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banded soldiers, who had received from Majesty, King George' the Third, the Provisional Government grants of the C. 45 : entitled “ An Act for build. lauds they occupied, and had been encou- ing and promoting the building of raged to cultivate them by an allowance additional Churches in populous of provisions to assist them at the commencement of their labours. Upon in

Parishes." quiry, he foond, with much concern, that Second Report of His Majesty's there was only one person among them whio

Commissioners, appointed, &c. could read; this was a female. He immediately went to see her, and was highly " In making this Report, His Majesty's pleased to discover in her not only a sondd Commissioners think that it will be for understanding, but apparently a miud pic the general convenience, that they shonid ously disposed. Slre informed him that detail, summarily, the tenour of their Reshe took as much pains as the little time port made on the 3d February 1821. she could afford would allow (for they " Lu that Report it was stated that were extremely poor, and she was obliged letters patent bad issued under seal of the to work very hard with her husband op United Kingdom of Great Britain and the farm), in edarating her children, and Ireland, appointing the Right Honourable instilling into their minds principles of re- and Honourable persons therein vained, ligion. She professed a firm attachinent Commissioners for carrying the before. to the Church of England. Her library mentioned Act of Parliament into execuconsisted of a bible and prayer-book. As tion. he could not but deplore the wretclied “ His Majesty's Commissioners then state of those families ignorant of religión, proceeded to detail the steps which tiey and with notlving to distinguish the Holy had deemed it expedient to adopt, for the Sabbath of the Lord from any other day, purpose of carrying into effect the daties tre regtested this poor womad to assemble entrusted to thein; particularly those as many of her neighbours as would attend which they lrad taken to obtain correct at her tent on Sundays to read to them the information as to the places in the metroHoly Scriptures, and to offer up some of polis, and in its vicinity, and also in what the prayers in the Liturgy. He also gave other parts of England and Wales, wbere her a volume of sermons, and asked her to the bounty, of Parliament conld be most sead one of them at the same time. She beneficially expended in erecting Churches seemed nuch pleased with the proposal, and Chapels for the performance of divine which was most acceptable to many others service, according to the rites of tbe in the settlement. He conceives that United Church of England and Ireland as this simple mode of instruction, where no by law established, ether way could be provided for their spi- “ The Report then sets forth, that His ritnal improvement, miglit, through the Majesty's Commissioners, in order to obblessing of God, be productive of good tain correct information as to the extent effect, and the means of leading some of of popnlation, and the want of charch those ignorant beings to the knowledge of accommodation, in the several parishes Divinie Truth, and the Father of mercies and extra-parochial places, had invited might, even by the instrunieotality of this their Lordships the Bishops to form Dissolitary, individnal, raise up children to trict Boards in their several Dioceses, and himself in the wilderness. On his way to 'had prepared instructions for their use Fredericton he performed divine service and information. That they had abo at the Great Falls, and preached to a small prescribed the mode to be adopted by congregation of eigiiteen, consisting of'pere such parishes as might be entitled to the sons who had accidentally met there, pass- benefit of the Act, in applying for aid ing up and down the river. During his according to their several circumstances. stay in New Brunswick, he occupied bim- The Report further stated, that certain self in visiting several settlements, where rules and regulations, as directed by the the people seemed mach devoted to their Act, had been drawn up for the conduct religious concerns."

of the general proceedings of His Majesty's

Commissioners, who had made such other NEW CHURCHES.

rules and regulations as they deemed er: The following is the Second Re. pedient and necessary to be fixed and port of His Majesty's Commis- known for the furtherance of the purpeses sioners, appointed by virtue of an

of the Act, the general tenour of which is

detailed in the last Report. Act of Parliament, passed in the

“ The Report then sets forth the mea. 58th year of the reign of His latesures of precaution which bis Majesty'

Commissioners had taken to obtain the Report already land heforé Parliam ent, best possible assurance of the stability of' will proceed to detail the progress which the buildings to be erected by them, and they have since made in the execution of: the beueficial consequences which had their duties : accrued. A statement was also given of “ His Majesty's Commissioner's are the number of applications which had gratified at being able to report, that reu been made for aid; and of those which new Churches or Chapels have been conthad been rejected, as dot coming within pleted at the following places-at Black its enactments.

