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(From "The Dictionary of Needlework.” Price 218.; with Coloured) Plates, 81s. 6d.)



Being Practical Instructions in the Making of various kinds of Frames for Paintings, Drawings, Photographs, and Engravings. Illustrated. By the Author of “Carpentry and

Joinery for Amateurs," &c. In cloth gilt, price 2s. "The book is thoroughly exhaustive.”—THE BUILDING WORLD. WORKING IN SHEET METAL:

Being Practical Instructions for Making and Mending small Articles in Tin, Copper, Iron, Zinc, and Brass. Illustrated, Third Edition. By the Author of "Turning for

Amateurs,” &c. In paper, price 6d. “Every possible information is given.”—THE RELIQUARY. ART OF PYROTECHNY:

Being Comprehensive and Practical Instructions for the Manufacture of Fireworks, specially designed for the use of Amateurs. Profusely Illustrated. By W. H, BROWNE,

Ph.D., M.A., L.R.C.P., &c. Second Edition. In cloth gilt, price 2s. 68. “A most complete lit'le handbcok.”—THE FIELD. CARPENTRY AND JOINERY FOR AMATEURS :

Contains full Descriptions of the various Tools required in the above Arts, together with Practical Instructions for their use. By the Author of "Turning for amateurs,"

Working in Sheet Metal,” &c. In cloth gilt, price 28. 6d. The best of the book consists of practical instructions.”—IRON.


CONICAL DRILL CHUCK (from "Turning for Amateurs," Price 28. 6d.).

Being Descriptions of the Lathe and its Attachments and Tools, with Minute Instrur.
Lions for their Effective Use on Wood, Metal, Ivory, and other Materials. NEW EDITION,
REVISED AND ENLARGED. By JAMES LUKIN, B.A. (Rector of Wickford; Author if
"The Lathe and its Uses," "Carpentry and Joinery for Amateure,'

," " Working in Sheet Metal," " Toymaking for Amateurs," " Picture Frame Making for Amateurs," &c.). Illi s

trated with 141 Engravings. In cloth gilt, price 23. 6d. Gives the amateur copious descriptions of tools and methods of working.—THE BUILDER. PRINTING FOR AMATEURS:

A Practical Guide to the Art of Printing; containing Descriptions of Presses and Materials,
together with Details of the Processes employed, to which is added a Glossary of Technical
Terms. Illustrated. By P. E. RAYNOR. In paper, price ls.
Concise and comprehensive.”-THE FIGARO.

All Books sent Carriage Free.
L. Upcott Gill, Publisher, 170, Strand, W.C.

Practical Handbooks.--Mechanics, Natural History. 19 WOOD CARVING FOR AMATEURS:

Containing Descriptions of all the requisite Tools, and full Instructions for their use in

producing different varieties of Carvings. Illustrated. In paper, price 18.
“Will be found of great interest.”-ILLUSTRATED CARPENTER AND BUILDER.

Giving the History and Construction of the Modern Organ, and Descriptions of the most
remarkable Instruments. With Important Specifications of celebrated Organs. Illustrated.

By C. A, EDWARDS. In cloth gilt, price 58.
“An excellent treatise."-MIDLAND COUNTIES HERALD.


The Amateur's Guide to the Practical Management of a Piano without the intervention of

a Professional. By CHARLES BABBINGTON. In paper, price 60. “A very useful little book."-Sylvia's HOME JOURNAL.


Their Designing, Making, and Sailing. Illustrated with 118 Designs #ad Working Diagrams.

By J. DU V. GROSVENOR. In leatherette, price 5s.
"We can safely commend the volume.”—THE GRAPHIC.


Containing Instructions for the Home Construction of Simple Wooden Tova, and of others that are moved or driven by Weights, Clockwork, Steam, Electricity, &c.

Illustrated. By JAMES LUKIN, B.A. (Author of "Turning for Amateurs”). In cloth gilt, price 48. capital book for boys.—DISPATCH.

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Pric: 78. 6d ).

A Manual of Instruction to the Amateur in Collecting, Preserving, and Setting-up Natural
History specimens of all kinds. Fully Illustrated, with Engravings of Tools, Examoles,
and Working Diagrams. By Montagu BROWNE. NEW AND ENLARGED EDITION.

In cloth gilt, price 7s. 61.
Throughout the volume is essentially practical.”'-DAILY TELEGRAPH.

All Books sent Carriage Free.

L. Upcott Gill, Publisher, 170, Strand, W.C.

Practical Handbooks.- Natural History, Sports.


