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understand more than the Ancients, be104 cause I keep thy Precepts. -Through thy Precepts I get Understanding, therefore I hate every false way.

cxxxi. 1.

Lord, my Heart is not haughty, nor mine Eyes lofty; neither do I exercise my felf in great Matters, or in Things too high for me.

The Lord giveth Wisdom: Out of his Mouth cometh Knowledge and Underftanding.

Truft in the Lord with all thine Heart,
and lean not to thine own Understanding:
In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he
fhall direct thy Paths.

The Froward is Abomination to the
Lord: But his Secret is with the Righ



iii. 5, 6.

V. 32.



: God giveth to a Man that is good in
his Sight, Wifdom, and Knowledge, and

jii. 1.

God hath made every Thing Beautiful in his Time: Alfo he hath fet the World in their Heart; fo that no Man can find out the Work that God maketh, from the Beginning to the End.

Then I beheld all the Work of God, viii. 17. that a Man cannot find out the Work that is done under the Sun; because though a Man labour to feek it out, yet he thall not find it: Yea further, though a wife


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Man think to know it, yet shall he not be able to find it.

As for these Four Children, God gave Dan. i.17, them Knowledge and Skill in all Learning and Wisdom.

None of the Wicked fhall understand, xii. 10s but the Wife fhall understand.


Who is wife, and he fhall understand Hof. xiv.' thefe Things; prudent, and he shall know 9. them? For the ways of the Lord are right, and the Juft fhall walk in them; but the Tranfgreffors fhall fall therein.


And the Angel that was fent unto me, 2 Efd. iv. whofe Name was Uriel, gave me an An 1, 2. fwer, and faid, Thy Heart hath gone too far in this World: And thinkeft thou to comprehend the Way of the moft High?

He faid moreover unto me; Thine own v. 10, 1 Things, and fuch as are grown up with thee, canft thou not know; how should thy Véllel then be able to comprehend the way of the Highest?

They that dwell upon the Earth may v. 21. understand nothing but that which is upon the Earth: And he that dwelleth above the Heavens, may only understand the Things that are above the height of the Heavens, &c.

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Wifd. i. 41 &c.

ii. 21.

V. 22.

vii. 7.

V, 15, 16.

viii. 21.

Into a malicious Soul Wisdom fhall not enter, nor dwell in the Body that is subject unto Sin, &c.

Their own Wickedness hath blinded them.

As for the Mysteries of God, they know them not.

Wherefore I prayed, and Underftanding was given me: I called upon God, and the Spirit of Wisdom came to


It is God that leadeth unto Wisdom, and directeth the Wife. For in his Hand are both we and our Words; all Wisdom alfo, and Knowledge of Workmanship.

ix. 4, 5,6.

When I perceived that I could not otherwife obtain Wisdom, except God gave her me; (and that was a point of Wisdom alfo, to know whofe Gift fhe was,) I prayed unto the Lord, and befought him, and with my whole Heart I faid:

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Give me Wisdom that fitteth by thy Throne, and reject me not from among thy Children. For I thy Servant, and. Son of thine Handmaid, am a feeble Perfon, and of a short Time, and too young for the Understanding of Judgment and Laws. For though a Man benever fo perfect among the Children of Men, yet


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yet if thy Wisdom be not with him, he fhall be nothing regarded,

Hardly do we guefs aright at Things v. 16. that are upon Earth; and with Labour do we find the Things that are before us: But the Things that are in Heaven who hath fearched out?

All Wifdom cometh from the Lord, Eccluf. i. and is with him for ever. She is 1. with all Flesh according to his Gift; and V. 10. he hath given her to them that love


If thou defire Wisdom, keep the Com- v. 26, 27. mandments, and the Lord fhall give her unto thee. For the Fear of the Lord is Wisdom and Inftruction; and Faith and Meekness are his Delight.


Mysteries are revealed unto the Meek iii. 19,21, Seek not out the Things that are too hard for thee; neither fearch the Things that are above thy Strength. But what is commanded thee think thereupon with Reverence: For it is not needful for thee to fee the Things that are in Secret.

Let thy Mind be upon the Ordinances vi. 37. of the Lord, and meditate continually in his Commandments. He fhall establish thine Heart, and give thee Wisdom at thine own Defire.


Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understand- xi. 15, 16. ing of the Law, are of the Lord. Love,


XV.7, 8.


xxi. 11.

xxxix. 24.

xliii. 33.

John vii. 17.

Rom. xi.


Jam, i. 5.


and the way of good Works, are from him.
Error and Darkness had their Beginning
together with Sinners.

Foolish Men fhall not attain unto
Wisdom; and Sinners fhall not see her.
For fhe is far from Pride; and Men that are
Lyars cannot remember her.

He that keepeth the Law of the Lord
getteth the Understanding thereof; and
the Perfection of the Fear of the Lord is

As his Ways are plain unto the Holy,
fo are they Stumbling-blocks unto the

The Lord hath made all Things, and
to the Godly hath he given Wisdom.
If Man will do his Will, he fhall
know of the Doctrine whether it be
of God, or whether I fpeak of my

O the Depth of the Riches both of the
Wisdom and Knowledge of God! How
unfearchable are his Judgments, and his
Ways paft finding out!

If any of you lack Wisdom, let him
ask of God, that giveth to all Men libe-
rally, and upbraideth not, and it fhall
be given him.
-Every good Gift,
and every perfect Gift, is from Above,
and cometh down from the Father of


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