burn, in the county of Lancaster; Bittoni, “ Annexed to the Report was a list of in the county of Gloncester; Birmingham, the places in which His Majesty's Come in the county of Warwick; Walcot, in the missioners had deemed it expedient, that city of Bath ; Chathain, in the conoty of additional Churches or Chapels should be Kent; Christchurch, in the county of built, the names of the parishes or town- Southampton ; Oswestry, in the county ships in which they were sitnate, the ex- of Salop; Stepney, in the county of Midisting population and Church accommo- dlesex; Wandsworth, in the connty of dation, the number of new Churches or Surrey; and in Regent-street, : in the Chapels proposed to be built, and the parish of St. James, Westminster, in the accommodation therein, as well in pews, county of Middlesex ; in which accomo-.. ás in free seats for the use of the poor; dation lias been provided for four thousand the amonnt of the architects' estimates and eighty one persons in pews, and fur: where the same had been received, the nine thousand pine bundred and furty-nine specific grants proposed to be made in poor persons in free seats; that the aid of the undertaking, whese parishes Churches or Chapels at Blackburn, Bittou, subscribed part of the expense, the pro. Chatham, Oswestry, and in Regent-street, bable amount of subscriptions, the sum St. Jaines, Westminster, lave been consethen issued in Exchequer bills, the loans crated, and Divine Service is regularly proposed to be made, and a statement performed therein ; and that the Churches whether the sites for the proposed or Chapels at Birmingham, Waleot, Charcbes and Chapels were provided or Christchnrch, and Wandsworth, will be not, whether provided by gift or subscrip- conseernted in the course of a very fewe tion, or out of the Parliamentary fand; weeks. That the sum to be paid out of also, a calculation of the extent of the the Parliamentary `grant towards the exprobable expense of erecting the Churches pense of erecting these Churches or Chiaand Chapels, and the amount of loans pels will amount to about sixty-tive proposed to be made by His Majesty's thousand pounds, Commissioners,

“ His Majesty's Commissioners ivave “ His Majesty's Commissioners annexed further to report, that at the under-mento such Report various Schedules, shewing tioned thirty places, Churches or Chapels the places in which new. Churches or are now building, most of which it will be Chapels were then erecting, with extracts observed, by a reference to the Report of of reports from the architects, of the state the Architects contained in a Schedule of the works at that time. A list was hereto annexed, marked (B.) will be comadded of places wherë vew Churches or pleted in the course of the present and Chapels were to be built, and where His the following year , viz. at Ashton-u..derMajesty's Commissioners liad approved of Lyne; in the county of Lancaster; one at plans, and where steps were taking to ob- Bordlesley, and another at Erdington, taip tenders, preparatory to contracts both in the parish of Astou, in the county being made; also, a list of places where of Warwick; at Barnesley, in the county plans bad been obtained, and were under of York; in the parish of St. Augnstine, in the consideration of the Board, and of the city of Bristol ; Chelsea, in the county other places where new Churches or of Middlesex; Padsey, in the parish of Chapels were to be built, but where plans Calverley, in the county of York; Cane had not been delivered. A separate state- berwell, in the county of Surrey; Hackney, ment was also given of places where ap- in the county of Middlesex; Hawarden, plications bad been 'made to the Board for in the county of Flint; Kidderminster, in aid, which could not be granted, from the the county of Worcester; two in the apprehension that the Parliamentary find parish of Lambeth, in the county of would be totally exhausted in the comple- Surrey-namely, one at Brixton and the tiou of the Churches and Chapels which other at Kennington; Tyldesley, in the they had previously proposed to build. > parish of Leigh, in the county of Lancas

“ His Majesty's; Conunissioners having ter: Hoghton, in the parjah of Layland, in thus recapitulated the general tenour of the the county of Lancaster ; two in the parista

