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Ecclesiæ. Sancta, Mariæ.


MARGARET, WESTMINSTER. Prope. Urbem. Poonam.

In the Court of the Dean and Jacta. Sunt. Fundamenta.

Chapter of Westminster.
Die. Janii. XVII.
Aono. Salutis. MDCCCXXI. The Office of the Judge promoted by
Georgii. IV. Regis, Britanniarum. Clinton (heretofore Fynes,) against

Viro. Prænobili.

In this case seven articles were exhibited Francisco. Marchione. de. Hastings. against Mr. Henry Hatchard, of the parish Res. Indicas. Prosperè. Gerente. of St. Margaret, Westminster, in a suit Viro. Honorabili.

touching his soul's health, and the lawful Mountstewart. Elphinstone. correction and reformation of his manners Bombaiæ. Præfecto,

and excesses; and more especially for Viro. Illustri.

quarrelling, chiding, and brawling by Thoma. Munro. Mil. de Bal. Imp. words, in the Parish Church of St.

Mar. Madrassa. Præfecto.

garet, Westminster ; as also for irreverent Gulielmo. Chaplin, Armigero. and improper conduct and behavionr durProvinciam. Deccanam. Procurante. ing Divine Service." The first of these la, Sacris. Autem,

articles set forth that Mr. Hatchard, by Patre. in. Christo. Admodum. such conduct, had become liable to eccle. Reverendo.

siastical censures, and to the operations of Thoma. Fanshaw, Middleton, S.T. P. the various statutes and canon laws in such Primo. Calcuttensi. Episcopo. cases provided : the second, that by the Viro. Venerabili.

act 5th and 6th of Edward VI. it was enGeorgio. Barnes. S.T. P.

acted as follows-" That if any person Primo. Bombaiæ, Archidiacono. wbatever shall at any time after the first Thomà. Robinson. A. M.

day of May next coming, by words only, Ecclesiæ. Apud. Poonam. Ministro. quarrel, chide, or brawl in any church or Justiniano. Natt, Centurione. church-yard, that then it shall be lawful for Operis. Curatore.

the ordinary of the place where the same Societate. Honorabili.

offences shall be done and proved by two Mercatorum. Apad. Indos Anglicorum. lawful witnesses, to suspend any person so Sumptus. Suppeditante.

offending--that is to say, if he be a layD.O.M.

man, ab ingressu Ecclesia, and if he be Opus. Hodie. Inceptum.

a clerk, from the ministration of his office In. Sempiternam. Sui. Gloriam. for so long time as the said ordinary shall Felix. Beatumque. Confirmet. by his discretion think meet and conve

dient according to the fault.” The third The plate was then inclosed in a box,

article pleaded that the said H. Hatchard, and deposited within the stone. The

on the afternoon of Sunday, the 10th of trowel and the level were then presented

December, 1820, did behave during the to the Commissioner, who fixed the stone

time of the celebration of Divine Service with the accustomed solemnities, pro- in an irreverent and disorderly manner; nouncing, “ May the great Architect of and annoy and interrupt the Rev. W. J. the Universe vouchsafe his blessing, and Rodber, clerk, assistant curate of the same may every work which we undertake re

parish, as be was passing from the vestrydound to his glory !”

room of the said church to the pulpit, and A thanksgiving was then offered by the endeavour to prevent him from preaching clergyman for the work of piety thus bap

a Bermon therein ; that at the time of this pily commenced, and a prayer for its com- interraption, the congregation was singing pletion and future prosperity.

psalms; yet that Hatchard induced some We cannot but congratulate our coun

of them to place themselves at or about trymen on every such event, so intimately the vestry-room door, and to shout out, in coonected with the interests of our Eccle

a loud tone of voice, “ We want some siastical Establishment, and with the honor

friends against the vestry-room door;" or of our name and nation in the eyes of our

words to that effect; that in consequence heathen fellow subjects.

of this, such pumbers pressed to the door, The liberality of the Government, and that the Rev. Mr. Rodber could with diffithe known talents of the executive engi- culty make his way through them. The Deer, give every promise that the elegance fourth article pleaded, tliat Mr. Hatchard of the building will answer our warmest hereupon caught the Rev. Gentleman by expectations.

the gown, and said to him, pointing to the REMEMBRANCER, No. 30.


