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we have them ; with pain when we leave them; and with grief when they leave us : at best they are but fickly dying friends : scarcely have we seen them, when they give up the ghost; they perish in our fond embrace, and leave a throbbing heart. How quickly the rich sons of wealth flow down the Areams of false enchanting joy, into a lasting ruin! How fast the flowing spring of youth issues in the ardent fummer of mid life ! next their half-fober autumn fades into age ; and pale wintery death concludes the scene. Where now their empty dreams of greatness! their longing after fame! their restless cares their busy bustling nights and days! their gay-fpent fathionable nights ! their veering thoughts between good and ill! their sparkling eyes! their charming tongue! their round of merriment and whim! How often these dreamers of the earth are but an idle blank, an useless load! nay, worse, how often they all day long in sordid pleasures roll, and launch into the deeps of riot and extravagance ! how often they squander on their scoundrel irain, what might have chcered an helpless family!

-How of ten death crowns their midnight bowl, and laughs at them who laugh at him!-Our inheritance is not as theirs our enemiss themselves being judges : Jefus, the alone portion of my cup, and my inheritance for cver, is ever, is universally sweet and charming: how infinitely glorious, firm, and commodious, is the Lord, my habitation ! what ravishing prospect of eternity, pait and future! what transporting views of God as love! what wholesome air of divine influ. ence! what broad river of life have I in him! what. cver I can see is mine own; and I enjoy it all in Gon. Nor llall death, nor life, nor any other crea. ture, be ever able to separate me from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus my Lord. Say then, my soul, would I exchange my property with this

nobleman's ?

nobleman's ? or even with ten thousand worlds ? No, they should " be utterly contemned; the lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; I have a goodly heritage.” I am JEHOVAH's; and JEHOVAH is mine ; my God, and mine all.

“ Here the beggar accolts me; had I appeared as himfell, he had asked nothing : but now he un

covers, he cringeth, he cries for relicf.” Lord, let me never ask help from the creatures which are as poor, as dependent, as myself; but with humility, with carnestnefs, let me address thee, my great ALL, for the fupply of all my wants; thy liberal foulde. viseth liberal things, and by liberal things shall thy fame for ever fand. “ Mark how he discovers his ailment "to move my pity!” Let me confess my trespasses anto the Lord, bewail my fins and plagues before him, that he may graciously look upon me, forgive my guilt, and heal my malady. “Ah, how tattered " and nasty the unhappy wretch!" “ Mischicvous wafter, fin, what halt thou done to thy votarics Alas! I am all as an unclean thing, and my right. teousness as filthy rags.” “ He is a wicked fellow; "he lightly mentions my great Maker's name; there"fore I'll give him, nothing." Stop, my soul, wha! if God should fo deal with thee? Did not Jesus die for the ungodly? did he not give himself for, and to, ME, the chief of linners ? --Canst thou pretend to be & Chriftian, and yet refuse to imitate him? “But let " others who are richer give.” Foolish heart, is not this poor man a collector of JEHOVAH's revenues ?... Owe I nothing to my Lord? owe I not my soul, my all, to him ? is it not of his mercy, that I am not in the very case of this wretch ?... What if I or my secd, should be so reduced! How often have I observed, that a penny kept back from the Lord, hath been a pound kept out of mens way!:-Is it not with the I 2


merciful, that God will fhew himself merciful! Doth not be that giueth to the poor, lend to the Lord, who will repay it with usury !..-Let me therefore, according to my ability, and from love to Jesus, grant this man relief. But have I nothing to be Itow for the benefit of his soul ? shall his belly bless. me, and his soul for ever curfe me, that I would iiot bestow a sentence of spiritual admonition upon him?

“ HERE the sagacious cur comes, leading his “ blind master; how he guides him about the mire, " and directs him to the door!” Mother of all living, how hath thy harkening to a ferpent, blinded and degraded thine offspring! how many of them are led by beastly lufts, by beastly companions, or careless teachers, who lcad them into everlasting wo!

