are what may be called fancy patterns. All are trimmed with a broad, rich silk fringe, composed of the same colours as the scarf. We say nothing of the lace and muslin mantelets, because they afford no novelty; but we cannot pass in silence the new shawl mantelets of white Cachmere, encircled with an embroidery in silk of delicate patterns and colours, and edged with a frange moussu in corresponding hues. Let not our fair readers be startled at hearing of summer shawls composed of Cachmere, for it is so extremely light and fine, that it is scarce warmer than muslin, and they are cut in such a manner that they drape most gracefully without forming a single fold too much. Although the majority are white, we have, however, seen some of drab colour embroidered in groseille and very dark blue and trimmed with blue and groseille fringe. Others have an embroidery in two strongly contrasted shades of green upon an kera ground. Some have hoods, which form a very pretty sitting pelerine. Others are trimmed with a small lappel of the shawl form, trimmed by cords and tassels.

English straw and Italian straw are both in request for chapeaux and capotes, but the former is adopted in deshabille only, and is always of the capote form ; the trimmings consist of ribbons, either of figured taffetas, or else of plaided velvet. Green and lilac are the predominant colours in the former. Chapeaux of Italian straw continue to be trimmed as described in our last number, and some of the latest that have appeared, are ornamented with a very broad ribbon disposed round the bottom of the crown, and tied in a bow with very long floating ends at the sides: the ends are fringed. Transparent capotes have lost nothing of their vogue; the most novel and elegant are those of embroidered organdy; the material is even more transparent than gauze, and the embroideries in coloured silks are so disposed as to follow the contours of the crown and brim ; thus, for instance, three small wreaths of forget-menots, worked in white, green, and blue silk mark at three different distances the contour of the brim; the same wreaths encircle the bands of organdy that form the trimming. The interior of the brim is decorated with small tufts of forget-menots. We have noticed among the most novel rice straw hats, those ornamented with a ribbon twisted with sprigs of small flowers which drooped almost as low as the neck. No change in fashionable colours this month.


Carr(ajjc BreM. Rohk of pink pou de sole. Corsage A la Vierge, draped in front, and wrapping to the left side; it is trimmed with a Brussels lace Berthe. Demi large sleeve, the upper part decorated with three volans. The skirt is ornamented in a very novel style with embroidery and volans,' the latter crossing in front, and forming a tablier of an entirely new description. Rice straw bonnet, an open brim made very low at the ears; it is trimmed in the interior with lace, put very low down, and descending below the brim; the exterior is decorated with white ribbon, and a white ostrich feather.

Public $romnutte EJrrSS. Lavendbk grey gros de Naples pelisse. The corsage quite high behind, and moderately open in front, is trimmed with a shawl pelerine edged with a wreath formed of plaits disposed lengthwise. The same kind of trimming, but much larger, descends down the front of the skirt. Bishop's sleeves, with a light shoulder piece. Bonnet of spring green gros de Tours, the interior of the- brim is lined with white, and trimmed with lace, intermixed with roses; the exterior edge of the brim is finished with a green niche. A demi wreath of the same, from which a shaded marabout descends, adorns the crown. Green and white striped ribbon complete the trimming.

i&omins ©teitittlj Sreas.

Pou de soie robe; it is a shot silk of the colours called gorge de Pigeon. Corsage en gerbe, and manche a la Duchesse. The skirt is trimmed with a single flounce, headed by a row of bouiUonw'e ; and another of large hollow plaits. Yellow crape bonnet; the edge of the brim finished by a full ruche of crape, and the interior decorated with a damask rose on each side. Yellow ribbon and a sprig of roses adorn the exterior.

India muslin robe. A high corsage and bishop's sleeve. The skirt is trimmed down one side, and round the border with embroidery, which is edged with a fall of lace. Shawl mantelet of lavender pou de soie; it is of moderate size, rounded behind, made with a pelerine lappel, and trimmed all round with a triple row of bouillonnie. Pea-green gros d'Afrique bonnet. A round open brim, full trimmed at the sides with lace, a drapery of which intermingled with flowers adorns the crown; knots and brides of pea green ribbon complete the trimming.

eafrclfctng; fflressi.

India muslin robe; the skirt trimmed with a single flounce, embroidered round the border. Half-high corsage, and demi large sleeve. Mantelet of green pou de soie; it is of a large size, trimmed with a deep robing down the front, and disposed in folds which form a cwur on the bosom, they are terminated by a knot of ribbon. The round of the mantelet, as well as the robing, is trimmed with antique black lace set on very full. Lavender crape bonnet; a round open brim ; the interior trimmed at the sides with white lace set on very full: the exterior is decorated with ribbon. A lace demi voile, and a bouquet of fancy feathers.

ISuuItc ^romsnatte fflreAS.

Green gros d'ete robe. The corsage half-high, and tight to the shape, wraps a little to one side, and is trimmed with a fall of lace set on full. Demi large sleeve; the top trimmed with bouillonne6. Three flounce?, pinked at the edge, encircle the border. Straw-coloured crape bonnet; a round and very open brim; the interior trimmed with flowers; an ornament of the willow kind, but formed of flowers adorns the exterior.

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