body of the people now assembled in the Hatchard remained in the aisle of the church church,“ Here is Mr. Saunders, ready to until the beadle returned from the vestry, do his duty; why won't you let him when he asked him where Mr. Saunders preach?" That Mr. Rodber was proceed. was gone? that understanding he was in ing towards the pulpit, liaving disengaged the church-yard, the said H. Hatchard his gown, when Mr. Hatchard followed went there, and found a friend in converhim, repeating the words “ Shame, shame !" sation with bim; that that friend suggested, and that he added, “For shame, Mr. Rod- as matter of courtesy, that it would be ber; Mr. Saunders was regularly elected; proper to give forinal notice that Mr. why not let him preach ?" The fifth article Saunders was in attendance to the Reveset forth Mr. Hatchard's residence within rend Mr. Rodber, the curate officiating on the peculiar and exempt jurisdiction of the that day for Dr. Clinton; that Mr. HatDean and Chapter of the collegiate church chard went to make sach communication, of St. Peter, Westminster. The two final and in order to avoid the crowd in the articles were in the usual technical form. church-porch, passed round on the eastern (Since the citation in this cause issued, the end of the church, and entered the church reverend party has changed his name and by the north door, leading to the vestrystyle. We believe he is now the Rev. room; that as he was crossing the church Charles Fynes Clinton, Doctor of Laws, towards said door, he met Mr. Rodber comand prebendary of the collegiate church ing out therefrom, on his way towards the of St. Peter aforesaid.) To the above pulpit stairs; that the said H, Hatchard articles, a responsive allegation was then went up to Mr. Rodber, and said to brought in, on the part of Mr. Henry him in a low tove of voice, and a mild and Hatchard, and admitted. It consisted respectful manner—“Mr. Rodber, Sir, the of three articles, and was in substance Rev. Isaac Saunders is bere to perform the to this effect:- That in the autumn duty to which he has been elected;" but of the year 1820, the afternoon parochial that Mr. Rodber taking no notice of him, and upendowed lectureship of St. Mar. passed away in an opposite direction, and garet, Westminster, becoming vacant, a did not again enter the church during the vestry was beld for the purpose of electing said afternoon ; that at this time the chaua clergyman to fill that office, and that se.

cel was crowded, so that it was difficult to veral candidates having offered, a poll or pass through the same; and that on Mr. ballot was taken by the church-wardens, Rodber's parting away from Mr. H. Hatchon the 6th, 7th, and 8th of December, ard several of the byestanders cried out 1820; by the result of which it appeared, “ Shame, shame!" and hissed ; that he, that the Rev. Isaac Saunders, Rector of Mr. Hatcbard, did not interrupt or annoy the parish of St. Ann, Blackfriars, by a Mr. Rodber, and that he did not cry majority of more than 40 votes, was duly “ shame," nor observe that they wanted elected lecturer; that during the said elec- some friends at the vestry door; but im. tion a doubt was suggested, whether or no mediately upon Mr. Rodber's passing from the use of the pulpit in St. Margaret's him, he left the church. church would be granted to the lecturer The articles exhibited against Mr. by the Reverend Dr. Fynes, for the pur Hatchard, were proved by the evidence pose of preaching the evening lecture on of Mr. Rodber and two of the parishSundays ; that considerable curiosity was officers, but no evidence was offered in hereby excited among the parishioners; support of the responsive allegations of that on the ensuing Sunday (the day pre- Mr. Hatchard. dicated throughout the proceedings, being Dr. Phillimore addressed the Court in the 10th of December, 1820) an unusual support of the prosecution, and comnumber of them collected at the afternoon mented in appropriate terms upon the service, at St. Margaret's, in order to ob- enormity of Mr. Hatchard's offence, shewserve whether the use of the pulpit would ing clearly from the evidence (which be granted ; that among others, the said want of room compels us to omit), that Henry Hatchard went thither; and arrived Mr. Hatchard's interruption to Mr. Rodtowards the conclusion of the prayers; ber, was the signal for the general riot; that having learned that the said Isaac that if he could have proved his allegaSaunders, clerk, was in the vestry, he went tions, they would have been no service to to inquire if he would be allowed to preach; his cause ; and that he had been properly and being answered by that gentleman in made the subject of the present proceedthe negative, he wentinto the church, when ing. one of the beadles, coming up, told him he Drs. Jenner and Dodson, the Counsel for had orders to clear the vestry, and accord. Mr. Hatchard, stated their opinion, that it ingly proceeded so to do; that the said would not be for the advantage of their

client to attempt any defensive jastifica- whilst Mr. Rodber was passing from the tion, aod, tberefore, they left him to be vestry-room towards the pulpit, Mr. Hatchdealt with according to the mercy and ard addressed himself to Mr. Rodber, and justice of the Court.

