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Composed on the Sca-Shore, during a Gale of Il'ind,
Divine Creator, as my footsteps roam

Along the trackless margin of the sea,
The mighty world of waters, as they foam,

Lift my astonish'd soul to Heaven and thee! Who that beholds th’impetuous billows pour

Far o'er th' accustom'd limits of the main, But must thy strong o'er-ruling pow'r adore,

Whose awful fiat can their rage restrain ! Resistless, urging on their wild career,

The boiling waves afright the watchful eye; The shelving sands oppose a slight barrier ;

But Ocean hears thy voice, and passes by! What power but thine, Almighty! thus could guide

The wint'ry tempests, furious as they blow ? What hand but thine arrest the hurrying tide,

And teach the restless waters where to flow? What skill, Eternal Architect, but thine

Could fix the boundary of the headlong surge; Or trace th' unseen, irremeable line,

That checks destruction on the dang 'rous verge?
But for thy potent word, the opposing shore,

A victiin to th' o'erwhelming waves would fall;
The rooted cliff stem the fierce tide no more,
But universal ruin cover all!

...> {•••••

He who regards his King will keep his laws;
He who despises him, betrays his cause :
True Britons venerate their King indeed;
And for bis laws and honour dare to bleed !
Thus men who venerate the word of God,
And look for pardon through a Saviour's blood,
Will not the holy name of God blaspheme,
Nor put the Son of God afresh to shame!

>> •> {{cofos
Sue gives her infant life, and yields her own!

In midst of dying friends she too expir'd:
She saw the glories of her Saviours throne,

And to its holy honours she aspir'd! "Twas Jesus' bands that drew her hence away,

To leave her babes, her friends, and kindred dear! She would not turn her eyes from endless day,

To meet again the darkness of this sphere ! *Twas Jesus' name that cheer'd her waiting soul,

Anxious to see his face whom she ador'd! Now has she soar'd away, and reach'd the goal.

Her Father's mansions endless joys afford! No more with us she takes the broken bread,

In fond rememb’rance of her dying Lord ! Ah, no! she sees him now, who once bad bled,

And joins th' enraptur'd choir in sweet accord !
Dear, precious Saviour, may I too be found

Among the number of the chosen race !
I stretch my boundless wishes from this ground,

And faia would soar away to see thy face. SERENA THOUGHTS

Now the cold tomb my thonght's storey, Pati

By thee, my Lord, for ever blest; Huggested by a Sermon from 1 Pet, i. 19,

" Neer did a romb belore receive PRECIOUS BLOOD.

So holy, so divine a guest! Let the bold scenic still deride,

Remember our victorious Lord, My hope in Jesus Crucify'd,

llow he has triuinplid o'er the When he for sinners stood

grave! Their surety, and a ransom paid,

I'll sing his glorious victory, When all niy sins were on him laid; . His matchless love, his pow's to How precious is his blood !

save! To Satao and to Sin a slave',

Now he ascends his pative skies, Vor pow'r to rescue or to save,

For ever there to live and reigo! Froni thraldom or from woe!

Worshipp'd by all the ransom'd race, en cgus apyear'l, and set we free;

Ador'd by the angelic traio!
By's precious blood" lie rescued me
From my interual loe!

There for my guilt he shews his side, Justice appear'd! the law I broke, And pleads his precious blood for In wrathiul acrents daily spoke,

me! My sentence to proclaim;

Lord, in thy interceding pow'r, B18 cuw iny Maher can forgive;

With joy will I remember thec! By" precious bloodl" shall I receive

-->> (( Pardon thiru Jellsbane!

ON DEUT. XXXII. 2. My boast is Jenis crucilyod, By's precious blood" Tin justifyd, OMNISCIENT God, whose jealous eye, Accepled in my Lord :

Abhorring all iniquity, His blood shall cleanse froni every Searches the whole creation through, stain,

And ev'ry creature's thoughts can And peace and purity I gain,

view! Its wonders I record!

