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The Relief of the Widows of Gospel Ministers,


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Rev. R. Bayne, A. X. John Fawcett, A. M. Jos. Moody

Thomas Beck Andrew Fuller Edward Parsons
James Bennett Samuel Greatheed W. F. Platt
Charles Buck T. Haweis, LL. B. M. D. William Roby
James Boden Rowland Hill, A. M. J. Ryland, D. D.
D. Bogue, A.M. James Hinton, A.M. R. Simpson, A.M.
S. Bottomley William Jay

John Smart
George Burder Jos. Jefferson

C. F. Steinkopff, A.M.
John Cockin W. Kingsbury, A. M. J. Townsend
G. Collison

ambert Alex. Waugh, A. M.
A. Duncanson J. M. Mason, D.D. Matthew Wilks
Greville Ewing Herbert Mends

L. Williams, D.D.

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London :

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The growing importance of Periodical Publications is univer. sally acknowledged: they are á mighty engine of public good or evil, in proportion to the regard which they bear to Truth or Error, · Virtue or Vice. The press trems with multifarious productions,

suited to every description of readers, and to every taste. Some of these, we fear, are unhappily calculated to foster the spirit of Scepticism and Infidelity, while others, under the guise of reli. gious zeal, are adapted to rouse the spirit of Intolerance and Persecution.

The Conductors of this Work make it their study to avoid these evils, and to furnish their numerous readers with a periodical supply of mental food, at once wholesome and agrceable, pleasant and nutritious: or, in other words, to present to them Truth with out Rancour, - and Practical Religion without Legality.

The Design of this Publication, the religious Principles of its stated Contributors, and the benevolent Application of its Profits, are too well known to require explanation. The Editors boast not of their diligence or ability; but they may be permitted to . rejoice in the increasing Patronage of the Religious Public :-while they are indulged with that patronage, they will continue to disregard the reproaches of those who appear to be grieved that the distinguishing doctrines of the Gospel (which it is now fashionable to explode, under the name of Calvinism) are thus disseminated among so many Thousands of British Christians, and widely circulated both upon the Continent and in America.

Trusting in that God who has hitherto prospered our efforts, we shall steadily pursue our Original Plan, carnestly contending for Evangelical Truth, Christian Experience, and Practical Godliness ; without Party Views, and in the spirit of Christian Candour toward all the Disciples of our common Lord, of whatever denomination.

And while we renew our exertions in this department of the Work, we mean not to relax in any other. The increasing Spread of the Redeemer's Cause will give a growing interest to our Intelligence; and every Society, at home and abroad, formed to promote this object, will be allowed its claim in this part of our Miscellany.

When we look around us, and see the desolations which are made in the earth,” we tremble and adore! — at the same time we know that the Ark of the Church is built to live amidst conflicting elements, and shall, under the conduct of her Divine Pilot, finally outride every storm. In the mean time we cordially sympathize with our Protestant brethren on the Continent, whose lot is cast amidst those scenes of horror; and thankfully adore the good Fland which has not only spared us, but enabled us to lift up our heads with joy and triumph among the nations round about us.

But to return to the humble Subject of this Address: Next to our grateful Acknowledgements to the Divine Providence for the Success of our Work, and the blessing which has attended it, our renewed Thanks are due to our Readers in general, and particularly to our respected Correspondents, whose various Talents cnrich our Magazine, and whose future Contributions we carnestly solicit.

May the Father of Lights, and God of all grace, assist both them and us in the further Prosecution of the Work, and render it an increasing Blessing to the Church and to the World!

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