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was given to her little girl, about two “ The deputy lieutenantz shall not years ago; and for which she said, she appoint Sunday as a day of exercise, anbelieved the child would thank God for less his Majesty shall deco it necesever and ever; and that the dear crea. Sury, anıl, by an order signified by his ture had ofien heen found on her knees, Secretaries of State, direct them to do weeping over it ?”

so." - See Soci. 25.

TRAINING ACT. The following clauses from the Train

ing Act are of importance to Ministers, and other religious persons :

“ No licensed teacher of any separate consregation, in holy orders, or pretended holy orders, and not carrying on any other trade, or exercising any other occupation for his livelihood, except that ot a schoolmaster; nor any medical pian, actually practising as such, shall be liable." -- See Sect. 6.

PATRIOTIC FUND, The Committee for managing this Fund have just published their Third Report; from which it appears. That the suns contributeil after disine gervice on the Day of Thanksgiving, for: the victory of Trafalgar, and other donations, to be exclusively appropriater to the wounded, and relatives of those who were killel, amount to 104,8311. 8s. id.

List of Lectures, fc. in and near London, for November,

18. Tie, J. Broad St. Mr. Ford. 19. Wed. Ev. l'rayer Meeting for the

Nation, at vir. Burier's. 20. Th. M. Monthly Meeting (Bapt.)

at Vir. Tinn. 'Thomas's, Mr. Hutchings to preach. - Directions for Reproof. Er. Fetter Lane, Mr. Austin. -. Evangelical Sanctification.

2. LORD'S DAY Ev. Broad Str. Mr.

Collison; Devonshire Sq. Mr.
Gray; Peter Str. Mr. Clark;
Hare Crt. Mr. W. Smith ; Crown

Crt. Mr. K
3. Mon. Ev. Missionary Prayer-Meet.

ing, at Mr. Brown's, Cuniberland Streci.

Tu. M. Broad Str. Mr. Clayton. s. Wed. Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the

Nation, at Mr. Gaffee's. 6. Th. . Monthly Meeting (Indep.)

at Mr. Wall's, Mr. Brookshank to preach. - The Abuses of the Gos. pel exposed, Er. Fetter. Lane, Mr. Stollery.

The Mercy of God. 9. Lord's Day Ey. Broad Sir. Mr.

--; Chapel Str. Mr. Stollery ; Devonshire Sq. Mr. (iould; Palace Str. Mr. Greig; Crown Crt. Mr. Webb; Peter Str. Mr. Dunn; Orange Str, Mr. Townsend; Hare

Court, Mr. J. Thomas. 10. Mion. Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the

Nation, Surry Chapel. 11. Tn. M. Broad St. Mr. Goode. 12. Wed. Ev. Prayer Meeting for the

Nation, at Mr. Dore's. 13. Th. Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Nicol,

- Enthusiasm, 16. LORD's Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr.

Townsend; Chapel St. Mr. Cireig: Devonshire Sq. Dr. Jenkins; Pa. lace Str. Mr. Ivimey ; Orange Str. Mr. Burder; Peter St. Mr. Smith; Hare Ct. Mr. Stollery,

23. Lord's Day Ev. Broad Str. Dr,

Rippon; Hare Ct. Mr. Berry :
Chapel Str. Mr. Brooksbank;
Peter Str. Mr. Humphries; Pa-
lace Str. Mr. Austin; Devonshire

Sq. Mr. J. Thomas. 25. Tu. M. Broad Street, Mr. Goode. 26. Wed. E«. Prayer-Meeting for the

Nation, at Mr. T. Thomas's. 27, Th. Ev, Fetter Lanc, Alr. Colli.

son. - The Gospel rejected. 28. Frid. Ev, Lecture to Young Per

sons. Mr. G. Clayton to preach at Fetter Lane.

30. LORD's Day Ev, Orange Street,

Mr. Lyndall; Hare Ct. Mr. Shen. stone; Peter St. Dr. Rippon,

MINISTERS SC PPLYING AT The Taheruncle and Tottenham, Mr.

