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rance? Have not I been blessed and challised, finil. tun and smiled upon, by providence; and yet ilill an outrageous enemy to God, a Nagrant rebel, fill? Have not I hardened myself, both by mercies and judgments ; made my heart, my “face, harder than a rock, and refused to return?” What dross have I gathered even in the hot furnace of my late aílica tion! What a precious season of grace, a concur. rent time of youth, trouble, and of the striving of God's Spirit, have I irrecoverably lost!

“ The clock strikes five.” It is the knell of my departed hours; it informs me, that fixty more minutes of my time are departed from ine ; gone to the judgment-feat of God, to bear witness against my floth and wickedness : Alas! how many millions haul before pofled thither, on the same errand ? Now my time is shorter; and yet my work of preparation for eternity is, by my coun: less crimes, larger than ever. " Though the slumbers of the night have flopt my "hearing of the lours, yet neither the clock, nor " time her foundation, have a moment retarded their « course." Are there no midnight slumbers of time? Alas! in this state, whether I Nept, or waked, now of a long time my judgment lingereth not, and my damnation lumbereth not to “ Hark, the morning “bell rings, to roufe mortals from their lazy couch.” Presage this, to me, of the mighty angel's uttering his awful voice, and swearing that time shall be no longer :" memorial to me, of the great archangel's fummoning me up from the grave, to receive the just fentence of my eternal damnation. Make it, my foul, a present alarm, to cause me halten to escape for my

life ; and tarry no where in the plain of a natural state, left I be consumed. Oh that I knew what to da to be saved !

+2 Pet. ii. 3.

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« Now

“Now I have got up from my bed; hard and uneasy have I lien on it.” Is this a prelude of an uneasy, an eternal bed of flaming fire in hell for me ; who, instead of lying with Jesus, in his bed of everlasting love, on his green bed of the well-ordered, ever-pleasant, and flourishing new covenant, have all my life lien in the arms of a fiery, law, and a deceiving devil f? How unwillingly doth this polluted, this natural bed, fo long bear her corrupt burden, an enemy to God! How often would she have gladly cleft in twain, to drop me quick into infernal fames ! How astonishing, that the patience, of an abufed, an angry God, ihould so long bear with me! “ Now the foles of my feet, and no more stand upon,

or touch the ground.” But, woes me, the earth, the world, fills my heart and is fixed in it ; there it is touched, loved, chofen, and delighted in, as my God and portion 1- The Spirit of life from God never entered into me, to make me stand on my feet, ready to walk in his way ; never made me stand on Jesus' righteousness, that fea of glass mingled with fire, before the throne of God.

“ My clothes are put on, and the nakedness of my body is covered.” But the filthy nakedness of my foul ftill appears : never did I put on the Lord Jesus for righteousness and strength; never did I put on the new man of a holy nature ; never was I clothed with humility, but am wrapt in filthy rags of felf-righteousness, abominable corruptions, and fearful curses. Who knows, how foon I may be dragged out of life; dragged from the grave to the judgment-feat of Christ in this condition ; and driven from his bar clothed with shame, confufion, and curses ; to be set up an everlasting spectacle of wickedness and wo, to angels and men ! Oh! it is heartlefs work to adorn a dung† Song i, 16, and iij. 7, 8. Joho v. 19.

hill body and deck it for eternal fire! Clothes, you monuments of my sin, had I never tranfgressed a. gainst God, I had never needed, never worn you : memorials of my meanness, what are you, but the offspring of the dung-hill, the old castings of the frock, or the excrements of the filk-worm? Why then should I be proud of you.? Why adore you, as my God? Why make you my great care and honour? How often; within these twelve years, have I chan. ged my clothes! but never my lins, my cursed evil heart of unbelief!.

“Now I have read a portion of God's word, and " said my prayers.”

