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Toppan Presb. aes.



To His GRACE the

Primate of IRELAND


0.34 Braun

May it please your GRACE,
TAKE this occasion, as I

shall every other, of publicly avowing the honour I bear you : although with little advantage to you, or distinction to myself; unless merely in the manner of profelling that veneration and esteem, which is borne you, alike, by every man of this nation; where you are justly considered as a public parent, equally loved and honoured. How well you are intitled to this appellation, will fufficiently appear, when it is

remembred, that to you, under GOD, this nation owes the main support of her Poor, in their late general calaipity. The famine was far extended, and the mortality begun, when your unexampled and unbounded charity, like the sacred censer in the hand, of Aaron, interposed between the living and the dead, and the plague was stayed.

THE present age sufficiently acknowledge this, and pofterity will know it, without the aid of this anonymous and short-lived letter; and perhaps may learn from this, and other coeval (tho less eminent) instances, that wealth is sometiines more useful in the hands of the clergy, than some of their lay-brethren have always been willing to allow. It


[v] inay prove an occasion of letting their own equal inquiries inform them, in what hands it is more virțuously or honourably imployed, in the prosperous days of the cominu, nity; or with more public spirit, and Christian beneficence, in those of its distress. Yours, my Lord, was then confessedly a public Fund, a pure and falutary fountain, from whence all that thirsted might draw and drink; and did fo, by inany thousands à day; to the saving of such a multitude of liyes, as will be utterly incredible with pofterity.

MAY the Providence of GOD, (clearly seen in your advancement to this high ftätion) that Providence, which hath remarkably blessed you with very uncommon vigour, both of body and mind, to

this advanced age, long continue both to you, and you to us! And may you conclude your blessed life, as you have led it, after the example of your LORD and SAVIOUR, doing good!

This end, and this example, we all should have in view, in all our purposes, as, Į trust in GOD, the author of this book had, both in publishing it to the world, and inscribing it to you; for in truth, he expects no addition, either of honour or interest, to him, from thisunauthentic proof of his being, with the truest veneration and efteein,


Moft dutiful, and most obedient,

humble Servant.


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