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30. Which when the Brethren knew, they brought him down to Cesarea, and sent him forth to Tarsus.

31. Then had the Churches Rest throughout all Fudea, and Galilee, and Samaria, and were edified, and walking in the Fear of the Lord, and in the COMFORT of the Holy Ghost, were multiplied.

32. And it came to pass, as Peter passed through all Quarters, he came down also to the Saints which dwelt at Lydda.

33. And there he found a certain Man named Eneas, which had kept his Bed eight Years, and was sick of the Palsy.

34. And Peter said unto him, Eneas, Fesus Christ maketh thee whole : arise, and make thy Bed. And he arofe immediately.

35. And all that dwelt at Lydda, and Saron, saw him, and turned to the Lord.

36. Now there was at hoppa a certain Disciple named Tabitha, which by Interpretation is called Dorcas : This Woman was full of good Works, and Alms-deeds which The did.

37. And it came to pass in those Days that she was fick, and died : Whom when they had washed, they laid her in an upper Chamber.

38. And forasmuch as Lydda was nigh to Foppa, and the Disciples had heard that Peter was there, they fent unto him iwo Men, defiring him that he would not delay to come to them.

39. Then Peter arose, and went with them. When he was come, they brought him into the upper Chamber : And all the Widows itood by him weeping, and Shewing the Coats and Garments which Dorcas made while the was with them.

40. But Peter put them all forth, and kneeled down and prayed; and turning him to the Body, said, Tabitha, ARISE : And the opened her Eyes: and when she saw Peter, the fat up.

41. And he gave her his Hand, and lift her up; and when he had called the Saints and Widows, presented her alire.

42. And it was known throughout all Foppa; and many believed in the Lord.

43. And it came to pass, that he tarried many Days in Foppa, with one Simoii a Tanner.

C H A P. C H A P. X.

Cornelius, an Officer in the Roman Army, a devout Man,

5. being commanded by an Angel, sendeth for Peter: 11. Who by a Vision, 15, 20. is taught not to despise the Gentiles. 34. As he preacherh CHRIST to Cor. nelius and his Company, the Holy Ghost falleth on them, 48. and they are baptized.

Ver. 1. 1.THere

Here was a cer. Prophecies in the Old Tes

tain Man in Ce- TAMENT, relating to tre Sarea, called Cornelius, a CALLING and CONVERCENTURION of the Band SION of the Gentiles, and called the Italian Band. the Completion thereof ;

2. A DEVOUT Man, and as appears by the History one that feared God with all of the Acts, and the Ehis House; which gave much Piftles of the APOSTLES. Alms to the People, and PRAYED to God alway.


ND the Angel of the

xxlichs. A 3. He saw in a VISION braham out of Heaven the 1econd evidently about the ninth time, Hour of the Day, an Angel 16. And said, By my self have I of God coming into him, and sworn, faith the Lord, for because

thou hait done this Thing, and hat saying unto him, Cornelius. not wITHAELD thy Son, thine

4. And when he looked on ONLY SON": him, he was afraid, and said, thee, and in Maltiplying I will

17. That in Blessing I will bless

, What is it, Lord ? And he multiply thy Seed as the Stars of the said unto him, Thy PRAY- Heaven, and as the Sand which is ERS and thine Aims are upon the Sea-shore ; and thy Seed for a MEMORIAL mies;

shall poffefs the Gate of his Encbefore God.

18. And in thy SEED shall Al! 5. And now send Men to the Nations of the EARTH Foppa, and call for one Si- ed my Voice.


BLESSED : because thou hait ubermon, whose firname is Pe

Chap. xlix. 10. The SCEPTRS ter:

shall not depart from Judab, nor a 6. He lodgech with one until SHILOh come, and unto hin

Law-giver from between his feet, Simon a Tanner, whose House Mall the GATHERING of the Peois by the Sca fide : He shall PLE be. tell thee what thou oughteit ed me to Jealousy with that which

Deut. xxxii. 21. They have mor. to do.

is not God, they have provoked me 7. And when the Ancel to Anger with their Vanities : in which spake unto Cornelius

I will move them to Jealousy with

those which are not a PEOPLE, I was departed, he called cwo will provoke them to Anger with of Foolish Nation.


come up

of his Houshold Servants,

Psal. ii. 8. Ask of me, and I Mall and a devout SOLDIER of give thee the Heathen for thing

INHERITANCE, and the UTTERthem that waited on him most parts of the Earth for thy continually.

