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lot was cast, and have commanded fice, and to which Camden, Dagdale, and the homage of mankind by their numerous other no less celebrated to learning. judgment, fortitude, cha. pographers are largely indebted for their

fame." P. 258. rity, and true devotion. Their example has been worthily followed Leland was also distinguished by in the Church which they reformed his piety and grateful celebration of and renovated; and among the in- the gifts and dispensations of the numerable saints and sages whose Divine Providence. useful lives have been passed with Avidity in the pursuit of learning reout public notice or distinction, commended John Prideaux to those pa. Mr. Shuttleworth has proved the trons who opened to him a path in life successive and continued merit of more brilliant than his enthusiastic thoughts modern ecclesiastics by adverting to could have contemplated. So humbly was the example and sketching the bio. he situated previously, that he conceived

he was aspiring very highly when he graphy of Leland, Hooker, J. Pri.

offered himself a candidate for the office deaux, Fuller, Pearson, Cudworth, of Parish Clerk of Uyborongh in DevonPatrick, Tillotson, Barrow, Stilling. skire. The chagrin he experienced upon fleet, Whitby, Marsh, H. Prideaux, his defeat on that occasion, and an appaW. Lowth, Wilson, Clarke, R. New. rent disposition to cultivate his underton, Secker, T. Ņewton, R. Lowth,

standing, induced a female friend of his Parkhurst, Paley, and Porteus. The family to be at the charge of obtaining him

better instructions than his parents could anecdotes of J. Clarke will bear provide. His progress was deemed so rerevision; his controversies on the markable, that with some trifling pecuTrinity did impair his reputation as niary assistance from his neighbours he rea a divine. The portraits of Leland, paired to Oxford, and was contented to J. Prideaux, and Parkhurst, are

fulfil the servile duties of a College for the unexceptionable, and will not be opportunities the situation afforded him of contemplated without improvement. himself conspicuous-at the age of eighteen

prosecuting his studies. He soon rendered « John Leland, the great antiquary, was admitted a member of the University, overthrew a highly cultivated mind by an took his degrees rapidly, and at the age of ardent desire to rescue from oblivion such thirty-four was elected Rector of his Colobjects of interest and antiquity, as the lege. His elevation to that dignity is cou. destroying zeal of the Reformers had for- sidered the dawn of its prosperity and tunately overlooked. He traversed nearly fame. Three years afterwards he was apthe whole kingdom, visited every wreck pointed Regius Professor of Divinity, and of its ecclesiastical grandeur, collected the consequently Canon of Christ Church and missals and manuscripts which the piety of Rector of Ewelme in Oxfordslrire. He individuals had snatched from the ven officiated as Vice Chancellor several years, geance of the enthusiasts, and was pre- and was ultimately nominated to the sec paring the result of his inestimable labonrs of Worcester : but his zeal and loyalty for the public eye, when the worst cala, marked him out for persecution; and to so mity which can befal human nature op. low a state of poverty was he reduced, that pressed his faculties and consumed his life. even the clerkship of Ugborough became Intellectual application, bodily fatigue, once more in his estimation a mynificent and affliction for the sad desolation be had provision. As a Bishop, he experienced witnessed, combined to undermine his con- more wretchedness and greater privations stitution; and after passing two years in than in the bumble cottage of his parents; anabated insanity, he terminated an exist- and on his death-bed he had no comfort ence incalcalably valuable to literatare and but what his conscience imparted, no lehis country, without one returning interval gacy to leave his children bnt what this of reason. His classic attainments, skill short and verbal testament expressed :in foreign languages, taste for curious re 'Pious poverty; God's blessing; a father's search, and singular industry, procured prayers, and an example of strict integrity bim the appointment of one of the King's and honour.” P. 262. chaplains, keeper of his library, and royal “ John Parkhurst inherited a valuable antiquarian (antiquary.) To these consi- estate, to which Church patronage was atderable Chorch preferment was added, but tached; but having selected the clerical without paralyzing for a moment that life from early predilection, he pursued it energy to which he fell an undmely sacris simply from principles of piety and a wish

to do good. When a living in his gift be. all ages they have rendered to socame vacant, he presented an individual ciety, the arts, and literature. It is without any other recommendation, than

true that there are higher grounds his own couscientious belief, that he would faithfully perform all the important duties