said, “ here is Mr. Saunders ready to do The Judge then said, the fitness of this his duty, why wo'nt

you let him preach ;" proceeding can require no comment; it and that apon Mr. Rober proceeding tohas been occasioned by a scene of tumult wards the palpit, H. Hatchard followed and disorder which occurred during the him, repeating the word shaine, and that time of the performance of Divine Service from his improper conduct, the tumalt and at the parish church of St. Margaret, disorder which were increasing in the Westminster, and which, at a period now church, were aided and encouraged. To so remote from the present era, as the close these articles Mr. Hatchard gave a general of the year 1820, if it had not in fact oc. negative issue, and has counterpleaded by curred, it could scarcely he supposed to an allegation. The Court, on the admis. have happened in any place dedicated, set sibility of these allegations, felt as it still apart, and consecrated for the worship of does, that if the defendant, according to God. It is a proceeding by articles, the lis own statement, had been led to the Jodge's Office being promoted by the parish church from no other motive than Rev. Dr. C. F. Clinton, against Henry coriosity, it is to be regretted, that he was Hatchard, inbabitant of that parish, and it was satisfied when he learned from Mr. arises from the irreverent and disorderly Sauuders' own mouth, that he was not alconduct which are imputed to this person lowed to preach, and why this curiosity in the said articles, upon the day of the should immediately on the information tumult in question, and more especially for being acquired, become changed into the his “chiding and brawling by words dur- agent of an active and officious character, ing the performance of Divine Service in is as difficult to account for as the other the said parish church of St. Margaret.” parts of this person's conduct. The conThese articles plead as introductory the sent of the incumbent is necessary to give general law; by which it is required from effect to the wishes of the Electors in such all persons who resort to their respective cases, and this consent was denied ; but parish churches, on any occasion whatever this is not all that was requisite, had it to demean themselves orderly, soberly, and been obtained. The approval and allow. reverently, together with part of the 5th ance of the Ordinary is as necessary to be and 6th of Edward the Sixth, which more given to an unendowed lectureship, as inparticularly relates to brawling and chiding stitution or induction is to a Benefice. Of by words in church. The offence imputed what nse tben could it be to inform the by the articles is this, that the said Henry Reverend Mr. Rodber that Mr. Saunders Hatchard did, on the afternoon of Sunday, was there to perform the duty to which he the loth of December, 1820, wlulst at the had been elected ? That was a fact with parish church of St. Margaret, Westmin which this gentleman was sufficiently acster, and during the time of Divine Ser. quaicted before : and to speak to him, as vice therein, behave in an irreverent and be proceeded to the pulpit, in a voice lond disorderly manner, and anpoy and inter. enough to be heard by many among an rapt the Rev. William Johnson Rodber, already too heated and excited assembly Assistant Corate of the same parish, whilst of persons, is a proceeding which cannot he was passing from the vestry-room of the be justified on any ground whatever. Mr. church to the pulpit, and endeavour to Hatchard surely could have gained but prevent him preaching a sermon therein; little experience, if he was then to learn and that when the Rev. Mr. Rodber was that wliere there are legal rights of any about to pass from the vestry-room to the description, there are also legal remepalpit in order to preach such sermon, and dies; and that even the most lawful end whilst the congregation were singing a must not be pursued by unlawful means ; psalm, H. Hatcbard called to some of the and that to excite a popular feeling in said persons, and induced them to place the face of the Churchi

, is amongst the themselves near the vestry-room door, by worst of means. The Judge here fully shouting in a loud tone of voice,“ we want entered in all the evidence, which, he some friends against the vestry-room door," said, he was induced to do with unusual or to that effect, and in consequence of minuteness ; becanse, among other reawhat was then said, a considerable number sons, it appeared to him that it would have of persons immediately proceeded to the been of very prejudicial example, if this vestry-room door, so that Mr. Rodber, case had not been made the subject of could, with difficulty, effect a passage, judicial investigation ; " for this purpose,” through them. It further pleads, that said the Learned Judge,"some person must of necessity have been selected ; and it church at the tine were thereby greatly may be proper to be known, that the encouraged and increased. A conduct, I groupds upon which that selection has must add, by which the feelings of some been made appear, by all the evidence to persons then in the congregation must be fully justified, and made out in favon have been grossly offended, and their deyo. of Mr. Hatchard. From the result of tions shamefully disturbed.” that evidence, carefully and very delibe- The Court then proceeded to adjudge rately examined, it is impossible for me to to Henry Hatcbard that he be suspended say that this person has not been guilty of ab ingressu Ecclesiæ for the space of one the irreverent and improper conduct and be. month from Wednesday, the 13th ; and that haviour charged against bim; and nothing he be condemned with costs. The Court can more directly fall within the meaning expressed a hope that Mr. Hatchard would of the statute, than the words which were be sensible of the lenity shewn him in this used by him ip addressing himself to the sentence, which it was induced to do from Rev, W. J. Rodber. It also appears to the circumstance of his being by trade ag me that, not only by this iinpropriety and undertaker. irreverence of conduct, that gentleman The sentence was read in the parish was greatly apnoyed and impeded in the church of St. Margaret yesterday, during performance of his proper duties; but that the morning service. the tumult and disorder that existed in the