POSSESSION. 8. And when he had de- Ps. xxii. 27. All the ENDS of

the WORLD shall remember and clared all these Things unto TURN unto the Lord : and all the them, he sent them to Fop- KINDREDS of the Nations shall pa.

WORSHIP before thee.

28. For the KINGDOM is the 9. On the Morrow as they Lord's : and he is the GovERNOUR went on their journey, and among the NATIONS. drew nigh unto the City, Pe

29. All they that be fat upon

Earth, shall eat and WORSHIP : ter went up upon the House- All they that go down to the Dust, top to PRAY, about the sixth shall bow before him, and none Hour.

can keep ALIVE his own Soul, 10. And he became very thall be accounted to the Lord'for

30. A SEED shall serve him, it hungry, and would have eat- a GENERATION. en : But while they made 31. They shall come, and shall

declare his RIGHTEOUSNESS unto ready, he fell into a Trance,

a People that shall be born, that he ii. And saw HEAVEN hath done this. OPENED, and a certain Ves- Ps. lxxii. 7. In his Days fhall the sel descending unto him, as bundance of PEACE, so long as the

RIGHTEOUS FLOURISH : and Ait had been a great Sheet, Moon endureth. knit at the four Corners, and 8. He shall have DOMINION allet down to the Earth :

so from Sea to Sea, and from the

River unto the Ends of the Earth. 12. Wherein were all man

9. They that dwell in the Wilner of four-footed Beasts of DERNESS shall bow before him. the Earth, and wild Beasts, PS. cii. is. The Heathen shall

fear the Naine of the Lord, and all and creeping Things, and the Kings of the Earth thy GLOFowls of the Air. 13. And there came

Ifai. ii. 2. And it shall come to Voice to him, Rife, Peter; main of the Lord's

House shall be

pass in the last Days, thac the Mounkill and eat.

established in the Top of the Moun. 14. But Peter said, Not tains, and shall be exalted above the so, Lord; for I have never

Hills; and all Nations shall

Aow unto it. eaten any thing that is com

3. And many PEOPLE shall go mon or unclean.

and say, Come ye, and let us go 15. And the Voice spake the House of the God of Jacob, and

up to the Mountain of the Lord, io unto him again the second he will teach us of his Ways, time, What God hath cleanf- and we will walk in his paths; for ed, that call not thou com- out of Zion thall go forth the Law,

and the Word of the Lord from mon.

Jerufal.m. See Micah iv. 1. 16. This was done thrice: Chap. xi. 10. And in that Day and the Vefsel was received there hall be a Roor of Jese,



which Mall stand for an Ensign of up again into Heaven.

che People ; to it shall the Genilles

Fff seck,

17. Now

17. Now while Peter seek, and his Rest Inall be gio

rious. doubted in himself what

Chap. xviii. 7. In that Time hali this Vision which he had the present be brought unto the feen should mean ; behold, Lord of Hofts, of a People fratterthe Men which were sent

ed and peeled, and from a PEOPLE

terrible from their Beginning hifrom Cornelius, had made therto ; a Nation meted out, and Inquiry for Simon's House, troden under Foot, whose Land the and stood before the Gate,

Rivers have spoiled, to the Place

of the Name of the Lord of Horts, 18. And called, and ask- the Mount Zion. ed whether Simon which was Chap. xlii. 1. Behold my Scifirnamed Peter, were lodg. in whom my soul delighteth : !

vant whom I uphold, mine Elet ed there.

have put my spirit npon him, be 19. While Peter thought firall bring forth Judgment to the on the Vifion, the Spirit Geniles, faid unto him, Behold, three Righteoulness, and will hold chine

6. I the Lord have called thee in Men feck thce.

Hand, and will keep thee, and give :: 20. Arile therefore, and thee for a CovENANT of the Peoget thee down, and go with ple, for a Light of the Gorriles.

Chap. xlix 6. I will also give them, doubting nothing : thee for a Light to the Geiles, for I have sent them. that thou mayit be my SALVATION,

unto the Ends of the Earh. 21. Then Peter


7. Thus faith the Lord the Redown to the Meo which were DEEMER of Israel, and his HOLY fent unto him from Corncli- ONE, To him whom Man despréus; and said, Behold, I am horretn, to a Servant of Rulers,

eth, to him whom the Nation abhe whom ye seek ; what is Kings shall see and arile, Priness the Cause wherefore ye are also shall worship, becaute of the come ?

