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5 • Then the King of Af- Hosea. iv. 1 Hear the Word of

chout all the LORD, ye Children of Israel : for fyria came up throughout all

the LORD hath a CONTROVERSY with the Land, and went up to the Inhabitants of the Land, because Samaria, and besieged it three there is no TRUTH, nor Mercy, nor

KNOWLEDGE Of God in the Land. Years.

2 By SWEARING, and LYING, and 6 In the ninth Year of Ho- KILLING, and STEALING, and comshea, the King of Allyria took mitting ADULTERY, they break out,

* and Blood toucheth Blood. samaria, and carried nrael de Samaria, and carried Israel a

3 Therefore shall the Land mourn, way into Allyria, and placed and every one that dwelleth shall lanthem in Halah and in Habor guish, with the Beasts of the Field,

and with the Fowls of Heaven, yea, by the River of Gozan, and the Fishes of the Sea also shall be tain the Cities of the Medes. ken away. 7 For so it was, that the roit was that the


5 Therefore shalt thou fall in the

Day, and the Prophet also shall fall Children of Israel had SIN- with thee in the Night, and I will Ned against the LORD their destroy thy Mother." GOD, which had brought la con which had brought 6 My People are DESTROYED for

lack of KNOWLEDGE : because thou them up out of the Land of haft REJECTED Knowledge, I will also Egypt, from under the Hand REJECT thee, that thou shalt be no

Priest to me: seeing thou hast forof Pharaoh King of Egypt, O naraon m o ople gotten the Law of thy God, I will and had feared other Gods, also forget thy Children. 8 And WALKED in the Sta- 9 And there shall be LIKE PEOPLE,

LIKE PRIEST : and I will punish them tutes of the Heathen (whom

for their Ways, and reward their the Lord cast out from before Doings. the Children of Israel) and of

Hosea v. I Hear ye this, O PRIESTS,

and hearken ye, House of ISRAEL, the Kings of Israel, which they and give ye ear, O House of the had made.

King: for Judgment is toward you. 9 And the Children of Il- 31. know Ephraim and Israel is

not hid from me : for now, O Erael did secretly those Things phraim thou committest Whoredom, that were not right against and Israel is defiled. the LORD their God, and

s And the Pride of Israel doth te

ftify to his Face: therefore shall Israel they built them high Places and Ephraim Fall in their INIQUITY : in all their Cities, from the Judah allo shall fall with them.

9 Ephraim shall be DESOLATE in Tower of the Watchmen to

the Day of Rebuke: among the the fenced City.

Tribes of Israel have I made known 10 And they set them up that which shall surely be.

13 When Ephraim saw his Sick· IMAGES and Groves in every nels, and Judah saw his Wound, then high Hill, and under every went Ephraim to the Allyrian, and green Tree.

sent to King Jareb : yet could he

not heal you 11 And there they burnt

Ho ea vi. 4 O Ephraim, what shall Incense in all the high Pla- I do unto thee? O* Judah, what shall ces, as did the Heathen whom Lloncho quhom i do unto thee? for your Goodness is

as a Morning Cloud, and as the early the LORD carried away before Dew it goeth away. them, and wrought wickeds Therefore have I hewed them




Things to provoke the LORD by the PROPHETS, I have Alain there to Anger.

by the WORDS of my Mouth, and thị

Judgments are as the Light that go12 For they served IDOLS, eth forth. whereof the Lord had said 6 For I desired MERCY, and not unto them, Ye shall not do

Coll not do SACRIFICE; and the KNOWLEDGE of

God more than BURNT OFFERINGS.. this Thing.. .

9 As Troops of Robbers wait for 13. Yet the LORD TESTI- a Man, so the Company of PRIESTS

murder in the way by Consent : for fied against Israel, and a

they commit Lewdness. gainst Tudah, by all the PRO- Holea vii. i When I would have Phers, and by all the Seers,

healed Israel, then the Iniquity of

Ephraim was discovered, and the saving, TURN ye from your WICKEDNESS of SAMARIA: for they evil Ways, and KEEP my commit Falfhood : and the Thief COMMANDMENTS, and my

cometh in, and the Troop of the

Robbers spoileth without. Statutes, according to all the 2 And they conader not in their Law which I commanded your Hearts, that I remember all their Fathers, and which I sent to

Wickedness : now their own Doings

have belet them about, they are bevou by my Servants the PRO- fore my Face, PHETS.

