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information concerning phases of modern Egyptian life which have now passed away. Every effort has been made to bring the work up to date, and the reader will find in their proper places the principal facts concerning the recent Tabah and Denshawâi incidents duly noted.

In former editions of this work descriptions were given of the principal antiquities which were exhibited in the rooms of the Egyptian Museum at Gizah, but the frequent rearrangement of the collections made useless all attempts to indicate the places in which they were to be found. Now that the antiquities have been removed and arranged in the new Egyptian Museum at Cairo, and Professor Maspero has written and published an account of the collection under his charge, it is unnecessary to do more than to refer the reader to the official “ Guide to the Cairo Museum.” For the convenience, however, of those who are interested in the history of the National Egyptian Collection of Egypt, and of those who purchase small antiquities in the Museum, the general archæological and other notes which appeared in former editions of “ The Nile ” have been reprinted.


British Museum,

Siplember 23, 1906.

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