on which they may command reof a parish priest. Sufficiently rich in spect; but the pleasing views of what Providence had bestowed upon him, clerical usefulness, benevolence, and he never sought or accepted preferment, piety, which this volume presents, but with singular humility fulfilled for have not therefore been drawn in many years the duty of Curate in his own

vain; and if they do not succeed in parish. Although his patrimony devolved to him

unexpectedly, it caused no change abating the prejudices of the intein the habits of life he had prescribed him. rested, the malignant, and the ir. self, when only a student in College ; and religious, they will conciliate in the all his enjoyment seemed concentrated in mind of the candid and benevolent promulgating the amiable doctrines of that affectionate esteem which, notChristianity. He compiled an Hebrew withstanding the infirmities of huand English, and a Greek and English

man nature, is due to the eccle. lexicon; applied himself to the Scriptures siastical orders, and is an act of without plausible apologies for less profit humanity and of true religion. able indulgences; was devoted to truth, candour, and benevolence; and combated

If the author should receive the every constitutional failing with success. recompence which he merits, and a He thus rendered a long life serene and second edition of his work should be happy, and passed into a better world tri- required, or the dignities of the uniphant over the passions and temptations Church should be conferred uport of the present.” P. 290.

their strenuous advocate, he will The Church and the Clergy will probably learn the distinction which not be ashamed of the light in which he has hitherto overlooked between Mr. Shuttleworth has placed them, a prebend and a prebendary, an nor disown the obligations which in office and an officer.

MONTHLY REGISTER. SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING ritable institutions, and wherever else

occasions have been offered for distri. CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE.

buting them to advantage. Upon a re. Diocesan and District Committees. presentation from T. C. Plonden, Esq.

that he had found the Books and Tracts Calculta Diocesan Committee.

obtained from the stores of the ComThe Diocesan Committee at Cab mittee, highly useful and acceptable to culta have forwarded their report persons employed in his office, it was for the year 1820. Early in the resolved to make known, to the Chrisyear, the Committee received a large tians employed as Writers in the several consignment of the Society's Family principal Public Offices, the existence of Bible, to the value of 5581. forty copies these publications, which are so cheap, of which have been disposed of. The and so much calculated to do good. Committee having likewise received from Accordingly, a circular on the subject the Society, in the course of the year, was addressed to the heads of departvery large consignments of Bibles, Tes, ments. In this circular, the Committee taments, Common Prayer Books, and respectfully request, that catalogues of religious Tracts, have been enabled to the Books and Tracts may be circulated furnish abundant supplies of those books among the Christians employed in several and tracts to the several depôt stations, public offices; and, at the same time, particularly to the depôts at Dinapore give an assurance, that, upon the appliand Meerut, and to the depôt recently cation of the head of each department, established at Dacca and Chittagong. they will have much pleasure in supplyof Prayer Books, Tracts, and elemen- ing from their stores, either at reduced tary Books, the Committee have also prices, or gratuitously; whatever may be continued to afford supplies, as they required for the use of such persons. A have been called for, to the Military great number of persons thankfully Orphan Asylum, the Free School, the availed themselves of the offer; and a Female Orphan Asylum, and other cba- large quantity of Books and Tracts were

furnished accordingly, the greater part Pottahs for ten years. The Schools being regularly paid for at the Society's were nearly completed, and were to be prices. A small stock was also placed opened early in the year 1821. An able under the care of Dr. Willich, for the Pundit was engaged for the immediate use of the apprentices and other Chris- superintendance of their Schools; and tians employed in the Botanical Gar. the Committee were prepared to estadens.

blish, and to complete the circle as The Committee being desirous of turn- favourable opportunities shall offer. ing their attention to the translation of The Committee have taken under their Tracts into the languages of India, and patronage, and have provided a teacher the Society having, in addition to former for the principal school at Barripore ; grants, placed another sum of 1000l. at they have also determined to revive three the disposal of the Right Reverend the or four other Schools, which were for. President ; his Lordship has resolved to merly established at the same place, as appropriate a part of the sum to the ex- competent masters may be found. pence of publishing a translation into The Christian School at Barrackpore, Hindostanee, both in the Nagree and under the patronage of the Most Noble Nustaliq characters, of Sellon's Abridg- the Marchioness of Hastings, bas likewise ment of the Holy Scriptures,” a work beon placed under the care of the Dio. admirably calculated for the purposes of cesan School Committee; her Ladysbip the Committee. The superintendance having been pleased to signify her wish and revision of this work has been kindly of transferring it to them, and ber intentindertaken by the Rev. D. Corrie, under tion of providing funds for its support. whose care it has already made consis The Committee having expressed their derable progress. The Committee anti. sense of the honour conferred on them cipate means of doing very extensive by this mark of contidence, her Ladyship good in the department of translating was generously pleased to inform them, and printing the Society's Books and that“ being solicitous to place the Traets, by the happy instrumentality of School in their hands in good repair, to the “ Mission College of the Society for prevent the necessity of any great exthe Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign pense till the fund proposed for its supParts," now happily commenced; while port shall have accumulated," she would they also hope, that the liberality of the consider the Committee as prepared to pablic will enable them at present to take the charge of it from the 1st of efect something under this head, which January, 1821. The School meanwhile is likely to become so important a branch was to undergo a thorough repair. of their labour.

