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SERM. things he had seen and heard, and confiders them as unspeakble.


9. By what has been said we may be led in fome measure to the knowledge and understanding of those words of St. Paul; 1 Cor. xv. Then cometh the end, when he shall have de24...28. livered up the kingdom to God, even the Fa


ther: When be shall have put down all rule, and all authority and power.... And when all things fhall be fubdued under him, then shall the Son alfo himself be fubject unto him that put all things under him, that God may be all

in all.

Notwithstanding thefe expreffions of the Cor. xv. Apostle, certainly, Jefus Chrift, the fecond Adam, will continue to be the head of his church and people, and the glorie of the human nature, and will in all things have the pre-eminence, There will for ever be given to him honour, refpect and gratitude, for what he has done for us. His people will be with him, And his prefence with them will be a main fource of their happineffe, Thef. iv. For, as St. Paul fays: So fhall we ever be with the Lord. And our Lord prayed, sayJohn xvii. ing: Father, I will, that they also, whom thou baft given me, be with me,



where I

am, that


they may behold the glorie, which thou haft given SERM,


The meaning of that paffage I apprehend to be this: that the defign of Christ's undertaking is then accomplished. And as the motives and arguments taken from his life. on earth, from his death, refurrection, and afcenfion, were especially fuited to a state of weaknesse, and imperfection, temptation and affliction: those motives and confiderations will then in a great measure cease. And the people and followers of Jefus, brought to a state of perfection, will for the future be entirely governed by the reason of things, and the will of God. Yet ftill they will be forever thankful for the gofpel-difpenfation, and for all the condefcenfion and humiliation of the Lord Jefus, and for his after exaltation by which their hearts were won to God, and they were established, and upheld in the practise of virtue, under all the difficulties they met with here, until they were brought to glorie.

10. Though duties of moral obligation have the preference above others, yet pofitive appointments, of divine authority, are not to be omitted or neglected. Thele alfo have their use,




SERM. and are expedient in the present state of things: They were wifely appointed, and therefore ought to be fubmitted to and obeyed. It is our Lord's own determination upon the point : Luke xi. Thefe ought ye to have done: meaning the weightier matters of the law: and not to leave the other undone.


11. Finally, let us not reft fatisfied with obServing pofitive appointments, or with any external performances, or the profeffion of the principles of religion, or a partial obedience : but let us fincerely do the whole will of God, fo far as we are acquainted with it.

It may afford matter of forrowful thought and confideration, that fo many are far from that righteoufneffe, which is recommended both by reafon and revelation: that so few are eminent therein; and likewife that there are others, whose character is but doubtful, both to themselves and others.

However, our main bufineffe is not to lament, or aggravate the faults, or defects of others: but to amend our own. And fince there is reafon to fear, that many will hereafter feek to enter into the kingdom of heaven, and fhall not be able: Since we have the profpect of a reft remaining for the



ple of God, let us take heed, that we fail SERM. not thereof.


If any are able to affure their hearts before God, as fincere and upright, and have a comfortable hope of the future heavenly inheritance referved for his children: let them take the comfort of it. If ever we attain that felicity, we shall have clearer apprehenfions of these truths, then now we have, and fhall be ennobled by them. Now we know 1 Cor. but in part, and prophesy but in part, and are fanctified but in part. But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part, all imperfection, of every kind, fhall be done away.

xiii. 9.




Wisdom attainable by thofe who feek it.

PRO V. viii. 27.


I love them that love me. they that feek me early; fhall find


HE book of the Proverbs is a large collection of excellent rules, maxims and obfervations, for directing the conduct of men of every age, and almoft every circumftance and condition of life. A particular regard is herein had to perfons of tender age, unexperienced, and entring into the world. Counfels are delivered with much affection and


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