Nationalism, War and Society: A Study of Nationalism and Its Concomitant, War, in Their Relation to Civilization; and of the Fundamentals and the Progress of the Opposition to War

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Macmillan, 1916 - 276 pages

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Page 235 - Conferences between the signatory powers shall be held from time to time to formulate and codify rules of international law, which, unless some signatory shall signify its dissent within a stated period, shall thereafter govern in the decisions of the Judicial Tribunal mentioned in Article One.
Page 203 - Finally, the Conference recommends to the Powers the assembly of a Third Peace Conference, which might be held within a period corresponding to that which has elapsed since the preceding Conference...
Page 235 - All justiciable questions arising between the signatory powers, not settled by negotiation, shall, subject to the limitations of treaties, be submitted to a judicial tribunal for hearing and judgment, both upon the merits and upon any issue as to its jurisdiction of the question.
Page 186 - The parties can reserve in the 'Compromis' the right to demand the revision of the Award. " In this case and unless there be an Agreement to the contrary, the demand must be addressed to the Tribunal which pronounced the Award. It can only be made on the...
Page 186 - It can only be made on the ground of the discovery of some new fact which is of a nature to exercise a decisive influence upon the award and which, at the time the discussion was closed, was unknown to the tribunal and to the party demanding the revision.
Page 186 - Proceedings for revision can only be instituted by a decision of the Tribunal expressly recording the existence of the new fact, recognizing in it the character described in the foregoing paragraph, and declaring the demand admissible on this ground. The "Compromis" fixes the period within which the demand for revision must be made.
Page 21 - War is a biological necessity of the first importance, a regulative element in the life of mankind which cannot be dispensed with, since without it an unhealthy development will follow, which excludes every advancement of the race, and therefore all real civilization.
Page 20 - I found, in brief, that all great nations learned their truth of word, and strength of thought, in war; that they were nourished in war, and wasted by peace; taught by war, and deceived by peace; trained by war, and betrayed by peace; in a word, that they were born in war and expired in peace.
Page 186 - The Tribunal is authorized to declare its competence in interpreting the "Compromis," as well as the other Treaties which may be invoked, and in applying the principles of law.
Page 208 - Justice," to which they bind themselves to submit all controversies or questions which may arise among them, of whatsoever nature and no matter what their origin may be, in case the respective Departments of Foreign Affairs should not have been able to reach an understanding.

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