The Committee, iu consequence of reRespecting the Native Schools, the presentations made to them, have lately Committee state, that the circle to the turned their attention to the remote and southward of Calcutta, has been com obscuro station of Noacolly, in the displeted by the addition of two Schools, trict of Tipperah; and bave determined que at Russapugly, and the other at Bal to establish a School at that place. Mr. lygunge ; that both these Schools were Plonden, who kindly interests himself alled almost as soon as opened; and that respecting the condition of a Christian the attendance of the children has con population settled around bim, having tinued undiminished. A class has been engaged to defray the expence of the selected, from the several Schools in the building, and to superintend the managecircle, of the best proficients in Bengalee, ment of its concerns, the Committee who, after attending the regular duties have provided a Schoolmaster competent of the morning in their own School, to take charge of the School.. assemble in the afternoon in the Central The Right Reverend the President of School of Beltollah, to receive instruc- the Committee having announced his tion in English. The Committee also intention of establishing a Christian state, that they have at length been ena School, to be attached to the new Church bled to commence a second circle of of St. James, in Calcutta, the Diocesan Schools in the district of Cossipore, to School Committee, who understood that the northward of Calcutta, where some the sum in his Lordship's hands would degree of difficulty had before been ex not be fully adequate to complete the perienced. Two spots, well situated work as might be desired, placed at his with reference to the population and to disposal, if it should be required, a surmeans of access, bave been procured on ther sum of 2000 Sicca Rupees.

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Ashbridge, Joseph, to the vicarage of Devon ; patrons, the Dean and CaĄpHeath, Derbyshire,

TER of EXETER. Bagnell, William Webber, B.A. to the Birdwood, W. J. M.A, to the vicarago of

perpetual curacy of Honiton's Clyst, Holne, Devon. REMEMBRANGER. N. 37,



Bonney, Henry Kaye, M.A. to the arch

tor in Divinity in the cathedral church deaconry of Bedford; patron, the LORD of Hereford. Bishop of LINCOLN.

Meade, T. R. to the rectory of Marston Boulton, Henry, LL.B. to the vicarage Bigot, Somerset ; patron, the EARL of

of Sibsey, Lincolnshire; patron, the Cork LORD CHANCELLOR.

Nicolay, G. F. L. M.A. rector of St. MiCoke, Francis, to hold by dispensation, chael and St. Martin Vintry, London,

the vicarage of Sellack, and the cha to hold by dispensation the vicarage pelry of King's Chapel annexed, with of Little Marlon, Bucks. the rectory of Gladestry, Radnor; pa Nourse, William, M.A. to the roetory of trons, the Dean and CHAPTER of HE Chapham, Sussex; patron, RichaKD

WATT WALKER, Esq. Coke, George, B.A. to the rectory of Penrice, C. M.A. to the rectory of Little

Aylton, Herefordshire; patron, the Plumstead, with Witton and Brundall Earl of OXFORD.

annexed, Norfolk; on his own petition. Darson, H. M.A. to the rectory of Bun. Prichard, Richard, B D. rector of Lanwell, Norfolk; patron, Sir R. J. Bux gan, appointed Senior Vicar Choral of TON, Bart. of Shadwell Lodge.

Llandaff'; patrons, the CHAPTER. Day, E. B.A. to the rectory of Kirby Roberis, T. G. to the rectory of Llana

Bedon St. Andrew, Norfolk ; patron, ber, Merioneth; patron, thc LORD Mrs. M. DAY.

CUANCELLOR. Foot, J. S. to the vicarage of Liskeard, Skinner, R. B.A. to the rectory of Samp

Cornwall, patron, Rev. P. F. Hony, ford Peverell, Devon ; patrons, Jonn of All Souls' college.

