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taries and Expositions which have been written upon the Books of the Holy Scripture, I have not yet seen any wherein the Text of the New Testament has been fully Paraphrased with brevity and plainness. Erafmus's Performance of this kind, is very eloquent and judigi

but his Explications are large, having frequent Digressions, and in many places be indulges allegorical Interpretations; and moreover, the Beauty of bis Work is very much lost in our. TranNation. The pious and learned Bishop Hall wrote a judicious Exposition upon particular difficult Texts; but because

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it was only upon particular Texts, the Design it self allowed him not, to regard the-Tranfitions, and to make his Paraphrase one continued uninterrupted Discourse.. Dr. Hammond has with great Pains colle&ted all the Afistances of ancient and modern Learning, and with great Success applied them to the Explication of the Text of the New Testament ; But those who justly admire his great Learning and skill in Interpreting, yet complain of the obscurity and perplexednels of his Stile, wbich makes his Paraphrafe Somerhat difficult and of tefs general uler's and besides, it was never printed by it self without his large Notes. The Right Reverend Fa ther in God the present Lord Bishop of Ely, has with admirable Learning and Judicioulness brought ihis way of writing to Perfećtion in his Paraphrase upon Jame Books of the Old Testament; and all who desire to understand the Scriptures 'fully, will ever wish that his LordJhip had gone through the whole Writings A


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Both of the Old and New Testament in the same way. Others who have written good Expositions upon the Holy Scriptures, have either made large Commentaries, of less general and constant Vje ; or have insisted chiefly on, such Critical Observations, as are proper only for the Learned

I have endeavoured in these Papers to express the full Sense of the Evangelift in the plainest Words, and to continue the Sense without interruption by the clearest Transitions that I could. I have all along consulted the best Expositors, and selected out of every one what seemed to discover the most natural meaning of the Text : And where any thing remarkable offered it self to my Thoughts, different from what I met with in Commentators, I set it down in Short Notes in the Margin : But other Critical Observations I have generally omitted, (excepting what use is made of them in the Paraphrase, ) that I might not (well the Marginal Notes in


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