On the structure, Affinities, Habits, and Faculties of Animals; with Adventures among and Anecdotes of them. By ARTHUR Nicols, F.G.8., F.R.G.S. (Author of "The Puzzle of Life, and How it H. Been Par T gecher.". "Chapters from the Physical History of the Earth").

In walnut or sycamore, 8v0, price 78. 60. From PROFESSOR RUSKIN.-"I have just opened your proofs, and am entirt'y delighted by the glance at them. . . The engraving of the cobra-Mr. Babbage's is the only true drawing of it I ever sau. NATURAL HISTORY SKETCHES AMONG THE CAR

NIVORA: Wild and Domesticated. With obeervations on their babits and mental faculties. By ARTHUR ICOLS, F.G.S., F.R.G.S., Author of "Zonlogical Nutes,"

"" Chapters from the Physical History of the Earth," "The Puzzle of Life, and How it has been Put Together," and "The Acclimatisation of the Salmonidæ at the Antipodes--its History and

Results." Illustrated by J. T. Nettleship J. E. Brittan, and T. W. Wood. Price 58. BRITISH MARINE ALGE:

Being a Popular Account of the Seaweeds of Great Britain, their Collection and Preservation, Magnificently illustrated with 205 engravings. By W. H. GRATTAN.

In cloth gilt, price 5s, 68. "A really useful handbook."-PUBLIC OPINION. COLLECTING BUTTERFLIES AND MOTHS :

Being Directions for Capturing. Killing, and Preserving Lopidoptera and their Larve. Illustrated. Reprinted, with additions, from “Practical Taxidermy.' By MONTAGU

BROWNE (Author of “Practical Taxidermy”). In paper, price lg. One of the handiest little helps yet published.”- EXCELSIOR.



A Series of Cards of convenient size for use on the Ice, containing Clear Instructions and Di agrama, for Learning toe whole art of Figure Skating. There Cards can be held in the hand wbilst Skating, so that the directions can be properly followed at the time. Tinted cards, gilt edges, sound corners, inclosed in strong leather pocket book, price 38. 6d.; or in

extra call, satin lined (for presentation), price Es. 6d. PRACTICAL BOAT BUILDING AND SAILING :

on taining Full Instructions for Designing and Building Punts, Skiffs, Canoes, Sailing Boats, &c. Particulars of the most suitable Sailing Boats and Yachts for Amateurs, and Instructions for their proper handling. Fully Illustrated with Designs and. Working Diagrams. By ADRIAN NEISON, C.E., Dixon KEMP, A.I.N.A., and G. CHRISTOPHER DAVIES.

In One Volume, cloth gilt, price 78, "A capital manual. All is clearly and concisely explained.”—THE GRAPHIC. : PRACTICAL GAME PRESERVING :

Containing the fullest Directions for Rearing and Preserving both Widged and Ground Game, and Destroving Vermin; with other information of value to the Game Preserver.

Illustrated. By WILLIAM CARNEGIE. In cloth giit, demy 8vo, price 218. “Mr. Carnegie gives a great variety of useful information as to game and game preserving.

We are glad to repeat that the volume contains much useful information with many valuable suggestions.

The instructioris as to pheasant rearing are sound and nearly exhaustive.” —THE TIMES.

: It is practical, straightforward, and always lucid. The chapters on poaching and poachers, toth hunnan and animal, are particularly to the point, and amusing withal.-THE WORLD. NOTES ON GAME AND GAME SHOOTING:

Miscellaneous Observations on Birds and animals, and on the sport they Afford for the
Gan in Great Britain, including Groure, Partridges. Pheasants, Hares, Rabbits,. Quails,
Woodcocks, Spipe, and Rooks. By J. J. MANLEY, M.A.

(Author of "Notes on Fish anå Fishing”). Illustrated with Sporting Eketches by J. TEMPLE. In cloth gilt, 400 pp., price

78. 6d. “ A thoroughly practical, as well as a very interesting book.”—THE GRAPHIC. PRACTICAL FISHERMAN:

Dealing with the Natural History, the Legendary Lore, tho Capture of British Fresh. water Fish, and Tackle and Tackle Making. Beautifully Illustrated. By J. H, KEENE,

In cloth gilt, gilt edges, price 108. 6d. " It is by a thoroughly practical angler Will form a valuable addition to the anglers library.”-FISHING GAZETTE.

All Books sent Carriage Free.
L. Upcott Gill, Publisher, 170, Strand, W.C.

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