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the Lent Sermons before, his Assassination of King Heh. IV. as the Ground and Encourage ment to that Execrable Fact. But after that Magnanimous Prince had thus fallen a Sá. crifice to their Restless furious Zeal, and his Son succeeded Young and Fenceless to the Government then they fet up again the Depot fing Do&rine on High, because then they durft do it. With which our King James does juftly Upbraid them, particularly his : Oppo sent the Cardinal of Perron, in the Preface to his Book quoted on the Margin. Eor it was but Five Years after the Murder of Henry IV. viz. An. 1615, that Cardinal Pere ron in the Assembly of the Three Estates of France, and in the Name of the First Estate, that is of the Clergj, did Re-assert the Power of the Pope to Depose Kings, with this Reafon, that otherwise, There had not been any Church for many Ages paft and that indeed the Churcb (he meant of Rome) was the vergi Synagogue of Anti-cbrist.

But to come to a fresh Instance now on foot, the Pere Juvency a French Jefuit has lately Printed a Book at Rome in Defence of the Pope's Power to Depose Princes : And the Unwillingness and Shifts of the Jesuits at Paris to disown him in this, and to difclaim that Doctrine fairly and above Board, shews that it is not yet quite extinguished in France, but kept in the Einbers, as in the Reign of Henry IV. Fot all who Underó) stand that Order of the Jefuitsknow full welli that rione of them dare Print, especially upon such a Subject, without the Approbation of their Superiors. However it is Plain by this, that the Deposing Doctrine is still Countehanced at Rome. And that France is not intirely free from the Infection. And though the Vigor of the present King has depressed it very much, we cannot say it is totally extinguished, or that there is no Danger of a Re. lapse, while the Authority of the Pope is for Revered as Head of the Catbolick Church, and this Council of Lateran is still owned as.truly General and Infallible. And the Bishops of France ftill take an Oath of Fidelity and Obedience to the Pope.



L. But that Oath is not Inconsistent with their Fidelity to their King:

G. Pray, my Lord, let me ask you, is not an Oath to be taken in the known and declared Sense of the Imposer, for whose Security it is taken ?

L. Yes surely, for otherwise all fuch Oaths would be Equivocal, and no Security at all.

G. Then the Question will be, what the Pope means by the Regalia of St. Peter, and all the Rights, Prerogatives, &c. of the Apoftolick Chair, as he calls his own, to which these Bishops are Sworn, contra omnem homi- . nem, against every Man or Power in the. World. For it is the Pope who inposes this Datb, and it is taken for its Security. And has he not sufficiently declared what he means:



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by it ? Take it in the Words of the Proceedings of the Parliament of Paris, in the Appendix, p. 44. where they say, That by this Decree (of the Bulla in Cæna Domini) the Popes declare themselves Soveraign Monarchs of the World. And this is no more than is given them at their Coronation, as you have it in the Roman Pontifical, where the Triple Crown is put upon the Pope's Head with these Words, Receive this Diadem adorned bus Coronis ornatam :

Accipe Thyaram Triwitb three Crowns : And know Et fcias te efle Patrem

Principum & Regum : your self to be Father of Rectorem OrbisIn Princes and Kings ; Gover. Terra Vicarium Salvanor of the World : And Vicar toris nostri Jefu Chrifti. upon Earth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. And must not this Governor of the World have Powe er to Detbrone all petty Kings and Princes that are under him? Else how can he Govern the World : And the Popes think that this their Soveraign Power of Deposing Princes is fully Recognized to them in the foresaid Canon of the Council of Lateran, And no Pope has ever yet been brought to disown this Power. So far froin it, that the Pope who most of any other Allerted this Bulla in Cæna, and set it up on High, causing it to be Affixed and Published, not only at the Doors of the Churches in Rome, but in the field of Flora, that all might take notice, as you find at the end of the Bull, p. 37. Appen. And who practised his Deposing Power (the last in England) upon Queen Elizabeth, Absolving her Subjects from their Allegiance, and Commanding all F


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the Catholicks in England to pay her no more Obedience, nor Taxes, &c. I say this same Pope has been pick'd out to be Canonized for a Saint, the very last Summer, 1712, by the present Pope, with all the Solemnity and Requisites in the Church of Rome for making a Saint. And this present Pope, as well as his Predecessors, does, every Year, Thunder out the Excommuni. cations of this Bulla in Cæna, by Bell, Book, and Candle, which, like Dracansor, cuts down Friends and Foes; for there never was a Roman Catholick King in England, or in any other Kingdom, either before the Reformation or since, but is Excommunicated by this Bull, and by the 24th Article, past the Power even of the Pope to Absolve him, unless he first Abro. gate and Annul all the Laws of his Country which are contrary to the Tenor of this Bull. And this never yet was done, and I dare say never will be done, in any Popish Country in Europe, and there is not, nor ever was any Popish Country in any other Part of the World, unless you will except the late Spanish Plantations in America. And not only the Kings themselves, but all their Parliaments, Councellors, Judges, Officers, even to Printers or Publishers, or any whosoever that either directly or indirectly, tacitely or exprefly, Violate, Depress, or Restrain the Ecclefiaftical Liberties or Rights of the Apoftolick See and holy Church of Rome, howsoever and whenfoever obtained, or to be obtained, are all here together Excommunicated, as likewise all ArchbiShops, Bishops, and Clergy, who shall do the



fame, and all who shall presume to attempt any Opposition or Contravention to any thing contained in this Buil, are left under the Displeasure of Almighty God, and of His blesed Apostles, Peter and Paul, which is the concluding Sanction of this Bull. And here Saints must be joined with God; left His Dif-pleasure should not be sufficient.' By all this it appears, That there is hardly any Roman Cam tholick in the World above the Condition of a Plow-man, who is not Excommunicated by this Bull. And here you see plainly the Pope assuming a Temporal or Civil Power over all Emperors, Kings, and Princes, Limiting them by Artic. 5. as to the raising Taxes upon their own Subjects, without his express License; and exempting all Ecclesiasticks from being any way Taxed by them. Artie. 18. Or being under their Power, even in Civil or Criminal Causes, as by Artic. 19. though it were 'Treason, Murder, &c. for wbich noble Principle Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury was Canonized, for Maintaining the Liberties of Holy Church!

Now, My Lord, I leave it to your self, whether if you were a King, you would desire all the Bishops of your Kingdom to be under an Oath of Fidelity to another, who pretended an Absolute and Civil Power over you, with Authority to Depose you, as he had done to several of your Predecessors, and would by no means be brought to Disclaim such his Power, but on the contrary, made a fresh Claim of it every Year, and of his being the Soveraig* F 2


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