O the fagacity of this animal! What then the wisdom of him who maketh matter fo fagacious! who maketh us wifer than the fowls of heaven, and bearts of the earth! that can charge his angels with folly ! --Behold, my soul, how this poor man trusts his life to his cur ; and blush deep, that, times with: out number, thou haft refused to trust thy God with things of smaller import.--O Jefus, how often have blind I refused to be led by thee, in the way which I knew not.

« HERE a band of foldiers march to the war: perhaps having lost leg or arın, in the fervice of their

country, they will be fet adrift to beg their bread.” Pu:fue and court the world as we please, it will pr ve ungrateful : But, generous Mediator, if on :e. I truly enlift under thy banner, to fight with fin, Satan, and the world, thou wilt never caft me off ; but arın, protect, feed clothe, bear, and carry me; bind up my wounds ; cxalt me to thy throne;


and give me a crown of life.--- let me therefore, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ, endure hardness, excercile courage, and itudy faithfulness f. “ Yonder their “ wives, or perhaps their harlots, follow them.” Silly women, they have doubtless heard or seen the wretched case of others, who took that course.before; yet how cheerfully they now pursue it themfelves ! Lord Jesus, how gladly will sinners follow ay but thee ! Too probably, many of these womens connection hath begun in folly and luft; shall it not end in misery and wo $? fin may be sweet in the mouth; but bitter in the belly : pleasant in acting ; but awful, to endure the stings of conscience, or the Fengeance of hell for it.

“ HER'E they drive home the winter coal."-Doth God bid his earth empty her bowels, to warm his enemies, whose just portion is eternal fire ?-Did he send his Son from his bosom, to save us? Did Jesus cmpty his heart of precious life, that I might be for cver comforted with his love? -Let me then trca.: fure up his promises, and kind providences, in my beart, to warñ it in the cold winter of affliétion and death. « Here the unmerciful driver adds himself

to the burden of the weary beast.” Little do many think, that they must answer to God for the abuse of his creatures. How often when I have been laden with outward trouble, dark defertion, and deep challenges of conscience, hath Satan burdened me with his horrid temptations ? and the more Iyield. ed the more, he abused mę.-Lord free me from his hands, cruel and unjuit. “Now I meet a company. “of our younggontry: how blooming their features! “how sparkling thcireyes! how cheerful their looks!"

# Tim, iv. 89-and ii. 3. Prov. il, 26,190

Let no created beauty inchant me: how much fairer: is my Chrift, the brightnefs of the Father's glory, that made them such ! Here is a face of comeliness, with inward parts filled with all unrighteousness; perhaps a face of joy, and heart of pain. “ How high their “ heads! what levity shines in their countenance ! “ what contemptuous pride fits brooding in their glance ! how loud their peals of laughter !" What monsters had they been reckoned, if God had formed them with fuch heads! I fear their heads and hearts are too high for Jesus Christ, and his falvation; though not too high for death or hell. I wish the Lord know them not a far off : is not the proud look an abomination to him ? Do not fools always affect to be on the laughing fide ?- But shall they stand in God's fight? Can thefe fons and daughters of gaiety, inchant the king of terrors ? Can they command respect from the ill-bred vermine of the grave ? Can finery bribe the angry judge ? Can honoured blood quench the flames of hell? Can beauty charm a rovfed conscience, or a tormenting fiend?“Ah, " how they lard their speech with horrid oaths." Are they obliged to talk blafphemy, for want of fenfe to speak any thing else? Have they finifhed their e. ducation in Tophet? or are thy fond of an eternity there, that they are already adepts in the language of it? Friends, how my bowels yearns towards you ! how I pity your cafe? Is nothing bafer than your Maker's name, to make a bye-word of? Is Satan your principal friend, the darling of your heart, that ke dwells so much on your tongue? Is nothing more fweet than damnation, which you fo often imprecate? - Why, with such intermixture, render your converse stupid and unmannerly Why, without either profit or pleasure, do things whereof yo shall be afhamed Hath not your Maker, your Judge, folcmnly charged you, " Thou fhalt not take the


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