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Iniquity of Persecuting Differing Opinions. The Second Editions. In Otavo.

A Collection of Offices, or Forms of Prayers, Publick and Private. In 7 welves.

The Golden Grove; or, A Choice Manual, containing what is to be Believed, Practised, and Defired, or Prayed for. The Prayers being fitted to the several Days of the Week: Allo Festival Hymns according to the Manner of the Ancient Church. The Twentieth Edition. In Twelves.

These by Jeremiah Taylor, D. D. late Lord

Bishop of Down and Conner. • The Christian Sacrifice: Shewing the Necessity, End and Manner of Receiving the Holy Communion; together with suitable Prayers and Meditations for every Month in the Year: And the Principal Festivals in Memory of our Blefled Saviour. In Four Parts. The Thirteenth Edition. In Twelves.

The Devout Chriftian instructed how to Pray and give Thanks to God; or, A Book of Devotions for Fanilies and particular Perfons in most of the Concerns of Human Life. The Eighth Edition. In Tw_lves.

Advice to a Friend. The Fifth Edition. In Twelves.

Jufus and the Relurrection justified by Wicnesses in Heaven and in Earth. In Two Parts. In Octavo.

The Glorious Epiphany; with the Devout Christian's Love to it. In Octavo,

The whole Book of Tob, Pfalms, Proverbs, Ecclefiastes, and the Song of Solomon ; with Argu. ments to each Chaprer, and Annotations thereupon. In Two Volumes. In Quarto.

The Truth of the Christian Rcligion. In Six Books. Written by Hugo Grotiusys and now tran.


flated into English ; with the Addition of a Sex venth Book against the present Romax-Church, In Otavo.

A Treatise of the Necessity and Frequency of Receiving the Holy Communion ; with a Relolution of Doubts about it. The Fourth Edition, In Twelves.

A Ditcourse concerning Prayer, especially of Frequenting the Daily Publick Prayer. In Twelvesi

A Book for Beginners; or, A Help to Young Communicants, that they may be fitted for the Holy Communion, and receive it with Profit. The Sixteenth Edition. In Twenty fours.

These by Simon Patrick, D. D. late Lord

Bishop of Ely.

The Penitent Pardoned ; or, A Discourse of the Nature of Sin, and the Efficacy of Repentance, under the Parable of the Prodigal Son. The Third Edition. In Octavo.

A Winter-Evening Conference. In Three Parts.
In Octavo.
Sermons on several Occasions. In Octavo.

These by Dr. Goodman.

The Psalms of David in Metre, fitted to the Tunes in Parish-Churches. By John Patrick, D. D. In Twelves.

The Countets of Morton's Daily Exercise; or, A Book of Prayers and Rules how to spend the Time in the Service and Pleasure of Almighty God. The Nineteenth Edition.

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Just Publishid,
No Agreement between Scripture and Popery :
In Answer to a Paper, Intituled, Roman Catho-


lick Principles, with Reference to God and the King : Being a Plain Dialogue : For the Ule of

a Young Nobleman. By the Author of a Cola ·lection, Intituld, The Common-Prayer-Book the Best Companion. In Twelves.

The Psalter of David ; with Titles and Collects according to the Matter of each Pfalm. Where. unto are added Devotions for the Help and Allistance of all Christian People, in all OccaGons and Neceflities. The Fourth Edition.

Of Industry, in Four Discourses: 1. In General. 2. In our General Calling, as Christians. 3. In our Particular Calling, as Gentlemen. 4. In our Particular Cailing, as Scholars. By isaac Barrow, D.D. late Master of Trinity College in Cambridge. Published by his Grace, Johis, late Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. The Second Edition.

Practical Discourles upon the Consideration of our Latter End; and the Danger and Mischief of Delaying Repentance. By Ifaac Barrow, D.D. late Master of Trinity College in Cambridge. Formerly Published by his Grace, John Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. The Second Edition.

Υποτύπωσης Υγμαινόντων Δόγων a Form of Sound Words : or, A Scripture. Catechism; Shewing what a Christian is ro Believe and Practice, in order to Salvation. Very useful for Persons of all Ages and Capacities, as well as Children. Compoled by the late Pious and Learned Foln Worihington, D. D. The Seventh Edirion.

The Principles of Holy Christian Religion ; or, The Catechilm of the Church of England Pa. raphrased; The Objections against it answered

; With short Prayers for the Morning and Evening, Annexed. By Rich. Sherlock, D.D. Rector of Winnick in Lancashire. The Nineteenth Edition.

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