: Silifant and Thomas Hugo, Esqrs. Ford, C. M.A. to the rectory of Billing Spurway, J. M.A. to the rectory of Pitt ford, Norfolk ; patron, T. W. COKE, Portion, founded in the church of TiEsq. of Holkham Hall.

verton ; patron, Rev. R. SPURWAY. Freer, Thomas Lane, M. A. to the vicar Tattersall, T. M.A. fellow of Queen's

age of Wasperton, Warwick, by dis college, Cambridge, to the perpetual pensation ; patron, Rev. Joun Lucy, curacy of St. Matthew's, Liverpool.

M.A. as rector of Hampton Lury. Vicars, Matthew, to the rectory of AllGrace, H. T. to the vicarage of West ham; hallows, Exeter; patron, THE KING, patron, LORD G. H. CAVENDISH.

by reason of lapse. Hacker, Nicholas Marshall, to the rec Watson, T. M.A. to the rectory of Thurl.

tory of Kiddington, Oxon ; patron, ton, and to the perpetual curacy of LOND VISCOUNT Dillon.

Hardley, Norfolk; patrons, the CorHodgkinson, J. of Brasenose college, to PORATION of NORWICH.

the vicarage of Leigh, Lancashire ; Webb, John, to the vicarage of Cardiff"; patron, LORD LILFORD.

patrons, the DEAN and CHAPTER of Hopkins, W. M.A. to the rectory of Fitz, GLOUCESTER.

Shropshire; patron, the Lord CHAN White, W. H. M.A. of Wadham college, CELLOR,

to the vicarage of St. Mary Bredin, Hughes, Thomas Lewis, M A. appointed Canterbury; patron, HENRY LEE

one of the domestic chaplains of LORD Warner, Esq. COMBERMERE.

Wilson. H. vicar of Great Bedwin, to the Humphreys, Robert, B.A. to the perpe rectory of Collingbourne Ducis, Wills;

tual curacy of Bramley, near Leeds. patron, the Marquis of AYLES BURY. Hurlock, J. T. D.D. of St. John's col. Wylde, Charles, D.D. to the rectory of

lege, Cambridge, to the prebendal stall Waltham, Norfolk; patrons, the CHapof Husborne and Burbage, in the ca TER of the COLLEGIATE CHURCI of thedral of Salisbury; patron, the Lord SOUTHWELL. BISHOP.

Wyndham, Henry Penruddocke, M.A. Jacob, John, to the perpetual curacy of fellow of New college, Oxford, to the

St. Aubyn's Chapel, Plymouth Dock; rectory of Sandford Parva, Essex ; patron, Rev. THOMAS WILLIAMSON, patrons, the WARDEN and FELLOWS.

rertor of Stoke Damarel. Jeffery, John, D.D. to the rectory of

UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD. Exton, Somerset ; patrons, JOHN Degrees conferred November 29.

EverxD and JosepU JEFFERY, Esqrs. BACHELORS OF ARTS.-John Law, ExMainwaring, James, appointed one of eter college ; Francis Hole, Queen's col.

the domestic chaplaius of Earl So- lege; Walker King, Oriel college ; WilMERS.

liam Heathcotc, Oriel college; Henry Livingstone, Terence, to the rectory John Lewis, Worcester college. of Bigbury, Devon ; patron, PETER

December 1.

BACHELORS OF ARTS.-Edward MaxMatthews, Arthur, B.D. fellow of Braze. well Griffith, Exeter college ; James

nose college, and prebendary of Here- Galloway, Exeter college ; Thomas Law. ford, admitted to the office of Prelec rauce Bloxham, scholar of Lincoln cola

lege; Joseph Cooke, Magdalen hall ; December 4.–The names of the follow, John Edward Gray, Oriel college ; John ing gentlemen, who had boen respecEreleigh, Oriel college; Carr Jobn Glyn, tively nominated to succeed to the office esq. student of Christ Church; James of select preacbers at Michaelmas next, Edward Leslie, Christ Church ; Archibald were approved in convocation, viz. : rev. Crawfurd, Baliol college ; Thomas Bou- George Glced, B D. fellow of St. John's cher Coney, Baliol college ; Edward college; rev. Benjamio Parsons Symons, Gardiner, Baliol college ; Thomas Biss B.D. fellow of Wadham college ; rey. land, Baliol college, Charles Ingram William Daniel Conybeare, M.A. of Ford, Worcester college ; Joseph Daniel, Christ Church; rev. Jobn Keble, M.A.