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Baker, J. M.A. chancellor of the diocese Jenour, Henry, to the rectory of Eppere

of Durham, to the living of St. Mary ston, Nottinghamshire.
the Less, in Durham; patrou, the King, Samuel, M.A. to the rectory of the

free chapel of Eastmanstead, Bucks. ; Barnes, H. domestic chaplain to the patron, LORD Geo. H. A. CAVENDISH.

Marquis of Westmeath, to the vicarage Lloyd, Charles, D.D. preacher at Linof Monmouth; patron, the Duke of coln's Inn, and student of Christ BEAUFORT.

Church, Oxford; is appointed canon Beckett, George, M.A. to the vicarage of of Christ Church, and regius professor

Gainsborough, and prebend of Corring- of divinity; patron, THE KING. Also ham; patron, the BISHOP of LINCOLN, to the living of Barstead cum Bognor, Buxton, George Pocock, to tho valuable Sussex; patron, the ARCHBISHOP or living of Mildenhall.

Collier, C. curate of Shotley, Suffolk, to Lynam, Robert, M.A. to be assistant

the livings of Hambledon and Branston, chaplain to the Magdalen Charitable
Rutlandshire; patrons, the Dean and Institution.

Michell, William, M.A. to the vicarage
Cooke, William, M.A. of New college, and of Compton Dundon ; patron, the rev.

succentor of Hereford Cathedral, to DR. MICHELL
be one of the domestic chaplains to Monk, J. H. B.D. regius professor of
the Right Hon. Lord Viscount Moles, Greek in the University of Cambridge,

to the deanery of Peterborough; pa-
Davies, Thomas, to the vicarage of Llan- tron, THE KING.
saintfraed, Radnorshire.

Noble, Richard, to the vicarage of Whal-
De wing, Edward, M.A. of Jesus college, ley, Lanc. patron, the ARCHBISHOP

Cambridge, to the consolidated rec- of CANTERBURY.
tories of East and West Rainham, Rawlings, William, to the rectory of
Norfolk; patron, WILLIAM AINGIE, Lansallos, Cornwall.

Rolleston, John, to the vicarage of Bur,
Edge; W. B.A. to the rectory of Nedging, ton Joyce, Nottinghamshire.
on his own petition.

Whittaker, J. W. M.A. domestic chapFootitt, J. to the vicarage of Branby in lain to the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Willows, near Newark.

to the vicarage of Blackburn ; patron, Hereford, very rev. the dean of, to a

the ARCHBISHOP, , prebendał stall in that cathedral ; patron, tbe Bishop of HEREFORD.

UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD. Holiwell, George Marshall, to the rectory of Swallow, Lincolnshire ; patron,

Degrees conferred January 28. LORD YARBOROUGH.

MASTERS OF ARTS. – Joseph Palmer
Hook, Walter Farquhar, B.A. student of Griffith, fellow of Wadham college ;

Christ Church, Oxford, and son of Richard Bethell, scholar of Wadham cob
archdeacon Hook, of Winchester Ca. clege, and Vinerian scholar of Common
thedral, to be domestic chaplain to Law.
His Grace the DUKE OF ARGYLL'. BACHELORS OF ARTS.-William Har,


ding, scholar of Wadham college ; Charles Rowley, D.D. and Master of University Candy, scholar of Lincoln college. college, to be one of his Pro-Vice-ChanFebruary 5.

cellors, in the place of the late rev. Dr. MASTERS OF ARTS. -Geo. Alexander Hodson, and he was immediately investReid, Esq. University college, grand ed with the said office. compounder ; rev. W. Oldfeld Bartlett, Feb. 18.-Mr. Richard Bracken, B.A. Merton college ; Robert Oliver, Merton scholar of Queen's college, on the Michel tollege ; Richard Fayle, St. Mary hall; Foundation, was elected fellow on the Rev. James Hatcbios, chaplain of Christ

same Foundation. Charch ; Richard Ford, Trinity college ;

Feb. 20.-The Rev. Dr. Charles Lloyd, Rev. John Ayton Wood, St. John's col- student of Christ Church, and Regius lege ; Rev. Joseph Fletcher, St. John's Professor of Divinity, in this University, college ; Rev. George Christopher Hay- was, with the usual ceremony, installed ward, scholar of Pembroke college. one of the canons of Christ Church, in

BACHELORS OF ARTS.-Walter Hindes, the room of the late rev. Dr. Hodson. B.A. of Trinity college, in the university UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE. of Dublin, and of St. Mary hall, in this miversity, was incorporated; William

Degrees conferred Jan. 23.