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of St. Mary-le-bone, in the county of Mid- “ His Majesty's Commissioners beg dlesek-pamely, one in Wyndham-place, leave to reportt, that notwithstanding the and the other in Langham-place ; at Man- valuable assistance which they had thus 'chester, in the county of Lancaster ; , obtained, they found it impossible, from *Nottingham, in the connty of Nottingham; the great increase of business since the Nuneaton, in the county of Warwick; in last Report, to proceed with satisfaction the parish of St. Lake, Old-street, in the to themselves, or with that despatch county of Middlesex; Prestwich, in the which is so important to the exeention of conaty of Lancaster; Portsca, in the the works which His Majesty's Commis. county of Southampton; two in the parish missioners have to carry into effect. of St. Pancras, in the county of Middle- Under these circumstances they deemed sex-namely, one in Regent's-sqnare, and it expedient to engage in their constant the other in Somers Town ; Stockport, in employ a professional gentleman, and they the conoty of Lancaster; in Broad-lane, accordingly appointed a surveyor for the in the town of Sheffield, in the county of before-mentioned purposes, aad His MaYork; West Bromwich, in the county of jesty's Commissioners have the satisfaction Stafford;. Workington, in the connty of to add, that experience has fully proved Cuoiberland ; and at Stanley, in the parish the necessity and advantage of such apof Wakefield, in the county of York. pointment. These Churches and Chapels will afford “ His Majesty's Commissioners have accommodation for twenty-two thousand further to report, that plans have been four hundred and seventy four persons in Jaid before them, and, after due considepews; and for twenty-five thousand nine ration, have been approved, for ten hundred and eleven poor persons in free Churches or Chapels to be built at the seats.

following places ; viz, at Attercliffe, in the “ In the last Report His Majesty's county of York; Bolton, in the county of Commissioners stated, that they had Lancaster; Chorley, in the same county; thought it advisable, with the view of at Belper, in the parish of Duffield, in calling forth a general competition, and the county of Derby; near Waterloo. of bringing forward professional talent in bridge, in the parish of St. Mary Lambeth, various parts of the country, to call for in the county of Surrey ; Stafford-street, plans from the applicants, noder the direc- in tlie parislı of St. Marylebone, in the tion of their several local Committees; county of Middlesex ; Suffolk-street, in and that having found it impossible, at the parish of St. Mary Newington, in the their general Board, to examine minutely county of Surrey ; at Salford, in the town into the details of the several plans sub- of Manchester; near the Infirmary, at mitted to them, in respect to the arrange- Sheffield, in the county of York; and at ment of the interior, and various parts of Preston, in the county of Lancaster. And the construction of the buildings; they as soon as tenders for the performance of bad deemed it expedient to appoint a these several works are received, and seBuilding Committee, for the purpose of lections made therefrom, and the usual taking into consideration such plans, with contracts and bonds formed upon them, the several circumstances which might at- the buildings will be begrp. tend the execution of them; that under “ His Majesty's Commissioners have also such* reference, the Building Committee plans before them for consideration, for had examined into the onmber and ar- twenty-three Churches or Chapels prorangement of the sittings, the estimated posed to be built at the following places: charge of the buildings, the tenders for the at Bermondsey, in the county of Sarrey; performance of the several works, with one at Shipley, and another at Wilsdes, the securities to be given for the due exe. in the parish of Bradford, in the county cntion of the same, and the several par- of York; at Bishops Wearmouth, in the ticulars attendant thereon, with the as- connty of Darham; Farnworth, in the sistance of such information as they parish of Dean, in the connty of Lancaster; could obtain from the Reports of the three in the parish of Dewsbury, in the several local Committees; and that as a county of York, namely, one at Hanging measure of precaution, and in order to Eaton, a second on Dewshary Moor, and obtain the best possible assurance of the the third at Eales Eaton; at Netherton; stability of the buildings, His Majesty's in the parish of Dudley, in the county of Commissioners had, in every casé, recourse

Worcester; Edmonton, in the county of to the opinion of the architects' attached Middlesex"; Greenwich, in the connty of to His Majesty's office of works, on that Kent; at Pimlico, and in Regeot-street, particular point, and were sensible of the in the parish of St. George Hanover-square, advantages which had been derived from in the corinty of Middlesex; in the parish such mode of proceeding.

