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Is an excellent corrective of the many insidious sources of decay which ruin nature's chief ornament.

It stimulates, strengthens, and increases the growth of Hair ; softens and nourishes it when grown; and arrests its decline. Besides this, it acts on those pigments the constant supply of which is essential to the Hair retaining its colour. The Hair of the Head and the Whiskers and

Moustachios Are alike benefited. For children it is invaluable, as it forms the basis of a magnificent Head of Hair, prevents Baldness in mature age, and okviates the use of dyes and poisonous restoratives.


(A sufficient guarantee of its efficacy).

Sold by all Perfumers and Chemists at 38. 6d., 68., and 118. only. Wholesale and Retail by the Proprietors.






Practical Handbooks.

*** All Books sent Carriage Free on Receipt of Remittance.



Their Varieties, History, Characteristics, Breeding, Management, and Exhibition. Illus. trated with 52 Portraits of the Chief Dogs of the Day. By HUGH DALZIEL ("Corsincon, Author of "The Diseases of Dogs," " The Diseases of Horses," &c.), assisted by Eminent

Fanciers. Bevelled boards, extra gilt, gilt edges, price 108. “Will give you all information."-KENNEL REVIEW. DISEASES OF DOGS:

Their Pathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment; to which is added a complete Dictionary of Canine Materia Medica ; Modes of Administering Medicines; Treatment in cases of Poisoning, and the Value of Disinfectants. For the Use of Amateurs. By HUGя DALZIEL (Author of “British Dogs," &c.). NEW, REVISED, AND GREATLY

ENLARGED EDITION. In paper, price ls. ; in cloth gilt, 2s. "Will enable anybody who keeps a dog to deal with cases of ordinary indisposition or injury,” -THE SCOTSMAN. OF ENGLISHE DOGGES:

The Diversities, the names, the natures, and the properties. Date 1576. Reprinted verbatim. [Note.--This is the earliest book in the English language on the subject, and

should be in the hands of all who take an interest in Dogs.) In boards, price 2s. 6. It cannot fail to commend itself to all.”—LIVE STOCK JOURNAL. KENNEL DIARY:

A Register for owners, Breeders, and Exhibitors of Dogs, wherein they can keep full par. ticulars of their Studs in a convenient and comprehensive manner. Contains: 1. Index Diary; 2. Owner's Diary; 3. Breeder's Diary; 4. Diary of Pups; 5. Stud Diary; 6. Exhibition Diary; 7. General Diary; 8. Pedigree Diary; 9. Receipts; 10. Expenditure; 11.

General Balance Sheet. In cloth, with pockets for certificates, 33. 60. The Editor has left little room for improvement.—LIVE STOCK JOURNAL. KENNEL ANNUAL AND DIARY FOR 1885:

A Record and Registry of Facts and Useful Information relating to Dogs. Of great value

and interest to all Owners, Breeders, and Exhibitors of Dogs. In cloth 5s. EXHIBITION ACCOUNT BOOKS:

For use at all Dog, Poultry, Pigeon, Rabbit, and Cage Bird Shows. In Four Booke, comprising: I. Minute Book: II. Cash Book ; III. Entries Book; iv. Ledger.

With Full Directions and Illustrative Examples for Workiog them. N.B.-The Set of Four Books is kept in THREE SERIES: No. 1, for Show of 500 Entries, 53. the set; No. 2, for 1000 Entries, 78. 62, the ret; and No. 3, for 1500 Eatries, 123. 6d. the set. Larger sizes in proportion. The book can be had separate. Minute Book, No. 1, Is.; No.2, 13. 3d. : No. 8, 2s. Cash Book, No. 1, 28.; No. 2, 28. 60.; No. 3. 48. Eutrits Book, No. 1, 28. ; No 2,

23. 6d.; No. 3, 43. Ledger, No. 1, 28. ; No. 2, 25. 6d. ; No. 3, 48. Just what are wanted, for a set of these books will save a vast amount of labour and trouble." -THE STOCK-KEEPER. DISEASES OF HORSES:

Their Pathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment; to which is added a complete Dictionary of Equine Materia Medica. For the Use of Amateurs. By HUGH DALZIEL. In paper,

price 18. 6d.
Should be in the hands of every horse owner."-SPORTING CHRONICLE.

All Books sent Carriage Free.
L. Upcott Gill, Publisher, 170, Strand, W.C.


A short Treatise on the Profitable Management of a Dairy Farm, Illustrated. By G.

SEAWARD WITCOMBE. In paper, price 18. 6d. "A mass of interesting material.”—THE FIELD. BOOK OF THE GOAT :

Containing Practical Directions for the Management of the Milch Goat in Health and Disease. Illustrated. By H. STEPHEN HOLMES PEGLER. THIRD EDITION, revised, en. larg-d, and with additioual illustrations.

[In the Press. The best book we know on the subject."-CHAMBERS'S JOURNAL. BOOK OF THE PIG :

Containing the election, Breeding, Ferding and Management of the Pig: the Treatment of its Diseases; the Curing and Preserving of Hams, Bacon, and otber Pork Foods; and other information appertaining to Pork Farming. Fully Illustrated. In Monthly 1?.