Alas! I have but SAID, not from the heart poured forth, iny prayer : and since " I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me: my facrifice is an abomination to him ;" how much more when I bring it with this wicked heart? I have set up the stumbling block of beloved lufts in my heart, and of monstrous deeds in my life; therefore shall the Lord wrathfully answer me by bimself. I wash myself. Unhappy hands, and head; to little purpose, and with small pleasure, do I iwash you, for unceasing wo, for endless fire'; while my inward parts remain filled with all unrighteousness, uncleanness, pride, deceit, debate, malignity, hatred of God, and every other abominable luft! Corrupt heart, wilt thou not be made clean? when Mall it oncez be? How long, by attempts to felf-righteousness, fhall I wash myself into deeper ftains, greater filth! I can neither perform self-righteousness, nor fice from it. Oh! Jesus, canst thou not wash me in thy blood, that cleanseth from all fin?

« My mirror, thou shewest me a youthful countenance, sparkling eyes, and rosy cheeks.' But beauty. is vain : quickly shall these eye-holes - be the


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beaten path of noisome vermine : quickly fall the lothsome worm crawl, lodge, and feed upon these lovely cheeks: then shall


comelinefs be turned into corruption.”—Unhappy face ! how have I esteemed and looked at thee more than at JEHOVAH's countenance, and the brightness of his glory; and as my reward, muft the abominable infeet, the flames of Tophet, and the inward anguish of my soul, hereafter deform thee? “ My countenance falls.” No wonder: I am condemned to have


everlasting portion with the devil and his angels; “He that believeth not, is condemned already; and the wrath of God abideth on him.” Already I feel myself in the case of Cain ; the Lord hath no respect to me, or to mine offsprings : already I am under his curse, driven out from the prefence of the Lord.

often have I examined the fkin of my face, and “ adjusted my hair and mine apparel, in this glass.” But have I ever examined the fate and frame of

my heart, and the course of my life, and adjusted these by the mirror of the divine word; the holy law of the most high God ? If I had, ah! what an awful and abominable appearance should I make to myself?

Alas ! I never beheld the glory of the Lord Jesus, in the gospel-glass, to be changed into the same image, from glory to glory, as by the Spirit of the Lord.” Ah ! how death and hell will bring down my welldressed head, and stain all my raiment. “ This medicinal juice of herbs, I drink for my health ; how bitter ; but useful!" Happy they, who drink the bittereft convi&ions, the bittereft cups of tribulation, for the healing of their soul! But woes me, I never drank the healing juice of the Plant of Renown, to make me whole unto salvation.-IC I remain in this cursed, this Christless state, what avails it, whether my body die or live? The sooner I go to hell, I shall go with the less guilt; and the more quickly know


the extent of my future misery: If my days are lengthened, I but ripen myself for deeper damnation, -Alas!“ is mine iniquity greater than it can be forgiven ?” Doth my unparalleled guilt confine the choice of God !-of INFINITE LOVE, to wrath alone ? Better I had never been born ; or had been formed a toad, or a serpent; that I might have been huddled up in everlasting forgetfulness. But I have been made for the day of evil. Ah Stop, my racked, my grieved soul ! righteous is the Lord, and righteous are his judgments, though this moment I should descend to the pit.-Oh! may not I, with the forcerer, pray God, if PERHAPS the thoughts of my heart may be forgiven me ? - IT MAY BE the Lord will be gracious.”

“ I sit down to breakfast.” Surprising, that God gives me a crumb of bread to eat, or a drop of water to quench my thirst! But, alas ! though it is a blessing in itself, it is cursed already, because I lay not to heart the one thing needful: my provision is but the food of the condemned ; it fattens me for the slaughter of eternal wrath. How often, how plentifully, have I nourished my body, but never, never tafted of the bread which came down from heaven? Is not this to live as a bealt; a devil ?

“ Now the worship of our family hath been ef" fayed.” But how can they prosper, how can their prayers be heard, while such an Achan, a Beelzebub, is among them? Alas! I am an offence to God, a curse, a plague to all around me !

“ WITHOUT staff, or horse, I depart from this " house." Oh house! so often polluted with my filth! so often witness to my guilt ! how gladly Wouldst thou crush me in thy ruins, and


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