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Alarum. Enter Antony, and Scarus wounded. Scar. O my brave Emperor, this is fought indeed; Had we done so at first, we had droven them home With clouts about their heads.

Ant. Thou bleed'ft apace.

Scar. I had a wound here that was like a T, But now 'tis made an H.

Ant. They do retire.

Scar. We'll beat 'em into bench-holes; I have yet Room for six scorches more.

Enter Eros. Eros. They're beaten, Sir, and our advantage serves For a fair victory.

Scar. Let us score their backs,
And snatch 'ein up, as we take hares, behind;
'Tis sport to maul a runner.

Ant. I will reward thee,
Once for tlıy sprightly comfort, and ten-fold
For thy good valour.
Scar, I'll halt after.

[Exeunt. Alarum. Enter Antony again in a March, Scarus with others.

Ant. We've beat him to his camp; run one before, And let the Queen know of our * 'gests ;'to-morrow Before the sun thall see's, we'll spill the blood That has to-day escap'd. I thank you all ; For doughey-handed are you, and have fought Not as you serv'd s'my cause, but as't had been Each man's like mine ; you've shewn your selves all Heators. Enter the city, clip your wives, your friends, Tell them your feats, whilst they with joyful tears Wath the congealment from your wounds, and kiss The honour'd gathes whole. Give me thy hand,

[To Scarus.

Enter ? Come thee on. 4 guests ; . . old edit. Wark. emend.

3 Come on.

Enter Cleopatra.
To this great a faiery I'll commend thy acts,
Make her thanks bless thee. O thou day o'th' world,
Chain mine arm'd neck ; leap thou, attire and all,
Through proof of harness to my heart, and there
Ride on the pants triumphing.

Cleo. Lord of lords,
Oh infinite virtue, com’st thou smiling from
The world's great soare, uncaught?

Ant. My nightingale,
We've beat them to their beds. What! girl, though grey
Do something mingle with our brown, yet have we
A brain that nourishes our nerves, and can
Get goal for goal of youth. Behold this man,
Commend unto his lips thy ?'favouring hand;
Kiss it, my warrior : he hath fought to-day,
As if a God in hate of mankind had
Destroy'd in such a shape.

Cleo. I'll give thee, friend,
An armour all of gold; it was a King's.

Ant. He has desery'd it, were it carbuncled
Like holy Phæbus' car. Give me thy hand ;
Through Alexandria make a jolly march,
Bear our hacke targets, like the men that owe them,
Had our great palace the capacity
To camp his host, we all would sup together,
And drink carowses to the next day's fate
Which promises royal peril. Trumpeters,
With brazen din blast you the city's ear,
Make mingle with our ratling tabourines,
That heav'n and earth may strike their sounds together,
Applauding our approach.


(a) The word Faiery here is to be understood in the sense of inchantress which it often carries in the old Romances.

Warburton. 6 our younger brown, 7 favouring ...old edit. Theob, emend.

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Cent. I


s с E N E VIII.

Cæsar's Camp.
Enter a Centry, and bis Company. Ænobarbus follows.
Co F we be not reliev'd within this hour,

We must return to th’ court of guard ; the night
Is shiny, and they say, we shall embattel
By th’ second hour i'th' morn.

I Watch. This last day was
A shrewd one to's.

Æno. O bear me witness, night?
2 Watch. What man is this?
1 Watch. Stand close, and listen to him.

Æno. Be witness to me, O thou blessed moon,
When men revolted shall upon record
Bear hateful memory ; poor Anobarbus did
Before thy face repent.

Cent. Enobarbus?

3 Watch. Peace; Hark further.

Æno. Oh sovereign mistress of true melancholy,
The poisonous damp of night 8/disperge' upon me?
That life, a very rebel to my will,
May hang no longer on me. Throw my heart
Against the fint and hardness of my fault,
Which being dried with grief, will break to powder,
And finish all foul thoughts. Oh Antony,
Nobler than my revolt is infamous,
Forgive me in thine own particular,
But let the world rank me in register
A master-leaver, and a fugitive:
Oh Antony! oh Antony!

(Dies. I Watch. Let's speak to him.

Cent. Let's hear him, for the things he speaks May concern Cafar.

2 Walch 8 dispunge

2 Watch. Let's do so, but he neeps.

Cent. Swoons rather, for so bad a prayer as his
Was never yet for sleep.

I Watch. Go we to him.
2 Watch. Awake, Sir, awake, speak to us.
I Watch. Hear, you Sir!
Cent. The hand of death hath caught him.

[Drums afar off Hark how the drums 9 din early wakes the sleepers: Let's bear him to the court of guard; he is

Our hour is fully out. 2 Watch. Come ''on, He may recover yet.


Of note.

. T .


Between the two Camps.
Enter Antony, and Scarus, with their Army.
Ant. THeir preparation is to-day by fea,

. Scar. For both, my Lord.

Ant. I would they'd fight i’ th' fire, or in the air,
We'd fight there too. But this it is ; our foot
Upon the hills adjoyning to the city
Shall stay with us.

Order for sea is given,
They have put forth the haven : further on,
Where their appointment we may best discover,
And look on their endeavour.

[Exeunt. Enter Cæsar, and his Army. Cæf. 2/Not' being charg'd, we will be still by land, Which as I take't we 3 'Thall not ;' for his best force Is forth to man his gallies. To the vales, And hold our best advantage.

[Exeunt. [Ãlarum afar off, as at a sea-fight.


9 demurely

I on then,

2 But



Enter Antony and Scarus. Airt. Yet they're not join'd: Where yond pine stands, I shall discover all. I'll bring thee word straight, how 'cis like to go. [Exit.

Scar. Swallows have built In Cleopatra's fails their nests. The augurs Say, they know not — they cannot tell -- look grimly,

, And dare not speak their knowledge. Antony Is valiant, and dejected, and by starts His fretted fortunes give him hope and fear Of what he has, and has not.




Enter Antony
Ant. A This fout Egyptian hath betrayed me,
My fleet hath yielded to the foe, and yonder
They cast their caps up, and carouse together
Like friends long loft. Triple-turn'd whore! 'tis thou
Haft sold me to this novice, and my heart
Makes only wars on thee. Bid them all fly:
For when I am reveng’d upon my charm,
I have done all. Bid them all fly, be gone.
Oh sun, thy uprise shall I see no more :
Fortune and Antony part here, even here
Do we shake hands - all come to this!-the hearts
That + 'Ipaniel'dme at heels, to whom I gave
Their wishes, do discandy, melt their sweets
On blossoming Cæfar: and this pine is bark’d,
That over-topt them all. Betray'd I am.
Oh this false soul of Ægypt ! this gay charm,
Whose eye beck'd forth my wars, and calld them home,
Whofe bosom was my crownet, my chief end,

Like 4 pannelld or pantler'd

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