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The ancient Liturgy of the Church The present Liturgy of St. James.

of Jerusalem.

· Deacon.

Remember, O Lord our God

Remember, O Lord our God-
The Priest bowing, says,

Priest. Remember, O Lord, the God of Remember, O Lord, the God of Spirits and of all Flesh, those Orthodox Spirits and of all Flesh, those [Orthodox] whom we have remembred ; and whom we have remembred, and those those also whom we have not remem- also whom we have not remembred, bred, from righteous Abel even unto from righteous Abel even unto this this Day: Do thou give them Rest in Day: Do thou give them Rest * in the Region of the Living, d in thy the Region of the Living, in the DeKingdom,” in the Delights of Paradise, lights of Paradise,” in the Bosoms of in the Bofoms of our holy Fathers, our holy Fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Abrabam, Isaac, and Jacob, whence Jacob, whence Sorrow, Grief, and LaSorrow, Grief, and Lamentation are ba- mentation are banished away, where nished away, where the Light of thy the Light of thy Countenance visits and Countenance visits, and shines con- shines continually ; tinuallye ;

And dispose the End of our Lives, And dispose the End of our Lives, O Lord, in Peace, that they may be O Lord, in peace, that they may be Christian, well pleasing to thee, and Christian, well pleasing to thee, and free from Sin, gathering us d under the free from Sin, O Lord, gathering us un- Feet of” thine Elect; (when thou wilt, der the Feet of thine Elect, when thou and as thou wilt, only without Shame wilt, and as thou wilt, only without or Offence;] through thy

through thy only beShame or Offence; through thy only gotten Son, our Lord, and God, and begotten Son, our Lord, and God, and Saviour Jesus Christ, for he alone


peared without Sin upon the Earth, ness, but for the intermediate State only. Lit. Syr. * with whom thou art blessed and in the Commemoration of the Dead, has this Petition, Et illos pervenire faciat ad Regnum fuum in Cælis, And bring them to bis Kingdom in Heaven. and Lamentation are banished away. Eccl. Hier.c.7.

P. 353.

o De Conf. Ap. & Dionys. in the Places above cited.

• f. add, και εν τη βασιλεία σε καλάταξον αυτες and place them in thy Kingdom. See the Note e in the other Col.

d I would rather chuse to read pila, with, as in Lit. Mar. for though ità ta's wódas, under the Feet, does very well become the Humility of a single Person in his private Devotions, yet it does not seem to be so suitable to the publick Office of a whole Church.

* See this Mark in Lic. Ja. p. 66. and f. add, do ; ry, through wbom and, So St. Cyril, p. 223. p. 258.


St. Cyrilin Catech.

Myst. V.


believe that this Church should have been taught a form so different in this Resped from that of other Churches, with whose Liturgies in all other respects it so exactly agrees. And it is observable that if we remove this Prayer of Intercession to the same Place in which it stands in the other Liturgies, the whole Office will connect, even without any other Alteration, fully as well as it does at prefent.

The Clementine Part of the Liturgies of St. Mark,

St. Chryfoftom and St. Bafl.
Lit. Mar. (The Deacon reads the
Diptychs of the Dead-)
(The Priest bowing himself, prays)

And give Rest to the Souls of all these, O Lord our God, in the Tabernacles of thy Saints; granting unto them, in thy Kingdom, those thy promised good Things which Eye hath not feen, nor Ear heard, nor have entered into the Heart of Man, which thou hast prepared, O God, for them that love thy holy Name. Do thou give Rest to their Souls, and vouchsafe them the Kingdom of Heaven.

Lit. Cbrys. (The Deacon—reads the Diptychs

of the Dead—and the Priest bowing himself, prays)-Remember all that are departed in hope of the Resurrection to eternal Life, (Here the Priest remembers whom he pleases—of the Dead-)-For the Rest and Remiffion of the Soul of thy Servant N. Give it Rest, О our God, in a Place of Light, whence Grief and Lamentation are banished

away, where the Light of thy Countenance visits.

Lit. Baf:-(The Deacon - reads the Diptychs of the Dead- &c. as in Lit. Chrys. only for give it Rest, it has, give them Rest.

Lit. Mar. And give us a Christian End of our Lives, well pleasing to thee, and free from Sin ; and





* μεθ'

The ancient Liturgy of the Church The present Liturgy of St. James.

of Jerusalem. Ιησε Χρυσέ· αυτός γάρ έσιν ο μόνG ανα- ξασμένG σω τώ αγίω πνεύμα. νω και αει μάρλής φανείς επί τη γης:

και ας τες αιώνας. Diaconos.

Pop. 2. Και Υπέρ αρώης και ευπαθίας σαν- 5 Αμήν.