of St. Margaret, Leicester ; Liverpool

, in

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the county of Lancaster; three in the 'The Exchequer Bills which have
town of Leeds, one at Quarry Hill, a been issued to this day, amount to the
second in Meadow-lane, and the third at snm of one hundred and one thousand three
Woodhouse; at Norwood, in the parish of handred pounds.
St. Mary Lambeth, in the county of .“ Since their last Report, His Majesty's
Surrey; Beckford-place, in the parish of Commissioners have obtained the consent
St. Mary Newington, in the same county; of His Majesty in Council, to dividing of
a second Chapel at Portsea, in the county the parish of Bittou, and forming an Ec-
of Southampton; in the Hoxton division clesiastical district, under the 21st and
of the parish of Shoreditch, in the county 22d sections of the 58th of His late Mac'
of Middlesex; at Sheified Moore, in the jesty. They have also obtained new
town of Sheffield; and at Alverthorpe, in burial grounds for the following places :-
the parish of Wakefield. They have also The parish of St. John, Westminster ;
called for plans for uineteen Churches or Blandtord, in the county of Dorset; Kid-
Chapels proposed to be built at the fol- derminster, in the county of Worcester;
lowing places :-two in the parish of St. aud to each of the new Churches to be
Matthew, Bethnal-green, in the county of built at Preston, in the county of Lan-
Middlesex; for a second Chapel to be caster. They have increased their former
built at Blackburn, in the county of Lan. grant towards the expense of erecting the
caster; for two Cliurches to be built in new Church at Blackburn, in the county
the parish of St. Philip, in the towu of of Lancaster, to 80001, on account of the
Birmingham ; a Chapel in the Hans Towi inability of the inhabitants to meet the.
division of the parishi of St. Luke, Chelsea; expenses, in consequence of their having
in the parish of St. George in the East, been obliged to contribute to the rebuild-
London; at Gateshead Fell, in the county ing of the Parish Church at the expense of
ef Durbain; for a third Church in the about 20,0001.
parish of St. George, Hanover-square, in “ His Majesty's Commissioners, not-
the county of Middlesex; in the parish of withstanding the further powers vested
St. Andrew, Holborn, London: at High. in them by the Act passed on the 13th of
gate, in a district to be formed of parts of July 1819, entitled, “An Act to, amend
the parishes of Islington, Hornsey, and St. and render more effectual an Act passed
Pancras, in the county of Middlesex ; in in the last Session of Parliament, for
the eastern division of the parish of St. building and promoting the building of
Marylebone; in Travis-street, in the additional Churches in populous parishes,'.
town, and at Hulme, both in the parish of still found that they could not proceed
Manchester; in the parish of St. Martin- fully to carry the intention of the Legis-
in-the Fields; for a second Church to be lature into effect, without additional
built in the parish of St. Luke, Old-street, powers, which they applied for, and have
in the county of Middlesex; at Oldham since obtained.
and at Preston, in the county of Lancaster; “ For the purpose of shewing in a more
and in the Haggerstone division of the concise manner the progress which they
parish of St. Leonard Shoreditch,

have made since their last Report, and the
“ That in addition to the number of work which yet remains to be done, His
Churches or Chapels whiclı His Majesty's Majesty's Commissioners have drawn up
Commissioners proposed to build, accord- various Schedules, to which they beg
ing to their last Report, they have, owing leave to refer : but His Majesty's Com-
to the very peculiar circumstances at- missioners cannot close this Report with-
tending the following cases, deemed it out expressing their extreme regret, that
expedient to build new Churches or owing to the engagements made on the
Chapels at Attercliffe, in the county of Parliamentary Fund, the whole of which
York; Bishop's Wearmouth, in the county is appropriated, they have deemed it ne-
of Durham; Greenwich, in the county of cessary to reject the applications set
Kent; Highgate, in the county of Mid forth in Schedule (G.) many of which are
dlesex; hoping that by the strictcst atten- of the most urgent importance."
tion to economy, and by the measures

*C. CANTUAR. which they have adopted for preventing

LIVERPOOL. any excess above the architects' estimates,

N. VANSITTART. in the erection of the Churches or Chapels

JOHN IRELAND, now building, they may be able to defray

JOS. HOLDEN POTT, • oyt of the present Parliamentary grant

G. O, CAMBRIDGE. the expense of affording further church

F.J, H. WOLLASTON, accommodation to those parishes where

the same is so much wanted.

July 1822,

4 M

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(The Report to His Majesty is fol- the Board of places where the Plans lowed by an Appendix, containing accounts for new Churches or Clapels have not yet of places where new Churches or Chapels been received-of List of Applications have been completed—of places where for new Churches and Cliapels (coming new Churches or Chapels are building of within the provisions of the Act of Parplaces where the Plans for the Churches liament) made since the last Report-of or Chapels have been approved, but the Applications for further Church accommoworks not yet commenced- of places dation, the consideration of which has where the Plans for new Churches or been postponed on account of the state of Chapels are under the consideration of the Parliamentary Fund.]