3 They make the King glad with 14 Notwithstanding, they


with their LYES. would not HEAR, but hardned their Necks, like to the Oven heated. Neck of their Fathers. that 9 STRANGERS have devoured his

Strength, and he knoweth it not: did not BELIEVE in the LORD yea, grey Hairs are here and there their God.

upon him, yet he knoweth noc. 15 And they REJECTED

10 And the Pride of Israel teftif

eth to his Face, and they do not renis statutes, and his COVE- TURN to the LORD their God, nor NANT that he made with SEEK him for all this. their Fathers, and his Tefti 13 Wo unto them, for they have

FLED from me: DESTRUCTION unto monies which he testified a- them, because they have TRANSGRESgainst them, and they follow- sed against me: though I have re•

· DEEMED them, yet they have spoken ed VANITY, and became in

ANITY, and became Lyes against me. vain, and went after the 14 And they have not CRIED unto HEATHEN that were round me with their HEART, when they

howled upon their Beds: they assemabout them, concerning whom ble themselves for Corn and wine, the Lord had CHARGED them and they rebel against me. that they should not do like 16 They return, but not to the

MOST HIGH : they are like a deceitthem.

ful Bow : their Princes shall fall by 16 And they LEFT all the Sword for the Rage of their the COMMANDMENTS of the

Tongue : this shall be their Derision

in the Land of Egypt. LORD their God, and made Hosea viii. 3 Israel hath cast off the them molten Images, even thing that is GOOD: the Enemy fhall Two Calves, and made a pu

4. They have set up Kings, but not Grove, and worshipped all by me: 'they have nade PRINCES,


the Host of Heaven, and ser- and I know it not : of their Silvez

and their Gold have they made them ved BAAL.

IDOLS, that they may be cut off. 17 And they caused their s Thy Calf,'o samaria, hath cast Sons and their Daughters to thee off'; 'mine Anger is kindled a

gainst them : how long will it be ere país through the Fire, and they attain to Innocency? used Divination and Enchant- 12 I have written to him the great ments, and sold themselves ond nid themselves Things of my Law, but they were

counced as a STRANGE thing.' to do Evil in the fight of the

14 For Ifrael hath forgotten his LORD, to provoke him to Maker.

Hofea ix. , They have deeply corAnger.

rupted themselves, as in the Days of 18 Therefore the LORD Gibeah : therefore he will remember was very angry with Israel, their Iniquity, he will visit their Sins.

12 Though they bring up their and REMOVED them out of and REMOVED them out 01 Children, yet will I bereave them, his fight : there was none left that there shall not be a Man left; but the Tribe of JUDAH on- yea, wo also to them when I DEPART

from them. ly.

15 For the WICKEDNESS of their 19 Allo JUDAH kept not Doings I will DRIVE them out of the COMMANDMENTS of the mine House.

17 My God will cast them away, LORD their GOD, but walk because they did not HEARKEN unto ed in the Statutes of Israel him : and ihey shall be WANDERERS which they made.

among the NATIONS 20

Holca x. i Israel is an empty Vine, And the LORD RE- he bringeth forth Fruit unto himself: JECTED all the Seed of Il- according to the multitude of his rael, and afifted them, and Fruit, he hath increased the AltaRS ;

according to the Goodness of his delivered them into the Hand Land, they have made goodly Images. of SPOILERS, until he had 3 For now they shall say, We have cast them out of his sight.

ho no King, because we FEARED not the

LORD, what then fhould a King do 21 For he rent Israel from to us the House of David, and s The INHABITANTS of SAMARIA they made Jeroboam the Son

shall fear, because of the Calves of

on Beth-aven : for the People thereof of Nebat King, and Jerobo- shall mourn over it, and the Priets am drave Israel from follows thereof that rejoyced on it, for the

Glory thereof, because it is departed ing the LORD, and made them

en from it. Sin a great Sin.

6 It shall be also carried unto Af 22 For the Children of If- syria for a Present to King Jareb :

ce Ephraim shall receive Shame, and rael walked in all the Sins of

Ifrael Mall be asHAMED of his own Jeroboam which he did, they COUNSEL. departed not from them:

* 7 As for Samaria, her King is cut

off as the Foam upon the water. 23 Until the LORD RE

& The high Places also of Aven, Moved Israel out of his fight, the sin of lifael shall be destroyed : as he had said by all his Ser- the Thorn and the Thistle lhall come

up on their Altars; and they shall yants the Prophets. So was ray to the MOUNTAINS, COVER us ; Israel carried away out of and to the Hills, FALL ON us.

B bbb 2 their . their own Land to Affyria 14 A Tumult shall arise among thy unto this Day.

People, and all thy Fortreises Thall

be spoiled, as Shalman spoiled Beth24. And the King of Al arbel in the Day of Battle: the Mosyria brought Men from B2- ther was dalhed in pieces upon her

Children. bylon, and from Cuthah, and

Hosta siii. 16 Samaria shall become from Ava, and from Hamath, DESOLATE, for the hath REBELLED aand from Sepharvaim, and gainft her God: they shall fall by placed them

ė the Sword ; their Infants shall be in the Cities of dathed in pieces, and their Women Samaria, instead of the Chil. with child ihall be ripe up. dren of Israel; and they por

Hofes xiv, , Who is WISE, and he

shall underftand these Things ? PRUsefled Samaria, and dwelt in

DENT, and be shall know them? for The Cities thereof.

the Ways of the LORD are right, and 25 And so it was at the

the Just shall walk in them, but the

TRANSGRESSORS shall fall therein. Beginning of their dwelling Levit. xxvi. 13 I am the LORD your there, that they FEARED not God, which brought you forth out the LORD the LORD; therefore the

therefore the of the Land of Egypt, that ye should

's not be their, and I have LORD sent Lions amongst broken the Bands of your Yoke, and them, which few some of made you go upright. them.