Sacerd. τον κόσμο, και τ αγίων τα θε8 εκκλησιών και υπέρ ών έκασG- προσήνείκεν, ή και διά- Είρωη σασιν. νοιαν έχα, και σαντος τ8 σερμεςώτG- λαέ,

Pop. και πάλων και σασων. Ρop. Και πάνων και πασών. Sa

Και το πνεύμαζί σs. cerdos exclamat. Δι' ών και ημίν και αυτούς ως αγαθός και

Diac. φιλάνθρωπος. Ρop. "Aνες, άφις, συγχώρησον, ο Θεός,

* "Ετι και έτι [* και δια παντός αν αρώη] τα παραπλώμαλα ημών, τα εκάσια, τα ακέσια τα εν έρΓο και λόγω τα εν γνώσει, και ανοία τα εν νυκτί, και εν

τι Κυρίε δεηθώμεν. Υπέρ τσροσκομισημέρα τα καλα νών και διάνοιαν τα πάντα ημίν συχώ- θέντων δώρων Κυρίω τω Θεώ δεηθώμεν όπως έησον, ως αγαθός και φιλάνθρωπος. Sacerd. Χάς και ΚύρμG- ο Θεός ημών, προσδεξάμδυΘ- αυτα οικισμούς και φιλανθρωπία το μονογενώς σε υι8, και ευλογήθος α και δεδοξασμένG, σω τω εις το + υπερεράνιον αυτά θυσιασήρμον εις

/ παναγίω, και αγαθών και ζωοπιώ σε πνεύμα, νιώ όσμίω ευωδίας, αντικά/απέμψη ημίν τω

θείαν χάριν και των δωρεαν τα αγία πνεύκαι αεί και εις τες αιώνας. છે Pop.

μαλG" 2. Υπέρ άρήνης και ευσαθίας 'Aplee.

σαντος κόσμε, και τ αγίων τ8 θε8 εκκληSacerd.

σιών: 15 “Υπέρ τ τας προσφορας ταύτας Ειρώη πάσιν.

προσενεκάλων" και υπέρ ών έκασG προσή

νεκεν, ή και διάνοιαν έχα, και παντός τύ σε. Pop.

ΘεσώτG- λαδ. 3. Υπέρ αφίσεως αμαρΚαι τώ σνεί μαζί σε. Diac.

See also Lit. Mar. in Note Col. 1. p. 55. and p. 75.

and p. 91. So in Martyr. S. Ignat. and in Orat. Poly"Eti aj o Alge ' wavlos cu cięleen Kveio carpaccording to the old Latin Translation, which

has here preserved the true Reading, as appears by δεηθώμεν. Υπέρ ή προσκομισθέντων και

comparing it with Euseb. H. E.l.iv. c. 15. And this αγιασθέντων, τιμίων, έπερανίων, αρρήτων, αχράντων, Form seems fittest in this place. ενδόξων, φοβερών, Φρικτών, θείων δώρων Κυρίω τω

5 7ut. Μ. Αφ. 1. p. 126. Ου [σροεσώτο] συνελέ

σανlΘ- τας ευχας και την ευχαρισίαν, σας και παρών λαός Θεώ δεηθώμα: όπως ΚύρμG ο Θεός ημών, και " επευφημεί λέων 'Αμήν. When he [the Bio] bath


finished the Prayers and Thanksgiving, all the People * That this is the Doxology with which the Priest's present, with a joyful Acclamation, say Amen. See Prayer of Interceffion concluded, appears by it's Con- 1 Cor. xiv. 16. nexion with what immediately follows, when com- * This Bidding-Prayer in Lit. Ja, is broken into pared with Lit. Clem. Chry/. and Bar. what intervenes three Parcels, and those put at a Distance from one betwixt it and satis rås, upon the Earth-being, the another ; the second of them, which I have marked first Part of it which is marked with Fig. 2. and writ- with Fig. 2. is brought in before it's due Place, as you ten in a larger Letter, plainly a Part of the following will fee in the other Col. of this Page : and the third, Bidding-Prayer thruit out of it's due Place, and the which I have marked with Fig. 3. is inserted long sest written in a smaller Character an Interpolation. after, see it in p. 78. But by comparing this Lit. • Add, iTo, x', again, and – so it is twice after. with Lit. Clem. I think it can hardly be doubted but wards




St. Cyril in Catech.

Myft. V.

The Clementine Part of the Liturgies of St. Mark,

St. Chryfoftom and St. Bafil.

ρησαι και δος ημίν μερίδα και κλήρον έχειν
“Η αρώη τ8 Θεξ κ πάντων των αγίων σε.
άη μετα σάντων * In Lit. Cbryf. and Baf. the Prayer

of Intercession is thus concluded, Kai Pop. δος ημίν ο ένα σομαι, και μια καρδία δοΚαι με το πνεύ- ξάζων, και ανυμνείν το σάνθιμον και μεταλομαλός σε.