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ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Atkinson, T. B, to the chapelry of the stall in Bristol Cathedral; patron, the

Holy Trinity, Richmond, Yorkshire ; LORD CHANCELLOR.

patron, the Bishop of CuesteR. Strong, T. L. B.D. chaplain to the Bishop Ayling, Mr. to the mastership of the of Llandaff, to the rectory of St. Miroyal grammar school at Guildford, in chael, Queenhithe ; patrons, the Dean the room of the rev. J. Stedman, re- and CHAPTER of St. Paul's. sighed.

Tattam, H. rector of St. Cuthbertos, Bissland, Thomas, B.A. of Baliol college, Bedford, to be chaplain to the Engliste

Oxford, to be chaplain to the right church, at the Hague. hon. LORD ST. HELENS,

Thursby, W. M.A, of Oriel college, OxBullock, Mr. to the vicarage of St. Paul, ford, to the vicarage of All Saints, Bristol.

Northampton, also to be domestic ebapChester, Matthew, to the perpetual cu- lain to llis Royal Higliness the DUKE racy of St. Helen's Auckland, Durham.

of CAMBRIDGE. Cumins, John, to the rectory of Racken. Watson, Dr. curate of Acle, Norfolk, to ford, Devon.

the livings of Ringstead cum Denford, Glanville, Jobn, to the perpetual cure Northamptonshire'; patron, T. BUR

of St. Germain's, and the rectory of TON, Esq. of Yarmouth. Jacobston, Cornnall.

Whinfield, H. W. M. A. to the rectory of Graham, J. B. M.A. to the vicarage of Tyringham com Filgrave, Buckingham

Holy Trinity, Micklegate, York; pa- shire, with the rectory of Bottlesden tron, the LORD CHANCELLOR.

eum Potsgrove, Bedfordshire ; patron, Hubbard, Henry, M.A. to the rectory of W. PRAED, Esq. of Tyringham, Hinton Ammer, Hants; patron, the


August 18. Lyall, William Rowe, M.A. of Trinity col- At a private Ordination held at the lege, Cambridge, and assistant preacher palace in Gloucester, by the hon. and at the Temple, to be one of the Bishop right rev. the Lord Bishop of that dioof LONDON's domestic chaplains, in the cese, the following gentlemen were adplace of the rev. Archdeacon Blomfield. mitted into holy orders :Nolan, John, to the perpetual cure of DEACON.-W. J. Rayner, B.A. PerTorpoint, Cornwall.

broke college, Oxford. Payler, A. C. M.A. to the living of PRIESTS.-F. Wilkinson, S.C.L. Mag

Headcorn, Kent; patron, the ARCL- dalen hall, Oxford ; W. B. Lewis, B.A. BISNOP of CANTERBURY.

Trinity college, Dublin. Pellen, Georgo, to the dignity of a ca.

September 1. non or prebendary in Canterbury ca- The following gentlemen of the Uni. thedral, void by the death of Dr. versity of Cainbridge, were ordained at Coombe.

Richmond, Yorkshire, by the Bishop of Pott, Joseph Holden, M.A. Archdeacon Chester :

of London, to the prebend of Mora, in DEACONS. R. Wood, B.A. Corpus the cathedral church of St. Paul; pa- Christ college ; J. Winn, B.A, St. John's tron, the LORD EISHOP of LONDON.

college ; P Legh, B.A. Trinity college ; Prideaur, Gostwick, to the perpetual and T. Hinde, B.4. Jesus college. cure of Bayton, Cornwall.

PRIESTS.-E.J. Lockwood, B.A. Jesus Redhead, s, to the vicarage of Calverly, college; J. Bruce, St. Peter's college ; and Yorkshire.

T. B. Pooley, B.A. Christ college. Savery, S. M.A. to the vicarage of On the same day, the following gentle.

Houghton Juxta Harpley, Norfolk ; men of the same University, were or

patron, the Manguis of CHOLMONDLEY. dained at Exeter, by the Bishop of that Somerset, Lord William, to a prebendal diocese :


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