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Ta meeting of the Standing Committee of the Old South Society, held July 1st, 1861, it was stated that the twenty-eighth of September next would complete a quarter of a century since the Installation of Rev. GEORGE W. BLAGDEN, D. D., as Pastor of the Old South Church and Society; and a suggestion was added, of the propriety of observing, in a fitting manner, so interesting an occasion.

In conformity with this suggestion, the Standing Committee appointed a sub-committee of its own number, to act in connection with such persons as the church might appoint, in making arrangements for the celebration of the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of Dr. Blagden's settlement.

At a meeting of the church, held the same week, a similar committee was appointed; and on the 22d of August, the joint Committee of Arrangements met, and organized by the choice of Deacon Charles Stoddard as chairman, and Dr. George F. Bigelow as secretary.

It was voted, that the celebration take place in the Old South Church, on Monday evening, September 30th.

It was also voted, that Dr. Blagden be requested to invite the six young clergymen, children of the Old South Church, to be present, and to participate in the anniversary exercises.

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N Monday evening, September thirtieth, the time appointed for the Anniversary exercises, a large audience, composed of the members of the Old South Church and Society, and invited guests, assembled in the Old South Meetinghouse.

Deacon Charles Stoddard, the Chairman of the Anniversary Committee, presided on the occasion.

The exercises were opened with prayer by Rev. William Jenks, D. D.

The following Ode was then sung, which was written for the occasion by a daughter of the Old South, formerly Miss Charlotte A. Johnson, and now wife of the Rev. James H. Means, of Dorchester:

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