Castledine, Surry Chapel, Mr. Grillin. Spa Fields, par. Wilkins. Sion Chapel, vir. Finley. Hozlun, Str. Mara, of leathctüeld.


on the Morning of the 16th of October.
Too late for flow'rs and fruits ; but not too late,
Dear II , in thy garden to enjoy
Sweet meditation. O indulge a thought
Truly sublime, that will not flatter thee!
What if I name it “ Paradise Restore.1?"
Such henceforth shall it prove, dcar friend, to thee,
If He who deck d it in its various hues,
And strew'd so thick upon its humid leaves
The beamy gems, dear to the musing mind,
Far dearer than the costly one's that sparkle
Upon the brows of princes; - if He dcigo
Himself, in love, herein with thee to walk,
As once he did with two of his disciples,
To Emmaus journeying with burning hearts:-
Or as he doth this blessed morn with me,
The meanest of the fallen sons of Adam,
Richly displaying the sufficiency
Of his atoning blood and righteousness
To save e'en to the utmost all that come,
Desirous of an interest therein ! .
Where'er He manifests himself, there must
Be joy, peace, love, tranquillity unknowo.
And unconceiv'd without Him; - such as is not,
Or given by aught that's earthly, or destroy'd:.
This wish, beloved H , here I leave,
'Tis all I can, towards the vast demand
Thy friendship has upon my gratitude, -
Here'may you walk by faith, - here much enjoy
(Morn, noon, and eve) the presence of thy Lord,
Here hang upon Him; wrestle like the patriarch,
And let Him not depart until he bless thee!
So shall thy bosom glow with hallow'd fire,
And raptur'd own that I have not misnamed
This precious boon of his, - A Little Eden ! J. A.

popu> Corfofon

The holy law has had its due, RCDEMPTION's wise mysterios plan,

Now God his sov'reign love can shex, Salvation for apostate man,

Apollson his defeat shall rue. Which God deris'd ere time began,

'Tis figish'd! is finish'd!

Now all the arduous work is done, 'Tis finish'd," cry'd our dying Lord : Vict'ry complete our Lord bas won : Hell was apall’d to hear that word; He has to take the spoil begun. To man, what hopes does it atford !

'Tis finish'd! 'Tis finish'd! Enough was done that wond'rous day,

Did he wlio dy'd, the conquest gain? God's love and hatred to displays

a tous day, What shall be do who lives again? With joy and grief combiv'd we say,

Ile mounts above all bear'ns to reiga.

"Tis finishid! "Tis finishi? Sin how abhorr’d! but man how dear!

Abaddon, yield thy trembling prey ! both in thy sust'rings, Lord, appear! Away, ye hosts of Hell, away! We sing with rapture, sbame, and fear. Rise, rise, ye dead, to endless day! 'Tis finish'd !

"Tis finish'd!

Printed by G. AULD, Greville Street, London,

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OF THE LATE REV. JOHN FORD, M. D. There is a kind of natural curiosity in the human mind, which prompts us to covet an intimate acquaintance with the character and babits of our fellow-men, especially of those who have distinguished themselves in their day and generation. On account of the general prevalence of this principle, biography is a species of writing which cannot fail to be popular; and when the subject is wisely selected and properly exhibited, it is likely to be useful in a very extraordinary degree. Many thousands, we doubt not, have been greatly cdised in reading the biographical sketches published in the Evangelical Magazinc; and we are persuaded that the brief account which we are about to give of the Rev. Dr. Ford, will-prove very accepte able. : The subject of this Memoir was born at Castle-Heddingham, in Essex, in the year 1740. In the line of his ancestors, so far as we can trace them, we find an uninterrupted succession of faithful gospel ministers, several of whom were sufferers for the truth as it is in Jesus. His great-great-grandfather was a Mr. John Vincent, a minister in the west of England, “ who,” as Dr. Calamy remarks, 6 was so harrassed for his nonconformity, that, though he bad many children, not two of them were born in the same county.” Two of this good man's sons were eminent servants of Christ : the older of them, Thomas Vincent, was one of the very few ministers who had zcal and courage enough to continue in the city of London, amidst all the fury of the plague. At the commencement of this dreadful visitation he resided in Islington ; but compassion for the souls of his perisbing fellow-men, determined him, in opposition to the most carnest sol itations of his friends, to go into the heart of the city; where he preached every Sabbath-day, and visited all who desired to see hiin *. The dangers to which he was exposed,

* See Palmer's Abridgement of Calamy's Nonconformist's Memorial,

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