What well thou knowcet, Lord, I own, Ye trembling sinners, thankful hear

That long I durst oppose thy thrope; The voice of Mercy; nor despair,

· Preferr'd mere vanity to thee, Vor weep a useless flood ! Behold the Lamb, for siuners slain,

And made no god a God to me! l'ardon and peace you shall obtain

Objects which could have no pretence Thro' Jesus' “ precious blood !"

To Deity, at thy expence, Hiestminster,

I treated as if they possest

The pow'r lo inkake me truly blest! A SACRAMENTAL NYMN. Whither, ah! whither had I gone, Bly willing pow'rs shall all attend,

If thou hadst let me but alone, While to my soul thy lips couvey

And said, “He is to idols join'd, The #tel command of dying love,

Let hiin pursue his carnal mind!" Aod with seraphic joy obey!

By sad experience had I forand Ny soul reineinbers and adores

Idolaters with woes abound : The holy, high, and lofty One,

They who thy mercy-seat forsake, Who, to redeem my soul froin Hell, Rush headlong to the burning lake! Descends from his celestial throne !

But thou didst sov'reign power display A life all holy and divine

In a more mill and gracious way; Was thine, my Saviour, and my Didst turn my treach'rous heart to thee, Lord !

And turn'd thy mercy not from me! A thousand acts of heav'nly love

Sweet recollection will afford! Now then I would be thige alone, Then the herleemer and liis cross,

And thee, iny God, my all own; My mind and neu'ry shailinpress :

Begove, ye idols, base and vile, In solemo notes I'll sing his love,

Nor more nay wand ging heart beguile ! Aud Jesus crucily'd consegs!

Teach me, O Lord, with jealous care, The pledges of thy bleeding love, To watch against the tempter's spare ;

When on the sacred board I sce, And O! thyself my Keeper be, Thus to my faiti) reveal'd, mm 1

That nothing draw me off from ther. With joy sublime remeinher thee!

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The subject of this memoir was descended from an ancient and respectable family in Warwickshire. From a genealogical account, which is still preserved, it appears that Laurence Saunders, a faithful minister of Jesus Christ, who held the living of All-hallows, Bread Street, at the beginning of bloody Q Teen Mary's reign, was a branch of this family. At that dreadful period, this good man, with many others, became the object of persecution; and, after an imprisonment of fifteen months, was bronght to the stake, and there witnessed a good profession *.

* A short account of this man of God, extracted from the Book of Martyrs, may not be unacceptable.

Mr. Laurence Saunders was of a respectable parentage. He was educated at Eton College, and afterwards at King's College, Cambridge. He began to preach in the beginning of King Edward's reign, and was so acceptable, that he was appointed to read a divinity lecture in the College of Forhringa. This college being dissolved, he renoved to Lichfield; after which, he resided, for a time, at Church Langton; from whence he was orderly called to the church in Bread Street.

011 Saturday, October 14, as he was riding to London, he was overtaken on the road by Sir John Mordaunt, a counsellor to Queen Mary, who entered into conversation with him, and found that he was determined, notwithstanding the proclamation against the protestant ministers, to preach the next day at his church. In the morning of that day he preached, unmolested, from 2 Cor. ii.; but, in the afternoon, he was seized by the officers of the Bishop of London, before "hom lie was carried, and charged with treason and heresy. Mr. Saunders was committed to prison, where le continued fifteen months ; after which, he underwent several examinations, in which lie defender the truths of the gospel against his adversaries with great ability. He was, at length, however, excommunicated, and delivered to the secular power.

Shortly after, he was conveyed, by the Queen's guard, to the city of Coventry, wliere he was to be burned. When he arrived there, a poor man, who used to serve him with shoes, came to him, and said, iso my good master, God strengthen and comfort you!" To whom he replied, Good shoemaker, pray for me, for I am the unfittest man for this high office that ever was appointed to it; but my gracious God and dear Father is able to make me strong enough.' That night he spent in

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