A Survey of the Province of Moray: Historical, Geographical, and Political

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Isaac Forsyth, Elgin, 1798 - 353 pages

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Page 145 - ... and it was so. And God called the firmament Heaven; and the evening and morning were the second day. God also said: Let the waters that are under the heaven be gathered together into one place, and let the dry land appear.
Page 154 - The eruption, though completed in one night and by one tide, had long been apprehended, and the inhabitants had gradually withdrawn. It is probable that the drifting sand accumulated by the united power of wind and tide, dammed back the river, forcing open its present course, and overwhelming the village.
Page 177 - ... the rents paid in victual proportionally reduced, the tenants one after another, and the landlord, with their families, mournfully expelled, and their habitations and possessions covered up, it is supposed, to the height of the trees of the gardens about the manor. The desolation must have been completed prior to the year 1695, as by the narrative of the Act of Parliament then made to prevent the pulling of bent, "the barony of Culbin, and house and yards therof, is quite ruined, and overspread...
Page 50 - Roman progrefs in their native country, as they do with regard to Germany, or any other province of that empire they are not particularly interefted in.
Page 59 - ON arriving at the fummit of the hill by the winding road, and a few feet below the rampart which crowns the top of the hill, there appears an outward wall...
Page 132 - Know all, that we, by the confent and free-will oi our chapter, "'have given and granted, and by this our charter have confirmed,
Page 195 - NAIRN. 303 bannocks of bread only to each man. And in the anxious expectation of the advance of the royal army they waited in the order of battle the whole of the succeeding day, during which they were joined by 1400 men, under young Lovat, Keppoch, and Locheil. Having formed the weak purpose of surprising the Duke's army in the night of the birth-day solemnization, they marched eastward after sun-set in two columns ; but then faint with hunger and fatigue...
Page 60 - ... fuperfeded the neceffity of much artificial operation, there being little hazard that an affault would ever be attempted on this quarter. EVERY where elfe this outward wall appears completely vitrified ; and at the eaft fide, where the hill is more...
Page 60 - It was neceflary that there mould be two entries ; one from the level ridge which joins this hill on the weft to that chain of which it forms the extremity, the other from the low country to the eaft. The entry to the weft was defended in the manner already defcribed ; that...
Page 61 - ... the rock, though it is now filled up with rubbifh to within a yard of the furface. SUCH are the appearances on the fummit of Craig-Phadrick, which exhibit, in my opinion, fuch evident and unambiguous traces of artificial operation, that I cannot conceive a difference of opinion to have arifen...

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