Parts ; Complete in 12 parts.

A Practical Guide to the Profitable Management of Pigs. By G. GILBERT (“Gurth"). In

paper, price ls. "Not merely a good deal of useful and practical information, but many bits of homely folk. lore."-SPECTATOR. BOOK OF THE RABBIT:

A complete Works on Breeding and Rearing all Varieties of Fancy Rabbits, giving their History, Variations. Uses, Points, Selection, Mating, Management, and every other infor: mation, Mustrated with COLOURED PLATES, specially prepared for this work, and

numerous Wood Engravings. In cloth gilt, price 7s.6d. A charming book for rabbit fanciers."-MARK LANE EXPRESS. RABBITS FOR PRIZES AND PROFIT:

Containing Full Directions for the proper Management of Fancy Rabbits in Health and Disease, for Pets or the Market; and Descriptions of every known Variety, with Instruc. tions for Breeding good specimens. Illustrated. By the late CHARLES RAYSON. Revised by the Editor of "The Book of the Rabbit.” In cloth gilt, price 28. 6d.; with coloured

plates, extra gilt, gilt edges, 5s. (May also be had in two parts, as follow:] “We have often had occasion to recommend this work."--THE FIELD. GENERAL MANAGEMENT OF RABBITS :

Including Hutches, Breeding, Feeding, Diseases and their Treatment, Rabbit Coverts, &c.

Fully illustrated. (Forming Part I. of Rabbits for Prizes and Profit.) In paper, price ls. EXHIBITION RABBITS :

Being Descriptions of all Varietiņs of Fancy Rabbits, their Points of Excellence, and how to obtain them. Illustrated. (Forming Part II. of Rabbits for Prizes and Profit.") In

paper, price 18. FERRETS AND FERRETING:

Containing Instructions for the Breeding, Management, and Working of Ferrets. Ia

paper, price 6d. “Well worthy of perusal con'ains valuable information."-SPORTSMAN. FANCY MICE:

Their Varieties, Management, and Breeding. Re-issue, with Criticisms, &c., by Dr. CARTER

BLAKE. Illustrated. In paper, price 6d. “Goes thoroughly into the subject."-CAMBRIDGE CHRONICLE.



Including some references to those of modern times. By JAMES M. FLEMING (Author of "On Learainy to Plav the Violin.") Illustrated with Far-similes of Tickets and Sound

Holes, &c. In the new “Renaissance binding, price 6s, 6d. " Embraces a greater number of features than will be found in any other single volume." -DAILY CHRONICLE,

All Books sent Carriage Free.
L. Upcott Gill, Publisher, 170, Strand, W.C.

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Its Principles and Practice. By WALTER HARVEY, Illustrated, In paper, price 18. "Just what is wanted."-LADIES' JOURNAL. ALL ABOUT PAINTING ON CHINA:

With Twelve Descriptive Lessons. By MRS. COX YER3 MORRELL. Second Edition.

Price 9d.

Being Instructions in Colouring Photographs, Imitation Stained Glass, Decalcomanie,
Queen Shell Work, Painting on China, Japanese Lacquer Work, Stencilling, Painting
Magic Lantern Slides, Menu and Guest Cards, Spatter Work, Picture and Scrap Screens,
Frosted Silver Work, Picture Cleaning and Restoring, illuminating and Symbolical

Colouring. Illustrated. In cloth gilt, price 28. 6d.
Practical, satisfactory in its treatment, and very interesting.”—THE QUEEN.



A Manual for Collectors. Being a Concise Account of the Development of the Potter's
Art in England. Profusely Illustrated with Marks, Monograms, and Engravings of charac.

teristic Specimens. New Edition. In cloth gilt, price 38. 6d.
The collector will find the work invaluable."-BROAD ARROW.

A Practical Handbook ou Painting and Etching upon Textiles, Fottery, Porcelain, Paper,
Vellum, Leather, Glass, Wood, Stone, Metals, and Plaster for the Decoration of our

Home By B. C. SAWARN. In ih, new " Runai 4-ance" binding, price 78, 64. Spared no pains to give useful information as to the various processes of Decorative Painting.” -ACADEMY

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FRONTISPIECE, A (from "A Guide to the Coins of Great Britain and Ireland.” Price 6., 60.).


IRELAND, in Gold, Silver, and Copper, from the earliest period

to the present time, with their value: By Major W. STEWART THORBURN. Of immense value to collectors and dealers. PLATES IN GOLD, SILVER, AND COPPER. In gold cloth, with silver fac- imiles of coins,

price 6s. 6d. “Such a book as this has n«ver before been placed vi hin the reach of the ordinary collector... A model of careful and accurate work."--THE QUEEN.

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A Manual for Collectors ; being a History and Description of the Coinage of Great Britain,

from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time. Profusely Illustrated. In cloth gilt, price 4s. A more useful, compendious, and reliable guide to the study and arrangement of the Coins of Great Britain could not well be placed in the Collector's hands.”—THE RELIQUARY.

All Books sent Carriage Free.
L. Upcott Gill, Publisher, 170, Strand, W.C.

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