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Spiritually minded, xvii. 487.
Statutes of God, righteous, lxxxiii.28]
Stedfastness in faith, xiii. 180.
Strange gods, 314.

-Are vanity, 317.

-Worshippers thereof punished, 317
Strangers, duties toward them, 437
-Promises to them, 439.

Strength of God, 180.
-God giveth strength, 96.
-This cause of joy, 207.
Striking, the law thereof, 425.
Strife, xxxii. 345.

Strong in faith, xiii. 180.

Stubbornness, cxxiii. 301.
Subjection to Christ, vi. 128.
Submission and resignation to God,

-Prayer to be made with it, 237.
-Sufferings of Christ, xiv. 115.
-The benefits thereof, 154.
Sufferings of Christ's servants, 412.
-Their supports therein, 415.
-Promises to them, 488.
Summer and winter created, v. 58.
Sun, moon and stars created, iii. 58.
Supper, Lord's, its institution, 160.
-Preparation for it, v. 160.
Supports of life promised, ccxvii. 457.
-Miraculously supplied, 461.
Supporting ministers, 422.
-Not supporting them, 424.
Swearing lawfully, clxxv. 325,
—Sinfully, clxviii. 324.

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Waiting upon God, 216.
-Not waiting, 217.
Wander from God, 228.

Warn one another, 354.

Wash, God doth, 79. Our duty.


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Want of children, 389.

Works, good, commanded, 287.

Wants of God's people known to him, God is glorified by them, 257.


Works of the Devil, 292.
-Of the flesh, 292.

Works of God's people known to
him, 12.

Works of the wicked known, 14.
Works, rewards according to them,
Ixxiii. 286.

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