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Seqenen-Ra, son of the Sun, Tau-aa-aa.

Seqenen-Ra, son of the Sun, Tau-aa-qen.

Uat'-xeper-Ra, son of the Sun, Karnes.
Suten hemt Aah-hetep.

Royal wife.


Dynasty XVIII., From Thebes, B.c. 1700.

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Neb-peh-peh-Ra, son of the Sun, Aahmes.

(Am.i~is I.)

Neter hemt Aah-mes-nefert-ari.
Divine wife.

Ser-ka-Ra, son of the Sun, Amen-hetep.

(Amenophis I.)

Aa-xeper-ka-Ra, son of the Sun, Tehuti-mes.

(Thothmes I.)

Aa-xeper-en-Ra, son of the Sun, Nefer-xau-Tehuti-mes.

(Thothmes II.)

Mat-ka-Ra, son of the Sun, Hat -shepset-xnem- Amen.

(Queen Hatshepsu.)

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Dynasty XIX., From Thebes, B.c. 1400.

Men-pehtet-Ra, son of the Sun, Ra-messu.

(Rameses I.)

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Men-mat-Ra, son of the Sun, Ptah-meri-en-Seti.

(Seti I.)

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Usr-mat-Ra setep-en-Ra, son of the Sun, Ra-messu-meri-Amen.

(Rameses II.)

Suten hemt Auset-nefert. Suten mut Tui.

Royal wife. Royal mother.

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