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dignitate ecclesiastica and sealed by ahe ordinary conftitutæ munitis, ean- Judge of the Court of dem prorsus fidem in Rome, or any other perjudicio, & extra illud Jon in Ecclesiastical digniubiq; locorum adhiben- ty; as would be given to dam fore, quæ ipsis præ- these presents themselves, sentibus adhiberetur, fi if they should be produced effent exhibitæ vel o. or shewn. ftensa. 30. Nulli ergo om

930 Let no nino hominum liceat therefore infringe, hanc paginam noftræ boldly and rably oppose excommunicationis, a- this our Letter of Exnathematizationis, in communication, Anatheterdicti, innovationis, matization, Interdict , innodationis, declara. Innovation, Innodation, tionis , protestationis, Declaration, Protestation, sublationis, revocatio- Abolition , Revocation, nis, commissionis, man- Commission, Command dati& voluntatis infrin- and Pleasure : But if any gere, vel ei ausu temera. one sball prefume to afrio contraire. Siquis au- tempt it; let him know tem hoc attentare præ- that he sball incur the dissumpserit, indignatio- pleasure of Almighty God, nem Omnipotentis Dei and of his Blessed Apostles ac Beatorum Petri & Peter and Paul. Pauli Apoftolorum ejus se noverit incursurum.

Datum Roma apud Given at Rome from S. Petrun, Anno In- St. Peter, in the year of carnationis Dominicæ our Lord's Incarnation, Millesfimo fexcenteli- One thousand, fix huudred mo decimo, sexto Idus and ten, the eighth of


Aprilis, Pontificatus no- April, in the fifth year of ftri anno quinto. our Popedom. Anno a Nativitate

In the year, from the Domini noftri Jesu birth of our Lord Jesus Chrifti millefsimo sex- Christ 1613. Indi£t. 11. centesimo decimo ter- the 4th day of the Month tio, Indi&t.11. die vero April, and the eighth quarta mensis Aprilis, year of the Popedom of Pontificatus Sanctifl

. in our most Holy Father in Christo Patris & D.N.D. Christ, and our Lord Pauli divina provideo- Paul V. by Divine Protia Papa V. anno octa- vidence Pope, the aforevo, fupradiétæ literæ said Letters were affixed affixæ & publicatæ fue- and pablished at the runt ad Valvas Bafili- Doors of the Churches carum S. Joannis Late. of St. John Lateran, ranenfis & Principis A. and the Prince of the poftolorum, & in acie Apostles, and in the Campi Flora per 'nos field of Flora, by us Baldassarem Vacham & Balthazar Vacha and Brandimartem Latinum Brandimars Latini Car. Cursores.

fors. Jacobus Brambrilla. James Brambrilla. Mag. Curr.

Mag. Curs.


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DPE'S 15 ULL Concerning the Franchises in the City of

Rome, and the following Ordonance of the 26th of December, 1687.

Translated into English by Order of his Ex

cellency Monsieur Barillon, his Moft Chriftian Majelties Ambassadour Extraordinary to the King of Great Britain.


Printed for R. Bentley, and are to be Sold by

Randal Taylor, near Stationers-Hall. 1688.

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An Excract out of the Registers of

the Parliament of Paris.


HIS Day the Parliament of Paris being assembled, the King's Council

appearing, Mr. Denys Talon, His Majesties Advocate-General made this, following Speech, That among the rest of the Court of Rome's Attempts upon several Occasions, in prejudice of the Liberties of the Church of France, and of the Rights and Preheminencies of the Crown; there has been nothing observ'd in the History of late Ages, parallell to what was done in the Month of December last, and which is nothing more but what the Pope has been contriving many Years, in declaring himself an Enemy of France, &c.; In the Assembly held upon Occasion of the Affairs of the Regalia, the Bishops being inform’d that the Italian Doctors, and the Emissaries of the Court of Rome, omitted not any means to spread about the Kingdom, the new Opinions of the Popes Infallibility, and the indirect Power which Rome strives to usurp over the Temporality of Kings; that Assembly, We say, did not pretend to frame a Decision of a doubtful Controverfie; but give a Publick and Authentick Testimony of a certain Truth, taught by all the Fathers of the Church, and determined by all the Councils, and especially by those of Constance and Bafile. And it's wet


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