Foreester college; Jobn Edward Wilson fellow of Oriel college; rev, William Panton, University college ; James Gras Crowe, B.C L. New college. sett, University college ; Johor Joscph El December 8.-The rev. Henry Hart lis, fellow of St. John's college; Benja- Milman, M.A. of Brasenose college, and min Holford Banger, fellow of St. John's vicar of St. Mary's, Reading, was elected college.

professor of poetry, in the room of the December 4.

rev. John Josias Conybeare, of Christ MASTERS OF ARTS.-Rev. Charles Wil Church, resigned. liam St. John Mildmay, fellow of Merton Mr. Thomas Medland, commoner of college ; rev. Thomas Williams, Christ

Baliol college, was admitted scholar of Church; rev. Robert Downes, Worcester Corpus Christi college, for the diocese of college.

Exeter. BACHELORS OF ARTS. - James Allan The following subjects are proposed Park, esq. Baliol college, grand com for the chancellor's prizes for the ensupounder; Thomas Lawrence, Ereter col. ing year: lege; John Pyke, Exeter college ; Za For Latio verses, Alpes ab Annibale chary James Edwards, scholar of Wad- superata. kam college ; Thomas Horatio Walker, For an English esssy, On the Study of Oriel college ; Ricbard Harrington, Christ Moral Evidence. Churek ; George Hawkins, scholar of For a Latin essay, An, te vera, preva. Corpus Christi college ; Richard Henry luerit apud Eruditiores Antequorum PolyMostyn Pryce, Corpus Christi college; theismus ? George Grimstead, Magdalen college ; The first of the above subjects is in. George Newton, Trinity college ; Wil tended for those gentlemen of the uniliam Hutchinson, Brasenose college ; versity who have not exceeded four years John Lodge, Brasenose college ; Cicero from the time of their matriculation ; Rabbits, Worcester college.

and the other two for such as have exDecember 11.

ceeded four, but not completed seven MASTER OF ARTS. Rev. Thomas years. Wyett, Trinity college,

Sir Roger NEWDIGATE's PRIZE.-For BACHELORS OF ARTS.-William Drake the best composition in English verse, Sealy, St. Alban hall; William Strate not containing either more or fewer than too, St. Edmund hall; John Wetherall, fifty lines, by any under graduate who Brasenose college ; Edmund Philip Stock, has not exceeded four years from the Magdalen hall, Edward Trelawny, Oriel time of his matriculation. Palmyra. college ; Henry Thursby, Oriel college ;

UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE. John Williams, Jesus college ; Thomas Procter, Jesus college ; Frederic Rich December 1.-On Wednesday last the ard Stevens, Worcester college ; Henry following gentlemen were admitted to Peyton Sadler, Pembroke college.

the undermentioned degrees:December 17.

DOCTOR IN DIYINITY.--The rev. Jobn MASTER OF ARTS.-Rev. Wm. Hawkes Jeffery, St. John's college. Langley, Christ Church.

Master of Arts.-Edward R. Tunno, BACHELORS OF ARTS.-Thomas Henry Trinity college. Walpole, All Souls' college ; John Hobart BACHELOR IN Civịt Law. -Edward Seymour, Exeter college ; John Barn. Horne, St. Peter's college. well, Pembroke college ; Henry Philips, Bacu ELOR IN Puysic. - Frederick Queen's college; Robert Yarker, Queen's Granger, Emmanuel college. college ; Henry Addington Simcoe, Wad BACHELOR OF ARTS.-George William ham college ; Charles Wood, Oriel col B. Daniell, Caius college. lege ; James Robert Chaplyn, Trinity December 7.-At a congregation on college ; John Wickes Tomlinson, Tri. Wednesday last, the following degrees rity college ; William Henry Cartwright, were conferred: Trinity college ; Edward Churton, Christ HONORARY MASTER OF ARTS.-Rev. R. Church; William Lyde Wiggelt, Univer: Skinner, of St. Peter's college. sity college.

BACHELOR IN Civil Law.-Rev. Charles The whole number of degrees in Mi- Burton, of St. John's college. 'chaelmas term was, B.D. 1; B.C.L. 1; At the samç congregation William M.4. 22; B.A. 76 ; Matriculations 112. Wilkinson, M... of Trinity hall, was

Į ?

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