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NO TE S. by no means to be understood as a reflection on the Laws themselves; whose necessity, equity, and even lenity have been excellently well vindicated in that very learned and elegant Discourse, intitled, Some Considerations on the Law of Forfeiture for High Treason. Third Edition, London, 1748.

VER. ult.--curses God and dies.] i.e. Fell under the temptations; alluding to the story of Job, referred to above.

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Of the Use of RICHES. The Vanity of Expence in People of Wealth and Quality.

The abuse of the word Taste, Ver. 13. That the first principle and foundation in this, as in every other thing else, is Good Sense, Ver. 40. The chief proof of it is to follow Nature, even in works of mere Luxury and Elegance. Instanced in Architecture and Gardening, where all must be adapted to the Genius and Use of the Place, and the Beauties not forced into it, but resulting from it, Ver. 50. How men are disappointed in their most expensive undertakings, for want of this true Foundation, without which notbing can please long, if at

and the best Examples and Rules will be but perverted into something burdensome and ridiculous, Ver. 65, &c. to 92. A description of the false Taste of Magnificence; the first grand Error of which is to imagine that Greatness confifts in the Size and DimenVol. III.



fion, instead of the Proportion and Harmony of the whole, Ver. 97. and the second, either in joining together Parts incoherent, or too minutely resembling, or in the Repetition of the same too frequently, Ver. 105, &c. A word or two of false Tasie in Books, in Music, in Painting, even in Preaching and Prayer, and lastly in Entertainments, Ver. 133, &c. Yet PROVIDENCE is justified in giving Wealth to be squandered in this manner, since it is dispersed to the poor and laborious part of mankind, Ver. 169. (recurring to what is laid down in the first book, Ep. ii. and in the Epistle preceding this, Ver. 159, &c.] What are the proper Objects of Magnificence, and a proper field for ibe Expence of Great Men, Ver. 177, &c. and finally the Great and Public Works which become a Prince, Ver. 191, to the end.



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Ravenet Soup

What brought S. listos ill-got Health to wasti? Some Gemon whisperidóisto have a Tasten

Ep: on Taste

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