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wisedom for our protection, our succour, our direction and guidance ; enjoying the sweet effluxes of his mercy and bounty ; we therewith become friends to the holy Angels, and blessed Saints, to all good Men, being united in a holy and happy consortship of judgment, of charity, of hope, of devotion with them we become friends to all the World, which we oblige by good wishes, and good deeds, and by the influence of good example ; we become friends to our felves, whom we thereby enrich and adorn with the best goods; whom we gratifie and please with the choicest delights: but perfisting in fin we continue to affront, wrong, and displease our Maker, to be disloyal toward our Sovereign Lord ; to be ingratefull toward our chief Benefactour, to disoblige the best Friend we have, to provoke a most juft and severe Judge ; to cope with Omnipotency, to contradict Infallibility, to enrage the greatest Patience, to abuse immense Good

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ness : We thereby become enemies to all the World, to God, whom we injure and dishonour; to the friends of God whom we defert and oppose; to the creatures which we abuse to our pride, luft and vanity ; to our neighbours, whom we corrupt, or feduce; to our felves, whom we beteave of the best goods, and betray to the worst evils,

Beginning to live soberly, we be gin to live like Men, following the conduct of reafon; beginning to live in charity, we commence the life of Angels, enjoying in our selves most fweet content, and procuring great benefit to others; but going on in finfull voluptuousness, we proceed to live like beasts, wholly guided by sense, and swayed by appetite; being pertinacious in malice we continue to be like fiends, working torment in our selves, and mischief to our neighbours.

Embracing vertue we become wife and fober Men, worthy and honourable, beneficial and usefull to


the World: but continuing in vice, we continue to be foolish and vain, to be vile and despicable , to be worthless and useless.

By our delay to amend, what do we gain? what, but a little flashy and transient pleasure instead of a folid and durable peace; but a little counterfeit profit instead of real wealth; but a little smoak of deceitfull opinion instead of unquestionable found honour; fhadows of imaginary goods instead of those which are most substantial and true, a good mind, the love of God, the

assured welfare of our souls. But I this field of discourse is too spatious, ! I shall onely therefore for conclusion

fay, that speedily applying our selves to obedience, and breaking

off our sins by repentance, is in effect no

thing else but from a present Hell in | trouble, and the danger of a final | Hell in torment to be translated in

to a double Heaven; one of joyfull tranquillity here, another of blissfull reft hereafter; unto the which


Almighty God in his merċy bring us all, through Jesus Christ our Lord; to whom for ever be all glory and praise. Amen.

The very

God of peace sanctifie you wholly, and I pray God your whole Spirit, and soul, and body be presera ved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

1 Thefl. 5. 23.

Τ Η Ε Ε Ν D.


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ROYSTON and ELIZABETH MEREDITH, and Sold ly Him at the Star in St. Paul's Church-Yard.


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the Life and Death of the Holy Jefus : As

also the Lives, Acts and Martyrdoms of the Holy Apostles. In Two Parts. The First by Dr. Taylor ; The Second by Dr. Cave. In Folio.

Du£tor Dubitantium; or, The Rule of Conscience in all her General Measures : Serving as a great Instrument for the Determination of Cates of Conscience. In Four Books. The Fourth Edicion. In Folio.

Σύμβολον 'Ηθικαπολέμικον και οr, A Collection of Polemical, and Moral Discourses. The Fourth Edition. In Folio.

A Course of Sermons for all the Sundays of the Year. The Fourth Edition. In Folio.

Rules and Exercises of Holy Living and Holy Dying. In Two Parts. Together with Prayers. containing the whole Duty of a Christian ; and the Parts of Devotion fitted to all Occasions, and furnishd for all Necessities. The Twenty-first Edition. In Ottavo.

tonozice 'Exnexlexń; or, A Discourse of the Liberty ot Prophelying: Shewing the Unreasonablenels of Prescribing to other Mens Faith, and the


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