14 But if ye will not hearken ua

to me, and will not do all thele 26 Wherefore they snake Commandmenis to the King of Affvria, say. Is And if ye shall despise my Staing, The Nations which thou ments, so that ye will not do all my

tutes, or if your Soul abhor my Judge hast removed, and placed in Commandments, but that ye break the Cities of Samaria, know my COVENANI,

29 Ye fhall eat the Flesh of your not the Manner of the Gods of the Land: therefore he ters thall ye eat. hath fent Lions among them. 30 And I will DESTROY your high

Places, and cut down your IMAGES, and behold, they say them, and cast your Carcases upon the Carbecause they know not the cases of your Idols, and my Soul thall Manner of the God of the abhor you.....

I and I will make your CITIES Land.

WASTE, and bring your SANCTUARIES 27. Then the King of Af- unto DESOLation, and I will not smell fyria commanded, saying,

the Savour of your sweet Odours.

y"şi 32 And I will bring the Land into Carry thither one of the DESOLATION : and your Enemies Priests whom ye brought which dwell therein fhall be astonishfrom thence, and let them

33 And I will SCATTER you among go and dwell there, and let the Heathen, and will draw out a him teach them the Manner Sword after you, and your Land

shall be DESOLATE, and your Cities of the God of the Land.

Walte. 28 Then one of the Priests 43 The Land also shall be left of whom they had carried away them, and thall enjoy her SABBATHS,

while she lieth DESOLATE without from Samaria; came and dwelt them, and they fall accept of the in Beth-el, and taught them Punishment of theii Iniquity; becaule,


Sons, and the Flesh


how they should fear the even because, they despised my JUDG

MENTS, and because their Soul abhorLORD.

red my STATUTES. 29 Howbeit, every Nation 44 And yet for all that, when they made Gods of their own, and be in the Land of their Enemies, I

ē will NOT CAST THEM AWAY, neither put them into the Houses of

will I ABHOR them, to DESTROY them the high Places which the Sa- UTTERLY, and to break my Covenant maritans had made, every Na with them: for I am the LORD their

God. tion in their Cities wherein

45 But I will for their Sakes rethey dwelt.

member the Covenant of their An30 And the Men of Ba CESTORS, whom I brought forth out of

the Land of Egypt. bylon made Succoth-benoth, Deut. xxviii. 1š But it hall come and the Men of Cuth made to pass, if thou wilt not hearken to Nergal, and the Men of Ha

the Voice of the LORD thy God, to

observe to do all his Commandments math made Alhima.

and his Statutes which I command 31. And the Avites made thee this Day, that all these Curses Nibhaz and Tartak, and the hall co otak and the shall come upon thee, and overtake

thee. Sepharvites burnt their Chil- 16 Curs ED shalt thou be in the Cie dren in Fire to Adrammelech, TY, and CURSED shalt thou be in the and Anammelech, the Gods


47 Because thou SERVEDST not the of Sepharvaim.

LORD thy God with JOYFULNESS, and 32 So they feared the with Gladness of Heart, for the a

bundance of all Things. LORD, and made unto them- 48 Therefore shalt thou serve thinc selves of the lowest of them ENEMIES, which the LORD shall send aPriests of the high Places. gainft thee, in Hunger, and in Thirft,

and in Nakedness, and in Want of 33. They feared the LORD, all Things: and he shall put a Yoke and served their own Gods, of Iron upon thy Neck, until he have after the Manner of the Na- destroyed thee.

s2 And he shall befiege thee in all tions whom they carried a- thy Gates, until thy high and fenced way from thence.

Walls come down, wherein thou trust24 Unto this Day they do he shall beliege thee in all thy Gates,

hey do edft, throughout all thy Land; and after the former Manners : throughout all thy Land, which the they fear not the LORD, nei- LokD thy God hath given thee.

Lisan 64. And the LORD shall SCATTER thee ther do they after their Sta

among all People from the one End tutes, or after their Ordinan- of the Earth even unto the other; ces, or after the Law and and there thou shalt serve other Gods,

he which neither thou nor thy Fathers Commandment which the

he have known, even Wood and Stone. LORD commanded the Chil- 65 And among these Nations shalt dren of Jacob, whom he na

whom he na thou find no Ease, neither shall the

" Sole of thy Foot have Rest : but the med Israel.

Lord shall give thee there a trem15. With whom the LORD bling Heart, and Failing of Eyes, and had made a Covenant, and Sorrow of Mind.

Holea iii. 4 For the Children of Ischarged them, saying, Ye RAEL shall abide many Days, without shall not fear other Gois, a King, and without a PRINCE, and


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