Lord that is taithful, and the holy 22. And they said, Corne- thee.

One of Israel, and he shall chooit lins the Centurion, a JUST

Chap. lii. ?. How beautiful upon Man, and one that réAR- the Mountains are the feet of him

that bringerh GooV TIDINGS, shat Etu Ged, and of good Re: publisheth Peace, that bringeth good port among all the Nation Tidings of Good, that pablishech of the fetes, was WARNED. SALVATION, that faith unto sim,

TưY Gop REIGNETH : from God by an HOLY AN

10. The Lord hath made bare his GEL, to fend for thee into holy Arm in the Eyes of all the his House, and to hear Words Nations, and all the Ends of the of thee.

Earth shall see the SALVATION

of our God. 23. Then called he them

Chap. lv. s. Behold, thou shalt in, and lodged them. And call a Nation that thuu knoweit on the Morrow Peter went not, and Nations that knew not

thee, shall run unto thee, because of away with them, and cer- the Lord thy God, and for the holy tain Brethren trom foppa One of Israel; tor he hath GLORIaccompanied him.

FIED thee. 24. And the Morrow after Thall thy LIGHT, and

Chap. lx. 3. And the Gostiles they


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they entred into Cefared: Kings to the Brightness of thy

RISING and Cornelius waited for

Lift up thine Eyes round athem, and had called toge- bout, and fee ;all they gather theme ther his Kinsmen and selves together, they come to thee, Friends.

thy Sons shall come from Far, and

thy Daughters shall be NURSED AT 25. And as Peter was thy Side. coming in, Cornelius met ś. Then thou shalt see and flow him, and fell down at his together, and thine Heart shall scar,

and be enlarged, because the AFeet, and worshipped him. BUNDANCE of the Sea shall be

26. But Peter took him CONVERTED unto chce, the FORup, saying, Stand up; I my on thee.

ces of the Gextiles shall come upself also am a Man.

Chap. xii. 1. For Zion's fake 27. And as he talked with will I not hold my Peace, and for him, he went in, and found Jerusalem's sake I will not reft

, un

til the RIGHTEOUSNESS thereof many that were some toge- go forth as Brightness, and the ther.

SALVATION thereof as a Lamp that 28. And he said unto


2. And the Gentiles shall see thy them, Ye know how that it RIGHTEOUSNESS, and all Kings is an unlawful Thing for a thy GLORY : and thou shalt be calMan that is a few, to keep led by a new Name, which the

Mouth of the Lord shall name. company, or come unto one

Chap. Ixv. 1. I am sought of of another Nation : But them that asked not for me : I am God hath shewed me, that found of them that sought me not:

I faid, Behold me, behold me, unto I should not call any Man

a Nation that was not called by common or unclean. 29.

Therefore came I un- Zeph. ii. 11. The Lord will be to you without gainsaying, familh all the Gods of the EARTH,

terrible unto them: tor he will as soon as I was sent for : and Men shall WORSHIP him, eveI ask therefore for what In- ry one from his Place, even all the

Mes of the Heathen. tent ye have sent for me? 30. And Cornelius said, Nations, and the DESIRE of all

Haggai ii, 7: will SHAKE all Four Days ago I was FAST- Nations shall come, and I will FILL ING until this Hour, and at this House with GLORY, faith the

Lord of Hofts. the ninth Hour I PRAYED Zech. ii. 10. Sing and rejuice, O in my House, and behold, a Daughter of Zion: for jo, I come, Man ftood before me in and I will dwell in the midst of

thee, faith the Lord. BRIGHT CLOATHING,

1. And MANY NATIONS Tall 31. And said, Cornelius, be joined to the Lord in that Day, thy PRAYER IS HEARD, and and shall be my People: And I will thine Alms are had in re- thalt know that the Lord of Horts

dwell in the midst of thee, and thou membrance in the Sight of hath sent me unto thee. God.

Mal. i. II. For from the Rifing 32. Send therefore to Fop- down of the fame, my Name, fhall

of the Sun even unto the Going pa, and call hither Simon be GREAT among the Gentiles, and


Fff 2


my Name.

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