DOCTOR IN DIVINITY.-The rev. H. Knight, Exeter college : Henry Jones, Godfrey, president of Queen's college. Eseter college ; John Mitchel Chapman, Exeter college; Jobn William Egerton Burnett, Christ college.

BacHELOR IN DIVINITY.The rev. T. Green, Baliol college ; Charles Dodgson, student of Christ Church ; Joseph Thos. Pedder, Esq. Trinity hall


BACHELOR IN CIVIL LAW.-J. Lowes James Hewlett, Worcester college.

February 13.
February 16.

BACHELOR IN Divinity.The Rev.
MASTERS OF ARTS. - Robert Bateman Tbomas Rennell, of King's college, vicar
Paal, fellor of Exeter college ; Rev. C. of Kensington.
Bethel Otley, Wadham college ; Robert MASTER OF ARTS.-Geo. Fred. Parry,
Ibbetson Bazett Henshaw, Queen's col. Esq. Trinity college.
ege; Robert Gosling, Christ Church ; BACHELOR IN PHYSIC.-Abraham E.
Roger Mallock, Christ Church.

Gregory, Esq. Jesus college. BACHELORS OF ARTS.-John Bailward,

February 20. Esq. Baliol college, grand compounder ; BACHELOR OF ARTS.-Matthew RobinJames Anthony Savage. Esq. Trinity son, Caius college. college, grand compounder ; John May- Jan. 25.-Dr. Smith's Mathematical pard, Exeter college ; Edw. Paris New, Prizes were adjudged to Hannet Holfellow of St. John's college ; Edward ditch, B.A. of Caius college, and Mitford Coleridge, Exhibitioner of Corpus Christi Peacock, of Bene't college. college, Chas. Tookey, Magdalen hall ; Feb. 5.-The following gentlemen of Rev. Barton Boucher, Baliol college; Corpus Christi college, were elected felRiebard Young, fellow of New college ; lows of that Society :-The rev. William Edward Bullock, Christ Church; Bick- Farley Wilkinson, B.A.; Henry Blake, ban Sweet Estcott, Christ Church ; G. Esq. B.A.; and Mitford Peacock, Esq. Pollen Boileau Pollen, Christ Church; B.A. Cyril Geo. Hutchinson, student of Christ

ORDINATIONS. Church; Henry Stevens, Oriel college. Jan. 27.- At a private Ordination this

Feb. 2.- Tbe Rev. Ashhurst Turner day, at the palace of Gloucester, by the Gilbert, B.D. Vice-Principal of Brase- Hon. and Right rev. the Lord Bishop sese college, was elected principal of that of Gloucester, the following gentlemen Society, in the room of the rev. Dr. were admitted into Holy Orders. Hodson, deceased.

DEACONS.-J. Buchanan, B.A. Wada Feb. 3.-Henry Stonehouse, scholar, ham college, Oxford; H. Barrow Evans, was admitted fellon of New college. M.A. Wadham college, Oxford ; Augustus

Feb. 5.-In Convocation, the rev. T. Clissold, M.A. Exeter college, Oxford. Lee, D.D. president of Trinity college, PRIESTS. Hely Hutchinson Smith, was nominated one of the Delegates of B.A. Baliol college, Oxford ; Wm. Sam. the Clarendon Press; and the rev. Peter Birch, M.A. Oriel college, Oxford ; John Elmsley, M.A. of Christ Church, was no- Hunter, M.A. Magdalen college, Oxford. minated one of tbe Delegates of Estates,

MISCELLANEOUS INTELLIGENCE. in the room of the rev. Dr. Hodson, late principal of Brasenose college.

BERKSHIRE. Feb. 12.-10 Convocation, the Right Married. The rev. J. B. S. Carwi. Hon. Rt. Peel, D.C.L. of Christ Church, then, vicar of Sandhurst, Berks, to Mrs, and one of his Majesty's principal Seó Faulkner, daughter of the late General cretaries of State, was unanimously re- Spry, of the Engineers. elected one of the Representatives in

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. Parliament for this University.

Married.-At High Wycombe, the rev. In the same Convocation, the rev. the Thomas Boy's, only son of Admiral Boys, Yice-Chancellor nomipated thc rev. G, to Miss Somers, of that place.

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