Sketches on Italy: its last revolution [&c.].

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Page 71 - They which builded on the wall, and they that bare burdens, with those that laded, every one with one of his hands wrought in the work, and with the other hand held a weapon.
Page 14 - XI. sitting on his throne, arrayed in his pontifical vestments, with the tiara on his head, holding a cross in one hand, and the keys of St. Peter in the other. Being ordered to abdicate, he said, "Here is my neck, here is my head ; betrayed like Jesus Christ, if I must die as He did, at any rate, I shall die a Pope.
Page 22 - ... OGNI SPERANZA voi CH'ENTRATE! Through me is the way to the sorrowful city. Through me Is the way to eternal suffering. Through me is the way to join the lost people . . . Abandon all hope, you who enter!
Page 89 - But he appointed three lay ministers and, as was done in the French Revolution, granted the prayers of his subjects and promulgated the Fundamental Statute for the temporal government of the States of the Church (March 14).
Page 141 - In 1837 he had the misfortune to lose his wife, to whom he was...
Page 140 - More than once has he punished with his own hand, by blowing out his brains, a soldier who had infringed some rule of discipline, or who winced from an order given, whatever it might be ; but, however prompt to punish cowardice or disobedience, he was equally so to reward zeal and bravery.
Page 121 - At eleven o'clock the outposts were attacked by the enemy, who was at first vigorously repulsed ; but the assailants, reinforced by fresh masses of troops, concentrated from all parts upon Bicocca, drove back in their turn the Piedmontese, and took that place, which was soon afterwards recaptured with horrible carnage on both sides.
Page 204 - Finally, let them firmly resist the suggestions of parties who might mislead them, and who, whatever their colour and tendency, wage (though with opposite ends in view,) a deadly warfare against Constitutional government, the only government which, now at least, is compatible with the well-being of Italy.
Page 112 - Pope was rejoined by a certain number of his courtiers and of his sbirri, by the Cardinals, and by the diplomatic corps. The Roman delegates, commissioned by the people to supplicate his Holiness to return to his States, were the only persons who could never obtain permission to cross the Neapolitan frontier.
Page 111 - Pius IX., pale and terrified, with haggard eyes and trembling voice, was hurrying from one room to another, cursing Rome and the Romans. A few Cardinals who surrounded him repeated in chorus the Papal curses ; in the meantime the people were constantly gaining strength and ground.

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