πρεπές όνομά σε, τα Πάρος, και το Υι, Diac. και τα αγία Πνεύμα/G, νιώ και αεί και ας "Ετι και έτι δεηθώ- τες αιώνας ή αιώνων. με το Θεό δια το

Pop. Χρυσά αυτά, υπέρ 'Αμώ. Then follows, τα δώρα τα προσκο

Sacerd. μιωθένης Κυρίω τα Και έσαι τα ελέη τα μεγάλα Θεά και Θεώ όπως ο ασα- ΣωτήρG- ημών Ιησε Χρισέ μη πάντων θος Θεός προσδέξη- υμών. ται αυτό, δια τη με

Pop. σιτίας και τα Χρισ8 Και μετά το πνεύμαλός σε. αυτ8 εις το επεράνιον

Diacon. αυτά θυσιαςήeμον, -"Ετι και έτι [Lit. Βaf. add, αν ειρώη] εις όσμω ευωδίας. τα Κυρίε δεηθώμεν. “Υπέρ η εκκλησίας

Pop. Κύριε ελέησον. ταύτης, και τα λα

Diac. “Υπέρ τσροσκομισθέντων και αδιασδεηθώμεν. “Υπέρ βίντων τιρίων δώρων, τη Κυρία δεηθώμδυ" πάσης επισκοπής, όπως ο φιλάνθρωπG- Θεός ημών,-προσπαντός πρεσβύθερία, δεξαμενΘ- αυτα εις το άπον υπερεράνιον

ή σάσης των Χρισώ

και νοερόν αυτά θυσιαςήeμον, ας όσμω ευωδιακονίας, και ξύπησε» δίας πνευματικής, ανικάαπέμψη ημίν τίω σίας, de Ms. ν.] σαν

θείαν χάριν, και των δωρεαν τε παναγία της τα πληρώμα/G

η εκκλησίας δεηθώ-

Pop. Κύριε ελέησον.
μου όπως ο ΚύρμG-
σάντας διατηρήση και
διαφυλάξη. Υπέρ
βασιλέων και των

, v

f Amen.


The ancient Liturgy of the Church The present Liturgy of St. James.

of Jerusalem. Saviour Jesus Christ, for he alone ap- glorified, together with thy Holy Spipeared without Sin upon the Earth. rit, now and ever, World without end. Deacon.

People. 2. And for the Peace and Tranquillity of the whole World, and of the

Priest. holy Churches of God: And for whom

Peace be wich


all. every one has offered, or has in his

People. Thoughts, and for all the People that And with thy Spirit. stand about the Altar, and for all Men and

Deacon. Women. Peop. And for all Men and Women. The * Let us again and again, [- and Prief fays with a loud Voice* spare" them and us as

for ever] pray to the Lord [- in peace.] thou art good and a Lover of Men. Peop. Remit, pardon, and forgive, O God, our Offences, voluntary

Let us pray for the Gifts which are and involuntary, committed by Deed or by Word, offered to the Lord God; that the Lord with Knowledge or through Ignorance, by Night or

our God, receiving them upon his to by Day, in Mind and Thought, forgive us all as thou art good and a Lover of Men. Prießt. Through the heavenly Altar for a sweet smelling SaGrace, and Compassions, and Love of thy only be

vour, would send down upon us the gotten Son, * with whom thou art blessed divine Grace, and the Gift of his holy and glorified, together with thy moft Spirit. holy, and good, and life-giving Spirit, now 2. Let us pray for the Peace and and ever, World without end. Tranquillity of the whole world, and People.

of the holy Churches of God. Amen.

Let us pray for those who have Priest.

offered these Gifts,” and for whom Peace be with you

every one has offered, or has in his People.

Thoughts; and for all the People that And with thy Spirit.

stand about the Altar; 3. for the Re

; Deacon.

that they have indeed been Parts of this BiddingLet us again and a for ever pray to

Prayer, and this seems plainly to be the natural Orthe Lord in peace.

der in which they have been placed,

De Lit. Clem. and Chryf. and Lit. Bas. has only Let us pray for the precious, heavenly,

iv siphon, in peace. ineffible, undefiled, glorious, tremendous, terrible,

+ Iren. 1. iv. c. 34. Eft ergo Altare in Cælis (il.

luc enim Preces noftræ, & Oblationes noftræ dirigundivine Gifts which are offered to the tur) & Templum, &c. There is therefore an Altär in Lord our God and fan&tified; Let us pray that directed) and a Temple, &c.

Heaven (for thither our Prayers and Oblations are

) . the Lord our God, bwho" hath receiving 1 St. Cyril υπές κοινής των εκκλησιών ειρήνης, υπέρ

της το κόσμε ευπαθείας, for the common Peace of the wards in this Lit. and here also in the Tranflation in Churches for the Tranquillity of the World. Bibl. Patr.

|| Here should come in the Petitions for the Clergy, • Dele è, who-vid. Lit. Clem. [and in the English, and for the civil Powers. instead of hath received, read receiving.]

• I have added this (which was here plainly want. *S, it is in the Latin, in Bib Patr. Parce, &c. spare-. ing) from the foregoing Prayer of Interceffion.




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