The Philosophical Transactions ... Abridged ..., Volume 4

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Page 193 - ... their descent ; and to let it out again when they were drawn up full from below. And to a hole in the uppermost part of these barrels, I fixed a leathern trunk or hose well liquored with bees...
Page 259 - A few seconds before the sun was totally hid, there discovered itself round the moon a luminous ring, about a digit or perhaps a tenth part of the moon's diameter in breadth. It was of a pale whiteness, or rather pearl colour seeming to me a little tinged with the colours of the iris, and to be concentric with the moon; whence I concluded it was the moon's atmosphere.
Page 193 - Through these hose, as soon as their ends came above the surface of the water in the barrels, all the air that was included in the upper parts of them was blown with great force into the bell, whilst the water entered at the bung-holes below, and filled them...
Page 193 - Air in them condensed on their descent; and to let it out again when they were drawn up full from below. And to a Hole in the uppermost Part of these Barrels I fixed a Leathern Trunk or Hose, well liquored with Bees...
Page 193 - I myself have been one of five who have been together at the bottom in nine or ten fathoms water, for above an hour and a half at a time, without any sort of ill consequence ; and I might have continued there as long as I pleased, for any thing that appeared to the contrary.
Page 212 - I walked so far before my companions up the mountain, along the side of the river of fire, that I was obliged to retire in great haste, the sulphureous stream having surprised me, and almost taken away my breath.
Page 193 - I pleased, for any thing that appeared to the contrary. Besides, the whole cavity of the bell was kept entirely free from water, so that I sat on a bench, which was diametrically placed near the bottom, wholly dressed with all my clothes on.
Page 192 - Glass, as a Window to let in the Light from above, and likewise a Cock to let out the hot Air that had been Breathed; and below, about a Yard under the Bell, I placed a Stage which hung by three Ropes, each of which was charged with about one Hundred Weight, to keep it steddy.
Page 212 - Vesuvius to the south-west, whence we rode four or five miles before we came to the burning river, which was about midnight . The roaring of the volcano grew exceeding loud and horrible as we approached. I observed a mixture of colours in the cloud over the crater, green, yellow, red, and blue; there was likewise a ruddy, dismal light in...
Page 215 - Emperor's head on one side, and a spreadeagle on the other : but what is more remarkable is, that the very ground at the bottom of the river was found in some places to lie in ridges and furrows ; thereby showing that it had been ploughed and tilled in former days.

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